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Astrology Update, March 18th, 2017: Companionable Thoughts

Today’s astrological activity started with an early-morning square from the Moon in Sagittarius to the North Node in Virgo, pitting our fun-loving emotions and instincts against our karmic path.  We are feeling broad-minded and philosophical under the Sagittarian Moon but our souls are still demanding that we pay attention to the details that are going to get us the experiences and skills we need to fulfill our soul’s purpose, and this morning the disparity between what we feel and what we need may have come to a head.  Of course, since this was a lunar aspect it was short-lived, and therefore more part of the process of refining and course-correcting than anything likely to stimulate major change, especially since those of us in the Western Hemisphere were probably still sleep at that hour.  Even so, it is worth noting whatever dreams we may have woken up with this morning, as they could yield clues to resolving this conflict.  

A short while later the Moon in Sagittarius conjuncted Black Moon Lilith, still early enough in the morning that most of us were likely asleep, and increasing the likelihood of us gaining wisdom through our dreams regarding our religious and philosophical beliefs and how they influence our emotions and instinctual reactions, especially since Black Moon Lilith aids us in bringing unconscious wisdom closer to consciousness.

The big astrological news of the day was the conjunction between Mercury and Venus retrograde in Aries, bringing our thoughts and communication to the same place that Venus is currently mulling over, namely how we connect with others which being true to our own identities and valuing our sense of self.  Our communication is likely to be more affectionate today, as well as more enjoyable, though still a bit self-absorbed.  We are more mindful of our connections with others now, and of how what we say expresses our values and feelings toward others.  Our thoughts and communications today are more likely to be concerned with what we find pleasurable and with building and maintaining connection, though that doesn’t automatically mean that we will be pulling others toward us.  In fact, what we say may well be more concerned with maintaining our sense of freedom and individuality.  We may try to express ourselves in new ways, or seek change in how we think about and communicate in our relationships.  We may find ourselves being simultaneously more active and more introspective, more interested in communicating and connecting through shared activities than through words, or focusing on how actions and activities affect our relationships.

The Moon in Sagittarius reinforced these considerations through trines this afternoon, first to Venus and then to Mercury, bringing our emotions to bear on our interpersonal communications.  Our thoughts and feelings today have been working together to assess our interactions and determine what is truly pleasurable and valuable to us, and where our affections really lie.  And with two fire signs in the mix getting this much emphasis, these aspects most likely didn’t lead to quiet contemplation, but rather active exploration.  Movement and action are what are needed to process these thoughts and feelings tonight.

Tonight the Moon in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, bringing us back around to confronting our escapist tendencies and addictive behaviors, especially when our more fun-loving side bumps up against our sensitivities and compassion for the state of others in a turbulent and wounded world.  All of today’s interactions with others and trying to determine what works best for ourselves while still maintaining the connections we need may well have led us to some uncomfortable feelings in relation to the larger picture and humanity as a whole, and we may well feel like burying our heads in the sand at the end of it all.  Like all transcendental planets, Neptune changes whatever it touches from the ground up, so our emotions that have gotten all revved-up with fiery possibilities and expanded philosophical horizons are now being touched by more universal forces that can turn what seemed clear before into a muddle of confusion.  Our feelings may suddenly turn wounded without us really understanding why.  Or we may become painfully aware of the impermanence in our lives and what we have to let go of in order to have our heart’s desire, and it may seem overwhelming.  Whatever the case, we need to have compassion for ourselves and others now, and recognize that tonight’s confusion doesn’t have to result in avoidance or falling back on self-destructive patterns.  The path ahead may seem illusory, but what is clouding our vision is only temporary, and we may still gain some illumination through the process, however uncertain it seems now.


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