Astrology Update, March 10th, 2017: Breaking Ground for Re-Planting

The Moon in Leo starts the day off with a trine to Uranus in Aries in the very wee hours, putting our unconscious in alignment with our futurist leanings and sudden changes in our lives.  If we are asleep at that hour, our dreams may be tumultuous but more likely to be revelatory than bad.  Others of us may find that we could not get to sleep at all for a few hours after midnight, or that we could not sleep consistently during the night, but since this is a supportive trine aspect, we may have found that being awake was actually a benefit of some kind, perhaps creatively or intellectually stimulating, and the more inventive among us may have hit upon a eureka moment or two.

Later this morning the Moon in Leo trined Saturn in Sagittarius, giving our emotions and instincts a boost from our more disciplined side.  Our feelings this morning may have turned serious, but not likely to negatively so since this is a harmonious trine.  Rather, we may find a greater state of ease and flow between what we feel and what we need to do, our outlook on life now sober and steady, more ready and able to work within the confines of reality to achieve aims that express our true selves.  We are likely to have taken pride in our practical achievements at this time, especially those supporting our larger belief system and our sense of social responsibility.  We may also have found ourselves more easily working around or even through our insecurities and fears, and any understanding gained about such matters during this time has the potential to help us effect lasting emotional change.  The Moon turned void-of-course with that last aspect, so we are likely to have fared best if we stuck to routine during this time, allowing ourselves to process these final lessons of the Leo lunar transit deep in the unconscious while drifting on autopilot through our conscious world.

That Moon/Saturn trine and void-of-course helped set the stage for a more practical tone to our instincts and emotions as the Moon enters Virgo this afternoon, making us more concerned with health, growth, and process, and all of the little details that go into perfecting whatever our hearts are most concerned with.  The Moon in Virgo is actually a little uncomfortable with overt expressions of emotion, preferring a more intellectual approach to feeling, since like Gemini this sign is ruled by Mercury and like Gemini Virgo would rather treat emotion as a thought experiment, a subject of study rather than a visceral experience.  Still, human feelings don’t tend to respond well to being boxed up, so we are more likely to feel our emotions through our bodies now, and those of us who tend to stifle them may well find ourselves feeling under the weather during this transit, as the Virgo Moon highlights the connection between our emotional health and our physical health, and the breakdowns that result when either is not respected.  Virgo is scientific and fact-finding in orientation, precise in language, so academic study and research are favored now.  Virgo is also prone to perfectionism and can be hyper-critical, yet also thin-skinned and fussy, and even prone to martyrdom, so we may find ourselves more likely to get embroiled in conflicts that turn on the smallest of details, or feeling as though no-one understands us, used and abused by those we thought cared about us.  Virgo may not be comfortable with emotion, but Virgo is still highly sensitive, after all.  Nonetheless, Virgo is also generally well-meaning, if perhaps a bit tactless about its perceived path to perfection – typically Virgoan criticism is meant to help, even if that help isn’t being sought after.  Navigating this Moon then requires us to recognize that what seems perfectly obvious to us may make absolutely no sense to anyone else, and more often than not we have to let go of our desire for perfection in favor of what is actually possible in a real world with finite time and a host of other people with differing viewpoints.  Thankfully, Virgo is a friendly and likeable sign, and highly adaptable, so keeping a light touch will make all the difference during this transit.

Late this afternoon the Moon in Virgo trines Mars in Taurus, giving us a lovely opportunity to get into a flow state with practical matters, with steady energy and focus on achievement in the material realm and an instinct for how to make those achievements work out just right.  Even if we can’t achieve perfection now we can come much closer to it, building our personal realms steadily and most likely enjoying the process.  With the Virgo’s ruler Mercury in Pisces, we may find that our efforts include an understanding of what we need to give up in order to gain what we desire, and with Taurus’ ruler Venus in Aries, we are likely to be simultaneously more aware of the need for action yet more concerned with making sure that said action is what we really want.  Since those sign rulers are highlighting the ongoing concern with personal needs in social realms that has been a theme these past couple of months, this trine is a great opportunity to create more understanding of that theme through today’s mundane activities – the practical steps we take to clear ground today may yield greater relational wisdom for the future.

This evening Mercury conjuncts Chiron in Pisces, so the Virgo Moon’s concern with health has been amplified today, reaching a peak tonight.  Our thoughts (and also our emotions through Mercury’s rulership of Virgo) are confronted with our patterns of injury and trauma, the old wounds we don’t know how to heal in ourselves, yet through our experiences can use to help others similarly afflicted.  Tonight is a time for communicating about what ails us, and listening to others with kindness and sensitivity, allowing our intuition free reign to make sense of the larger picture, seeing our own situation through others’ eyes.  Mutual healing may come now through these discussions, and a degree of release from patterns that have previously kept us imprisoned.  Of course, since Virgo feels emotions bodily and Mercury rules Virgo, some of us may be confronted with more physical manifestations of our patterns of pain.  Tonight is definitely a time to take things slowly and make time for self-care, exercising compassion for ourselves and others, remembering that even when there are breakthroughs the healing process tends to be slow, and it rarely travels in a straight line.

How all of that is part of our karmic path and affects our goals for the future is getting highlighted tonight via the Moon’s conjunction to the North Node in Virgo.  Our emotions that are so caught up in process and being influenced by Mercury’s encounter with our pain and need for healing are now confronted with the Virgoan vision for our future selves, and we may find ourselves needing to come to grips with necessary adjustments resulting from our past patterns of injury, and recognize where and how we perpetuate our own martyrdom.  Tonight, as we consciously study our limitations we may also unconsciously study our potential, gaining a greater understanding of the whole pattern that the two create together.  For so many of us, this is not likely to be a fun point in our journey, but it may very well lead to the breakthroughs we most need.

Shortly thereafter, the Moon in Virgo squares Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, forcing us into an unconscious confrontation with our shadow selves in relation to the ingrained beliefs that have created the patterns we are seeing tonight, and bringing our unconscious reactions closer to conscious understanding.  We may find ourselves experiencing the powerful consequences of a conflict between the spirit and the body, who are meant to operate together but who are constantly driven apart by our more destructive socially-programmed belief patterns.  Parallels between the damage to our society and our planet may make themselves apparent in the damage to our bodies and minds, damage that we have to muster the courage to heal for ourselves.  Continuing to endure this damage in order to live up to societal expectations is just more martyrdom, and we’ve had enough of that.  Black Moon Lilith here is forcing us to experience just how awful our chains have become and how we became so enslaved in the first place, and the Moon in Virgo forces us to feel that enslavement physically in order to become aware of just what process is needed to throw our shackles off.  Like a landscape blasted by industrial pollution, our psyches and our bodies have suffered long enough.  Even in the midst of these poisons, we can still bring growth and vitality back, albeit slowly.  And though our emotions and instincts tonight may feel deeply, viscerally challenged by how toxic the soil we are growing in has become, still the Virgo Moon is an excellent gardener.


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