Astrology Update, March 24th, 2017: Renewed Optimism

The big astrological news of today is the opposition between Mercury in Aries and Jupiter in Libra this morning, making us highly aware of the balancing act between personal and interpersonal needs throughout the day.  Our awareness of this polarity between personal freedom and social harmony has been heightened in recent months due to the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus opposition which is now moving into a wider orb and thus is a less powerful influence (Though fear not!  It shall return in September!).  But here we are now back to this theme thanks to Mercury stepping into Uranus’ position, bringing this duality into our awareness on a more personal level than was possible with two transcendental planets, since the transcendentals operate on a more planetary and generational scale.  Mercury, however, is very personal, governing our thoughts and communication, and now being worked upon by the expanding, optimistic force of Jupiter, our minds are being called upon to play a bigger game, our bold, self-concerned ideas being moved to operate in a more diplomatic and social manner, to join our enterprising minds with our more sympathetic beliefs, to communicate with courage without disrupting our relationships, and breathe new life into the social order.  Expect people to be more chatty than usual today, and for Mercurial activities (trade and travel in particular) to be enhanced.  We may find ourselves taking more risks, and may need to be watchful that we don’t overdo things, especially in financial sectors.  Still, this is likely to be a time of optimism and renewed interest in learning, a good time to try new things and meet new people, and expand the possibilities in our lives.

Later this morning saw the Moon supporting this dynamic through first a trine to Jupiter and then a sextile to Mercury immediately afterward, helping us to feel the interaction between the two on an emotional level as well as a mental level, and bringing our instinctive reactions to bear on the task of integrating personal and social needs.  The Moon trined to Jupiter is likely to have expanded our feelings in a positive and buoyant way, giving more of a spring to our steps and an optimistic attitude, while the sextile with Mercury ensured that our thoughts and our feelings acted in harmony this morning, and that unity of thought and feeling, consciousness and unconsciousness continues this afternoon due to the trine between the Sun in Aries and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius.  Black Moon Lilith bridges the space between the Moon and the Sun, bringing our unconscious wisdom closer to the light of consciousness, and now trined to the Sun gives us an even greater capacity to make use of the information we have discovered in unconscious realms.  We now are likely to have a greater awareness of our own shadow, but this is a source of strength at this time that can lead to a sense of wholeness and understanding of our true desires.  We may feel a greater sense of personal power at this time and a bit more devil-may-care, a bit more reckless and courageous.  In combination with the Jupiter/Mercury opposition, this can definitely lead to more risk-taking behavior, which may be necessary to break out of a rut but still is something we should be mindful of to keep from going overboard.  That said, this trine is still a flowing, supportive aspect that helps us to access hitherto unknown (or unremembered) personal power and wisdom, at a time when those qualities can most benefit both ourselves and our loved ones.

In addition, this afternoon the Moon in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries, putting our emotions and instincts into a supportive relationship with the transcendental ruler of Aquarius, heightening our love of personal freedom and our eccentricities yet also expanding on our capacity for inventiveness and our interest in the future.  Our technological capabilities may take a jump forward now, especially given the atmosphere of optimism and interest in new ideas created by the Jupiter/Mercury opposition, and the alignment of consciousness and unconsciousness created by the Sun/Black Moon Lilith trine.  We are now instinctively drawn to change things up, but more likely to do so for the better, keeping an eye to how our actions can positively shape the future for ourselves and our society.

Late tonight the Moon in Aquarius sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing our feelings back down to earth a bit perhaps, but still ending the night on a positive note.  Still social, still interested in the future, but now with a more practical bent to take the ideas and hope and excitement generated by the day and make real use of them in the physical world.  Though we may feel more serious as a result, we may also have a genuine sense of how to make today’s insights last beyond the moment, and bring real longevity to our relationships in the process.  This day and night have the capacity to act as an injection of new life and strength into our understanding of how we relate, both in personal relationships and in the larger social sphere, and the Moon aligning with Saturn at the end of the night brings the perfect close to such a day, so that what we’ve gained does not slip away but becomes part of our emotional structure, fortifying us for the future.


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