Astrology Update, March 2nd, 2017: Imaginative Balance

The Moon’s influence today is consistently benevolent, which is a blessing after the uproar of yesterday.  Still, we are laboring through the lingering fog of yesterday’s Sun/Neptune conjunction, and this evening sees the second of three exact oppositions from Jupiter to Uranus making a recipe for bedlam despite the Taurus Moon’s steadying touch.  

This morning at least things started off decently enough, with the Moon in Taurus trining the North Node in Virgo, aligning our emotions and instincts with our sense of purpose, helping us to tend to the necessary details along our karmic path, learning new skills and being mindful of the process in our growth while responding to our circumstances with a practical attitude grounded in real life and strong sensory impressions.  This is a great environment for getting things done!

This afternoon the Moon sextiles Mercury in Pisces, bringing a more imaginative flavor to what we feel while steadying our minds and communication so that our imaginations don’t run away with us.  This is a perfect time to take creative inspiration and make good use of it in the real world, as our instincts now are thoroughly practical yet capable of seeing the usefulness in what we can dream up.  Our attitudes and communication are likely to be tolerant and compassionate now, making it easier to work with others during this time, though under this influence we can work just as well alone, enjoying some quiet introspection and the practical results it may bring.

The big astrological news of today is the opposition from Jupiter in Libra to Uranus in Aries early this evening.  I’ve talked about this aplenty as an ongoing influence stretching from the winter holidays through until September.  This is the second of three exact oppositions between Jupiter and Uranus, resulting from Jupiter’s current retrograde through Libra that has us reconsidering our beliefs in connection with relationships and social harmony, as well as reviewing and revising our attitudes regarding good fortune and luck, and what creates abundance in our lives.  Uranus opposing Jupiter today creates sudden shake-ups in our attitudes surrounding these areas of our lives, and reminds us that success is meaningless without the freedom to enjoy it.  Uranus in Aries is all about independence, as well as progress, new technologies, and the flashes of insight that lead us into the future.  Uranus is a revolutionary that will not be satisfied by maintaining the status quo, and in connection with Jupiter can lead to unusual twists and turns in our fortunes.  Out-of-the-box thinking is magnified today, and with Mercury in Pisces could well take an imaginative turn – keep in mind that Jupiter is the classical ruler of Pisces, so what affects Jupiter affects the sign and the planets in it, including the Sun and Neptune and the residual effects of yesterday’s conjunction.  Jupiter in Libra seeks good fortune in connections, while Uranus in Aries opposing him reminds us not to get too cozy in our efforts at diplomacy, lest we forget ourselves in the name of keeping the peace.  Since Jupiter does affect wealth, we would also do well to be mindful of our finances at this time – we could see sudden expenses popping up now, and we should be careful about impulse buys.

This evening sees the Moon in Taurus sextiling Neptune in Pisces, heightening the imaginative quality of the evening and increasing our desire for some self-indulgent escapism.  Luckily this is a harmonious aspect, steadying our escapist tendencies with Taurean practicality and softening the Taurus Moon’s bluntness with Neptunian spirituality and Piscean compassion.  Taurus is ruled by sensual Venus and Pisces is both sensual and connective, while the Moon/Neptune sextile turns our emotions and instincts romantic, so this may be a time to soften the edges of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition’s effects on our relationships with a more intimate perspective.

Later tonight the Moon in Taurus sextiles the Sun in Pisces, heightening the connection between these two signs and the sensual affection that their combination inspires.  These harmonious and connective aspects coming on the heels of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition suggest that whatever changes this opposition brings to our attitudes regarding the balance between self and other have a strong potential to be integrated through shared enjoyment of connection within the physical world, and our practical feelings can be enhanced through compassion and intimacy as well.  Yes, our sense of stability can be shaken and our optimism come into question, but we can also find new ways to experience and express what is best in our relationships, and feel a sense of oneness that is informed by our diverse experiences.  Balancing the needs of the self and the collective may not be the easiest of tasks.  But under tonight’s Moon/Sun sextile it might get a bit easier.


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