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Astrology Update, March 1st, 2017: Wild Ideas

Today got off to an early and potentially cranky start with the Moon in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn this morning, amplifying the power of our emotional and instinctive responses and increasing the potential for control issues to take center stage.  Both Aries and Capricorn can be headstrong, and Aries in particular is not known for holding back on its hair-trigger temper, making any power struggles resulting from this aspect that much more explosive.  Pluto in Capricorn is all about transformative forces related to the powers-that-be, and the Moon in Aries has us instinctually focused on what serves our own identities and goals as individuals, so there was a strong likelihood of conflicts between individual desires and institutionally-enforced standards this morning.  Since the Moon governs the unconscious, of course, this would all be likely to play out in ways that people were not consciously aware of, adding to the potential frustration.

Unfortunately, this frustration probably didn’t ease up as the morning progressed.  Toward mid-day our emotions and instincts got a double-whammy from the Moon conjuncting Uranus in Aries and then within minutes opposing Jupiter in Libra, reinforcing the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus opposition and its balancing act between individual and societal/relationship needs.  Moon/Uranus conjunctions tend to make us feel scattered and impulsive, even more so in already-impulsive Aries, and heighten our desire for freedom at all costs.  Libra on the other hand wants peace at all costs, even at the cost of being a doormat, and Jupiter in Libra adds the weight of authority to that desire.  After the Moon/Pluto square, chances are that we were already chafing under the weight of societal expectations and forces larger than ourselves, with that feeling dialed to the limit by the Moon/Uranus conjunction, so Jupiter could well have dumped kerosene on that particular fire.

And if we thought things couldn’t get more explosive, think again – this afternoon Mars just had to throw his hat in the ring, with the Moon conjuncting Mars and setting our already testy emotions on full-combat mode.  Our instinctive reactions are now aggressive, driven, and full of energy, ready to set the world ablaze in order to get what we want, which could just be payback against whatever restricting influence has us most riled up at the moment.  Unfortunately, as already noted, this morning’s restrictions were most likely of the authoritarian and institutional variety, so there may be more than a few David-and-Goliath scenarios playing out as I write.  Those of us finding ourselves in the midst of the inferno today need to take a deep breath and ask ourselves if this fight is something we really want, and if we’re ready and able to face the consequences once it’s underway.  If not, it’s time to take a step back and get our feelings in check, or better yet, find a more productive way to channel our anger and vent our frustrations.  Righteous anger can move mountains, but picking unwinnable fights may not be what is required, unless we’re well and truly backed into a corner with no other options, in which case, it may well be time to stand our ground, and Mars conjuncting the Moon will certainly give us the vigor to do just that.

This evening, that vigor continues in a more sobering fashion as the Moon trines Saturn, signaling that it’s time to get serious about what we feel, assess the limitations and restrictions that we are facing, and get ready to dig in for the long haul in terms of what we want and how we’re going to go about achieving it, particularly in relation to our beliefs and ideals and how we manifest them in the world at large.  This is a good time to take whatever today’s wildfires stirred up and temper our intentions, combining both passion and elbow grease to our goals.  Since this trine starts a void-of-course period lasting for a few hours, routine tasks are favored now, and while they may be unglamorous our Saturn-steadied emotions are now thoroughly up to these tasks, ready to grind through whatever needs to be done in service to our larger vision.

Of course, this happens just in time for that vision to face some potential clouding by the Sun conjuncting Neptune in Pisces, an aspect of potential confusion that began affecting our judgement yesterday and will continue into tomorrow.  On one hand, Neptune is concerned with spiritual matters and creativity, breaking down boundaries between us and encouraging unifying and imaginative experiences, which are now foremost in our consciousness thanks to this contact with the Sun.  On the other hand, Neptune can encourage us to get lost in fantasy, spinning fables to ourselves and others, whether based in wishful hyperbole, delusion, or outright deception.  Our desire to escape into such stories as well as drugs and alcohol could get us into a real pickle at this time, especially after this tension-filled day that may already have been worsened by this influence sending our tempers after entirely the wrong targets.  Now is a time to be careful in trying to understand our perceptions, not committing to promises (ours or others’) nor contracts for at least another couple of days.  We are likely to be wearing rose-coloured glasses tonight, and while that could well be a relief after the day’s frustrations, we should use them judiciously in favor of creative and spiritual pursuits, spending time with people we trust in pursuit of whatever form of escapism we can safely enjoy now, and not getting bogged down in elusive details that are likely to change shape in the clearer light of morning.

On the plus side, in the midst of all of this watery and bewitching Piscean dreamland, the Moon throws us a lifeline by entering practical and earthy Taurus, helping our emotions at least to get a firmer grip on what is real.  Since Taurus is the most materially-oriented of the signs, we are likely to be most interested in matters of material security at this time, and are also going to want to take things slow and steady.  Creature comforts are favored now – good food, good drink, and sensory pleasures, preferably without thinking too hard about all of that etherial Neptunian nonsense.  Of course, since Taurus and Pisces work harmoniously together, this Moon is not directly countering our Neptunian fantasies, just giving us something to ground ourselves with on an instinctual level.  Be prepared to want more sleep than usual (good time for Neptune-inspired dreaming!) and have trouble sticking to diets.  Rather than fighting our desire to retreat into comfort food, if we can find a way to take pleasure in eating and doing what is healthy for us we can make the most of this time and use it to stay grounded while our conscious minds expand their limits and our imaginations run wild.


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All aspect times used in creating this post are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.

Please keep in mind that we all have different responses to the aspects of the day because we all have different natal and progressed charts with which these aspects interact.  If you would like to know more about your own natal and progressed charts in order to better understand how the aspects of the day will affect you, please take a look at my astrological services, and let’s get started on helping you to understand your life better!

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