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Astrology Update, March 31st, 2017: Curious Gardens

Today started with the Moon void-of-course in Taurus for many hours, so this was not a morning for rushing out of the gate or embarking on any bold new initiatives.  Not that such a course was likely with the Moon in slow and steady Taurus – chances are that we were more inclined to roll over and stay in bed for a while longer than usual.  Since the early morning hours also saw the Moon sextiling Chiron in Pisces, we may have found ourselves in a more dreamy state anyway, nursing old wounds and finding ways to comfort ourselves and work through our sensitivities without a whole lot of physical movement.  Chances are that more than a few of us hit the snooze button a couple extra times in the process.

Late this morning the Moon entered Gemini, turning our patient and practical Taurean instincts into something much more quick-moving and much less patient.  Curious, inventive Gemini sets our instincts and emotions on a faster track, eager to see and do and explore and learn, skimming the surfaces of all of the shiny things like a dragonfly.  This is a mental sign, ruled by Mercury, so we’re not so interested in being emotive; though we are much more likely to talk about our emotions with the Moon in this placement, chances are that we do so from the standpoint of theory rather than practice.  This is not a time for expecting ourselves to feel deeply or have long heartfelt talks, but rather a time for flirting, testing, tasting, seeing what gets us where.  This is a time for quick assessment of things we might like to revisit later.  It’s a time for networking, communicating, and experimenting, and those of us working in sales, media, entertainment, or in scientific fields are likely to benefit.

Toward mid-day Mercury entered Taurus, so the even as our emotions and instincts are speeding up with Gemini, the ruler of that sign is slowing down and becoming more earthy, grounded, and practical.  This makes for an interesting balancing effect, keeping the Moon and our emotions from getting dosed with too much flightiness as our thoughts are steadying themselves after all of the action-orientation that Mercury had in Aries.  The ideas that we wanted to go racing after in Aries now have the perseverance of Taurus to keep them going, and the practical capacity for manifestation in the real world.  Our thoughts and communication now are oriented toward what is real, what we can see and touch.  Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, we are also likely to be most concerned with what we value, as well as what and whom we have affection for and take pleasure in.  While our emotions are becoming more light-hearted and desiring fun, our thoughts are becoming more serious, though also more inclined toward hedonism.  Taurus is deeply concerned with material pleasures and comforts, so chances are that we will be thinking and communicating more about what will gain us those pleasures and comforts, but then we will want to get a chance to enjoy them, especially with the Moon in Gemini egging us on to try things out!  This is not a time for self-denial, unless it’s in the name of something we want far more than some temporary pleasure, or that pleasure requires too much movement and effort to get to it.  Though our emotions are highly changeable under Gemini, our thoughts under Taurus are not, and we may get into some mental ruts during this time.  However, we are also likely to have a highly developed aesthetic sense now, appreciating art and beauty more during this time.

In keeping with the connection between the Moon in Gemini and Mercury in Taurus, soon after Mercury entered Taurus the Moon in Gemini sextiled Taurus’ ruler Venus retrograde in Aries, and the fire of our affections got refueled by the airy fun of Gemini.  Venus retrograde may be reconsidering how we connect with others now, but with the support of communicative and responsive Gemini we may have seen some flirtatious back-and-forth early this afternoon, particularly via text or Snapchat, since Gemini favors communication via technology, especially in the pursuit of romance.  Venus’ warmth has coloured our emotions this afternoon as well, giving a more kindly and pleasurable feeling to our day.

This afternoon the Moon in Gemini squares the North Node in Virgo, challenging the process of our souls’ perfection through our chatty and curious instincts.  Both Gemini and Virgo are mutable signs, flexible and adaptable, and both are ruled by Mercury, so on an intellectual level at least these two get along.  But Gemini is an air sign, with ideas that move and change and are dropped just as easily as they are picked up, whereas Virgo is earthy, practical, concerned with the details that lead to growth, and far more patient than Gemini, but also far more critical.  Gemini operates more in the realm of fantastic possibility, whereas Virgo operates more in the realm of realistic probability.  On the plus side, the North Node tends to respond better to challenges than planets and luminaries do, as challenges promote growth and the North Node is all about growth, especially in Virgo.  This afternoon and evening then are a time for learning how to navigate this space between possibility and probability, fun exploration and instructive process, in pursuit of our souls’ path and our purpose in this life.


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