Astrology Update, March 7th, 2017: Through the Waves

This morning the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces in the wee hours of the morning, potentially enhancing our dreams with the combination of Cancerian and Piscean emotional sensitivity and psychic abilities.  We would do well to write down whatever we remember of our dreams as soon after waking as possible, as we may learn much about our own emotional landscape by reflecting on our dreams today.

Still in the early morning hours, the Moon in Cancer squares Venus in Aries.  Since Venus has just recently turned retrograde, she is already on unsteady footing, especially due to being in the  reflective, introspective mode of retrograde in such an active and driven sign.  Squaring the Moon in Cancer just highlights her uncertainty now, adding Cancerian moodiness and self-protectiveness into the mix, leading to potential insecurity and standoffishness or even outright hostility in our early morning dealings with others – a classic case of waking up on the wrong side of the bed.  Since this is a lunar influence and therefore acts on an unconscious level, we would do well to recognize that plenty of people around us are likely to be testy without knowing why, and take steps to guard our own emotional well-being accordingly.

Toward mid-day the Moon in Cancer trines the Sun in Pisces, creating greater ease and flow in emotional and intuitive matters, increasing our sympathy and willingness to assist and support each other.  This adds to the residual effects of yesterday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction, and may bolster those of us in healing and service professions accordingly.  This time favors nurturing ourselves and our loved ones, exercising compassionate listening in order to understand our emotional connections and reactions and strengthen our bonds with those we feel kinship with.  This is an excellent time to foster community, particularly with those who bolster us creatively and spiritually, and this influence may also help us to find common ground with those we had not previously recognized as sharing such connections.

The Moon in Cancer trines Mercury in Pisces shortly thereafter, further emphasizing the qualities of both the Moon/Sun trine and yesterday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction, and increasing our capacity to communicate what we feel to others, as well as helping us to attune our thoughts and feelings, heightening our intuition and sensitivity.  Our thoughts may well turn to matters of home and family at this time, but may also benefit from Cancerian business sense now.  This is a good time for communications that benefit from a delicate touch, and breaking the ice in social settings may be easier now.

This afternoon, our emotions take on a degree of intensity as the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, pitting what we feel against the great impersonal forces of our lives that affect our careers, reputations, and long-term goals.  We may find ourselves feeling defensive now, or struggling to maintain emotional control.  We may find our moods hijacked by the interference of others, and need to guard against getting sucked into power struggles.  Now is definitely a time to step aside, take a deep breath, and channel the power of what we feel into the energy we need to get done what we can, while recognizing that even if this influence throws us off course during this time that derailment is still only temporary.

This evening the Moon in Cancer squares first Jupiter in Libra then Uranus in Aries in short succession, highlighting the lingering effects of last week’s Jupiter/Uranus opposition that is still in close orb and will be continuing to influence us through mid-March.  Our emotions and reactions tonight are caught up in the tug-of-war between the personal and the societal, the desire for aggressive and radical action in service of personal freedom versus the desire for peace and social harmony at all costs, and we may find our interpersonal relationships affected as a result.  We may be prone to sudden outbursts of emotion or mood fluctuations, and Jupiter’s touch is likely to make everything feel larger than life.  This is a T-square formation with the Moon acting as the release point between Jupiter and Uranus, our emotions and instincts becoming the pressure valve for the personal and societal tensions pitted against each other.  We are navigating stormy waters during this time and the more sensitive among us may be hard-pressed to make it through without the support of our more stalwart companions.

Late tonight Mercury in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, giving some support to our ability to communicate about the deepest, darkest parts of our experience now, and helping us further in shedding thought and communication patterns that no longer serve us.  This influence may also aid our facility to communicate with and about those in power.  Secrets may be revealed now, and occult matters are favored at this time.  For the magically inclined among us this is a good time for spell-working, particularly in relation to correcting power imbalances and defending the powerless from abuses of power.  Of course, this applies in more mundane realms as well.  This is a good time for tending to legal and monetary matters, and those working in the intelligence community may gain a boost at this time, as well as those working as detectives or researchers.  Tonight we may gain deeper insight into our own long-term goals and how we may fulfill our ambitions while being of service to humanity.

This aspect is followed by the Moon in Cancer trining Chiron in Pisces, putting us emotionally in-touch with our deepest hurts and damaging patterns in a deeply supportive way, so that we may use what we feel to help purge the poison of old traumas, and as a result share both greater vulnerability and greater closeness with those whom we love.  This tempest-tossed night comes to a close with a potential gift of deep, intuitive wisdom to dream on.


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