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Astrology Update, March 15th, 2017: Operatic Intensity

Early this morning the Moon in Libra sextiled Saturn in Sagittarius, aligning our socially harmonious instincts with our disciplined and patient expression of our beliefs.  Our ability to see the big picture during this time was aided by our desire for peaceful interactions with others, and our relationships strengthened by our philosophical views, setting the day off on steady and reasonable footing.  This started a void-of-course period lasting for a few hours, making sticking to routine the best course for the morning.  

A little later in the morning Mercury in Aries trined Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, helping us to consciously understand and communicate some of the unconscious wisdom we have been gaining in relation to our beliefs and social values, and to learn more about ourselves and others in the process.  Our willingness to expand our views is enhanced at this time, and we are more conscious of the shadow side of our philosophies now, and more capable of making use of that consciousness to benefit both ourselves and others.  We are likely to be forthright and even aggressive in our communications today, and may find more enjoyment in exploring ideas and communication now.  This influence lasts throughout the day, making this an excellent day for learning in general, but especially for learning about the spiritual beliefs and philosophies of other cultures, particularly those beliefs that relate to women.

Late this morning the Moon enters Scorpio, giving us greater emotional focus and intensity.  We are likely to talk less about what we feel even as we feel more, and we are more likely to experience extremes in our emotions now, even as we keep tighter control on our reactions.  This Moon position enhances our ambition and drive, so we may feel motivated to accomplish more during the next couple of days.  We may also find ourselves being more observant, able to ferret out hidden details and secrets that we had previously overlooked.  Our standards are higher now, our ideals brought to the forefront, and we may find those around us have difficulty living up to our expectations.  We may be more distrustful now, more concerned with the degree to which others have control over us or portions of our lives, and may find ourselves engaged in power struggles during this time as a result.  We are likely to be more self-reliant now, with greater capabilities for manifesting what we desire, and we will not be easily dissuaded from our goals.

That Scorpionic persistence serves us well in relation to our karmic path this afternoon as the Moon in Scorpio sextiles the North Node in Virgo, combining Scorpio’s talent for manifestation with Virgo’s attention to detail.  Scorpio is a highly spiritual sign with a greater capability for understanding the workings of our karma, so now we are likely to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into whatever activity will gain us the greatest progress on our karmic path, and whatever experiences will teach us the skills we need to express our souls’ truth.

Tonight the Moon in Scorpio opposes Mars in Taurus, intensifying our drive even further.  Mars is the classical ruler of Scorpio, with his influence on this day already heightened as a result of the trine between Mercury in Aries (the other side that Mars rules) and Black Moon Lilith.  That trine combined with tonight’s Moon/Mars opposition may well give an operatic note to our communications tonight, as both of these aspects amplify intensity.  Oppositions create awareness of the balance required to fully express the energies of both opposing forces.  In this case, the Moon in Scorpio has our emotions and instincts experiencing the force of Scorpionic intensity and spiritual depth, while Mars is expressing his force in the material and bodily realms.  Our sexual drive in particular may be increased at this time, as well as our ambition and aggression, and tempers may flare tonight as a result.  Those of us who are able to navigate these realms successfully may find our personal magnetism and our ability to influence others increased, but overt power plays are not likely to fare well at this time – a balance must be found between the bluntness of Mars in Taurus and the subtlety of the Moon in Scorpio, or we may find ourselves see-sawing between our ideals and our baser desires.  This is a good night for the arts, theatre and performing arts especially, but also any activities favoring sensual enjoyment, especially those that combine sensory experience with spiritual and emotional insight.  Regardless of venue, we are driven to seek powerful experiences tonight, and whatever may happen, it is likely to be memorable.


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