Astrology Update, March 6th, 2017: A Unifying Vision

The day started in the very wee hours with the Moon in Gemini sextiling Mars in Aries signaling the beginning of a void-of-course period lasting a few hours.  Since those of us in the Western Hemisphere who don’t work night shift were most likely asleep at this time, the most we were likely to get out of this supportive aspect were interesting dreams, the kind that are exploratory and tickle our curiosity in a Gemini fashion, or perhaps more driven and active in keeping with Mars’ placement in Aries.  Those of us who were awake at that time may have gotten a decent boost to our productivity so long as we stuck to our routines, though we could just as well have been insomniac writers or stayed up too late embroiled in Internet conversation (yep, that last was me).

A few hours later the Moon entered Cancer, the sign that it rules, heightening our emotional sensitivity, moodiness, and protectiveness, and putting our instincts firmly in the realm of caring for those we consider our own – friends, family, loved ones, even close business associates (despite being known as a sign of domesticity, Cancer can have remarkably good business acumen).  While the Moon is in Cancer it is a great time to strengthen our connections, tend to home repairs and spring cleaning, cooking and domestic projects, or the kinds of business interactions that require sensitivity and intuition.  Those of us in sales and service occupations could do well during this time, so long as we are operating out of a sense of genuine concern for helping our clients.  Since Cancer is a watery sign, our moods are especially prone to fluctuation now, and we want a mutually beneficial exchange in our interactions – we are more likely to fuss over those we care about and be attentive to their needs, but want the same kind of attention in return, and if that is not forthcoming we are likely to feel more hurt than usual by the discrepancy.

Toward mid-day the Moon in Cancer sextiled the North Node in Virgo, emphasizing the healing quality of both signs and giving us some extra impetus toward self-care, as well as helping us to understand how caring for others fits into our karmic path.  We may have experienced new insights regarding our health, home, family, or business, or gotten some extra support along the way from someone close to us, priming us to make good use of the boost in consciousness coming this afternoon.

The big astrological news of the day is the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Pisces.  Mercury is in a challenging place in Pisces, opposite Virgo, one of the two signs that it rules, and subject to Piscean tendency to blur boundaries that can hamper analytical thought.  Since Mercury rules two mutable signs and is known for speed, the changeability of Pisces is something that Mercury can work with, and Mercury in Pisces can have an uncanny ability to quickly pick up on the thoughts and intentions of others, thanks to the combination of speed and dissolution of boundaries, but those qualities can also lead to confusion, since it can be difficult for Mercury in Pisces to be certain what thoughts and intentions are truly one’s own.  Under a Piscean Mercury’s influence we can find our compassion and sympathy heightened and blending with the desires of others that we have mistaken for our own, and it can be very easy to get caught up in others’ needs, especially under an empathetic Cancerian Moon.  The Sun conjuncting Mercury now heightens the Piscean influence, but also lends brilliance and awareness to Mercury, making it easier for us to utilize the best of Mercury’s capabilities at this time.  We can communicate with greater kindness and sensitivity, intuitively grasp information and gain a full sense of the big picture that may have previously eluded us.  We are more likely to gain insights that can help others around us and help ourselves to take great steps forward in our own spiritual and psychological development.  We may gain a clearer understanding of our own patterns of self-sabotage and martyrdom, with a greater chance of releasing what we no longer need or want, in preparation for new beginnings this spring.  This is a great time for creative endeavors, as well as breakthroughs in medicine and compassionate service in healing professions.  Now is a time of heightened awareness of our interconnectedness as a species and as an entire planet.  And because Mercury conjuncting the Sun can lead us to identify with our ideas, this is a time to be aware that while we may not literally be our ideas, our ideas now can reshape who we are for years to come.  Pisces represents the end of the zodiac, and the end of a cycle, a time to make our peace with who we are and what we have done, and cast off outmoded ideas that have held us back for too long.  Now is the time to bring our most compassionate natures and ideas into the light, like seeds sending new shoots breaking through the dark earth and unfurling into the coming spring.


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Please keep in mind that we all have different responses to the aspects of the day because we all have different natal and progressed charts with which these aspects interact.  If you would like to know more about your own natal and progressed charts in order to better understand how the aspects of the day will affect you, please take a look at my astrological services, and let’s get started on helping you to understand your life better!

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