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Astrology Update, March 22nd, 2017: Trying Changes

Today’s lunar activity started out with the Moon in Capricorn squaring Jupiter in Libra in the wee early morning hours.  While the Moon in Capricorn is distinctly aware of social hierarchies, it lacks the diplomacy and tact of Libra, and tends toward a more serious and even depressive mood, whereas Jupiter in Libra is very much about optimism and faith and an expansive viewpoint regarding social dynamics and interpersonal relationships.  Capricorn is focused and driven, and notoriously workaholic, whereas Libra delights in fun and social gatherings.  Capricorn is devoted, whereas Libra is ambivalent.  Libra is talkative, while Capricorn is reticent.  Thus, when these two square off, we may find ourselves confronted with a new iteration of the ongoing lessons of the past few months in the fulfillment of personal versus social needs, with the quiet dedication of Capricorn standing in for the personal side of the equation in place of zany Uranus.  The Moon in Capricorn may be quiet, but is deeply fervent, and mistrusts the social butterfly qualities of Jupiter in Libra.  For those of us who were awake shortly after midnight on the West Coast of North and South America, we may have found ourselves in unexpected disagreements with others, most likely in relation to one person wanting more social and interpersonal contact and another wanting less contact or more in-depth contact.  This also ties in with the ongoing introspection of Venus retrograde regarding relationships and interpersonal connections.  For those who slept through this particular uncomfortable life lesson, count yourselves lucky, but note whatever you may have dreamt during that time, as the Moon governs unconscious wisdom.

The Moon in Capricorn found itself further mediating in the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus opposition when it squared Uranus in Aries several hours later, turning the tables on our emotions and making our morning hours a bit more frenetic than we are used to.  Sudden upsets and the potential for accidents were elevated this morning, and our sense of responsibility may have been confounded by frustrations with the limitations in our lives, especially in relation to our careers and reputations, and we may have felt a temptation to shake things up.  Since this is a challenging aspect, however, any shake up is not likely to happen quietly or easily.  Aries is decidedly self-determined, brash, courageous, even foolhardy.  Capricorn has its own manner of courage but calculates risks and proceeds with a caution that Aries finds painfully slow.  This morning is likely to be a morning of impatience and frustration, sudden stops and starts, and unsettled feelings that continue to linger as the day progresses.  Since this aspect starts a long void-of-course period, it is not likely to find any resolution during the hours following either.  When the Moon makes its last major aspect of the day and turns void-of-course, we may find ourselves unfocused and adrift, and with the reverberations from the Moon/Uranus square agitating us, we can continue to find our plans interrupted and our emotions uncertain.  Normally sticking to routine is the best way of dealing with the void-of-course energies, but that Uranian energy may have other plans.  Since Uranus in Aries steers us toward the kind of bold, new ventures that are absolutely the worst things to try during a void-of-course time, this could be an especially uncomfortable afternoon.  Small course corrections are a better way to go now rather than making any big leaps, as well as taking disruptions in stride and continually working our way back to our routines.

A gentle sextile from the Moon to Chiron toward mid-day may be helping to smooth the course during this time, keeping us conscious of the places where we are sensitive or feel less than adequate at tackling the tasks presented to us, and helping us to find ways around or through them, particularly when doing so can help us aid others with similar issues.  This is a time to apply some extra compassion and remember the merits of camaraderie in the midst of struggle.  It can also help us to be more aware of the causes and patterns of such difficulties in our lives and how they affect us in our work and social structures.

Tonight the Moon enters Aquarius, turning our emotions and instincts from the personal dedication of Capricorn toward a path of applying that personal growth to the larger social order.  The newness and disruption that Uranus sent our way earlier today may well have been clearing the path for our feelings to now operate in a more forward-thinking manner, as Uranus is the transcendental ruler of Aquarius.  Aquarius is an air sign, so this Moon is not a touchy-feely or overtly emotional one, but is more philosophical and exploratory, friendly for the sake of increasing understanding and contributing to the betterment of society.  This is a sign that finds it easier to love many people rather than just one, and connects more over ideas than feelings.  Since this is a fixed sign, we may find ourselves and others being more stubborn now, more dogmatic about the ideas near and dear to us, though simultaneously more interested in hearing about other ideas even if we’re not ready to adopt them just yet.  This is a great time for communication, and social gatherings that contribute to causes, activities that change the world for the better, but it’s also a great time for reading and self-improvement, keeping in mind that personal evolution feeds the evolution of the whole.  We are more idealistic during this time, more interested in what the future holds and how we can shape it, so now is a good time to take a more active stand on what matters to us.


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