Astrology Update, March 12th, 2017: Full Moon in Virgo

The day started off early with a trine from the Moon in Virgo to Pluto in Capricorn in the wee hours of the morning, giving our emotions and instincts the support of the powerful and transformative forces in our lives.  For those of us sleeping at that time we may have experienced dreams with messages that can assist us in achieving our long-term goals in the material world.  For those of us awake during that time, we may have experienced an alignment between process and direction, increasing our understanding of the practical steps we need to take in service to our growth and ambition.  Regardless of sleeping or waking, our health may have gotten a transformative boost during this time, though that doesn’t automatically lead to feeling better, as sometimes healing processes can actually make us feel worse before we see improvement.

One of the two big astrological happenings of the day is this morning’s square between Mercury in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius.  We may experience issues with our communication throughout the day, unexpected limitations and restrictions in communications technology, or in our transportation.  This could manifest as a greater possibility of automobile accidents, but could just as easily show up as a decreased inclination to set foot outside of the house.  This aspect particularly calls to mind the ongoing problems with the United States’ “Muslim Ban” travel restrictions, and we may see more destructive consequences from that executive order today.  Regardless, the areas with the most potential for conflict today are communications and journeys that come up against restrictive belief systems and rules or laws based in those systems.  Since Mercury in Pisces makes us more inclined to be compassionate, this square heightens our frustration with these kinds of restrictions, and Pisces’ impetus to let go of what no longer serves us directs us to actively reject them.  Of course, Saturn in Sagittarius shows where we engage in such limiting behavior out of a sense of fear and insecurity disguised as righteous wrath, and Piscean gentleness and sensitivity may be hard-pressed to stand up in the face of that.  Pisces also governs escapism, and many of us may simply want to run away from the abrasive restrictions that we are confronted with today.  Our best chance for navigating this aspect is in exercising patience and self-discipline alongside compassion and intuition, and recognize that there is an opportunity for change here.

That change is connected with whatever we saw ourselves needing to get rid of at the time of the New Moon, whatever patterns we needed to complete in order to prepare ourselves for new beginnings in our lives.  The intentions that we set then are coming to their fullness today with this morning’s Full Moon in Virgo.  Full Moons are a time to fully understand the intentions set at the New Moon on both the conscious and unconscious level, perfect them, and then release them into the world to be disseminated for the duration of the next two weeks until the next New Moon.  Since the New Moon that we set our intentions at for this Full Moon coincided with the Annular Solar Eclipse in Pisces, those intentions actually have a much longer period of effect, spreading out over the next six months to the time of the Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21st, 2017.  Today’s Full Moon in Virgo then has our instincts filled with awareness of the many details involved in our process of growth and healing between now and then, with the sense of seriousness and discipline that Saturn imparts mediating between our unconscious instincts and our Piscean consciousness striving to integrate those Virgoan details into the whole picture, blending and unifying our individual goals and struggles into a more compassionate vision of wholeness.  Because Saturn is squaring both the Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Pisces today, health issues are likely to come to the forefront, particularly those that are difficult to diagnose and cure, such as chronic illnesses, including autoimmune disorders.  Our sense of process under this Full Moon is more fraught with difficulty and prone to depression, and our escapist tendencies may feel more out-of-control than usual, with addiction potentially being a key component.  Detoxification is a necessity at this time, and it is definitely a good day for spring cleaning to aid in ridding ourselves of whatever may be holding us back.

Because the Moon in Virgo quincunxes Uranus in Aries at the time of the Full Moon, sudden change is also a hallmark of both our experiences today and the Full Moon’s effects over the next couple of weeks.  We may find ourselves feeling especially rebellious in the face of the issues brought up under this Moon, and may take actions that we never expected of ourselves.  Or, those around us may believe that we are behaving unusually, even radically, and may take exception to our behavior as being unnecessarily provocative, even if we have no conscious intentions to provoke.  Today may feel unstable and unruly as a result, and we would do well to expect the unexpected over the next two weeks.  The Sun is also inconjunct (quincunx) Jupiter at the time of the Full Moon, not exact, but still in orb to affect the overall dynamic today and during this Moon’s disseminating period, and together with the Moon/Uranus inconjunct creates a closed formation that amplifies the energies of both the Full Moon and these quincunxes, increasing the uncomfortable, volatile feeling of this Moon, and tying the personal struggle for completion and healing into the larger struggle for balance between the personal need for freedom and the societal need for harmony and balance in interpersonal relationships.

This afternoon the Moon in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces, continuing the emphasis on understanding the painful and traumatic patterns of our lives and how they have led us to our current state of ill-health, whether physical, mental, or emotional, personal or societal.  Now we are likely to see the little pieces in our history that contribute to the overall pattern, and gain a greater understanding of what parts of our past we need to make peace with in order to progress into a better future.  Difficult family histories are emphasized at this time, as well as the ways in which we feel better-equipped to help others than help ourselves, and we may struggle now with blurred personal boundaries that contribute to our pain.  On the plus side, our heightened awareness of these issues now increases the possibility of working through them, freeing ourselves of the chains of the past.

The Moon in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius tonight and then shortly thereafter opposes Mercury in Pisces, creating a T-square aspect with today’s Mercury/Saturn square, with Saturn acting as the release point between Mercury and the Moon, as we strive to balance what we think and what we feel.  Saturn tends to create a deep sense of seriousness and even depression when in aspect to either the Moon or Mercury, so tonight we may find ourselves in a deep well of thought and feeling that if we are not careful can suck us down into despair.  Our fears and insecurities are likely to be heightened, feeling the pressure of the balancing act between thought and feeling, conscious awareness and unconscious reaction.  We may see the big picture but have trouble reacting in any way that does not stay mired down in details.  Or, we may know intuitively what we want and need, yet find it hard to master the process that will achieve what we desire.  Perhaps we need to steer ourselves away from a self-defeating perfectionism, but haven’t figured out how to halt our compulsions in their tracks, and the gloomy voice of time and mortality suggest that perhaps we never will.  The important part of navigating this difficult aspect configuration is to be patient with ourselves, staying mindful that no matter how dire things may seem, all is temporary.  Taking actions that help us to cultivate healthy habits can be incredibly helpful now in keeping us focused on growth and progress without getting lost in negativity.  This is especially true since the Moon/Mercury opposition starts a void-of-course period that can leave us feeling a bit lost – sticking to routine and focusing on the better side of habit tonight is the best course of action during this time.

Late tonight the Moon enters Libra, turning our instincts and emotions toward partnership and social harmony.  We may find that now we do not want to be alone, and for those of us in relationships our partners may help us in sorting through the feeling and revelations from this tumultuous day.  For those of us who are alone, we may find more solace in the arts and movement, as Libra is a Venus-ruled sign.  Regardless, this is a sign that is more dependent on surroundings, with or without people, so the next couple of days are good for further spring cleaning, as well as taking actions to promote balance in our lives and our environments.  We may find ourselves exercising decorative impulses, or taking more interest in our appearance, though we should be mindful that since Libra’s ruler Venus is currently in retrograde, what we are attracted to now may not be what we stay attracted to when Venus turns direct in April, so extreme make-overs might not be of lasting benefit.  Beware of impulse-buying at this time.  In business and leisure both, connecting with other people is favored under this Moon, so now is a good time to get out and meet with people, whether strengthening already-established connections or making new friends.  The Libra Moon can help us to balance the opposites we’ve been juggling recently, and perhaps give us some of the peace and harmony we’ve been craving.


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