Astrology Update, March 9th, 2017: Full of Heart

As with the Mercury/Pluto sextile on March 7th, today we experience harmony between our practical goals and our compassionate sensitivity as a result of the Sun/Pluto sextile that started off today first thing in the very wee hours of the morning (some of us were just getting to bed at that hour…).  However, this time it’s not simply our minds getting a boost of power from Pluto, but rather our whole consciousness.  The core of our being is feeling supported by the larger forces in our lives rather than at odds as is too often the case.  We are now conscious of the process of transformation in our lives and the lives of those around us, and may feel a certain degree of connection with others resulting from that.  This is the season of shedding the old, unwanted baggage of the past year or more (or perhaps a few pounds from this winter), preparing for the burst of energy and activity that comes with Spring, and this aspect helps us to get more comfortable with that process, even when it’s not actually comfortable.  Pisces is a sign of contradictions, after all, adept at working within paradox, and Capricorn has mastered the art of the silver lining, seeing opportunity in every seeming setback.  These two signs navigate loss better than the rest of the zodiac, so now is the time to take full advantage of their assistance and perhaps do a little preparatory spring cleaning, whether of our psyches or our actual physical surroundings.

Later this morning the Moon in Leo trined Venus in Aries, giving a magnanimous boost of fiery self-confidence from our unconscious to our social relations that have been in the retrograde process of reassessment, and may have been feeling a bit shaky since the beginning of the retrograde this past weekend.  Though the Moon’s action is unconscious, Leo’s ruler is the Sun, so Leo is also reaping the benefit of today’s Sun/Pluto sextile, so the Lion is feeling mighty today, albeit with a more sympathetic bent thanks to the Sun’s position in Pisces.  This in turn helps to bring out the fun, flirty side of Venus in Aries, and perhaps even some childlike joy, as Aries is youngest sign and Leo rules the 5th house of children.  Thus, our instinctual response to this alignment is likely to be playful and affectionate, reminding us that even serious matters can benefit from a bit of fun – games teach us a host of beneficial skills, after all, in addition to increasing camaraderie through friendly competition.

Early this evening Mars enters Taurus, giving our energies a break from the more aggressive side of competition and turning our focus to a more steady, practical mode.  Taurus is the sign of fixed earth, slow and not easily stirred to action, yet having a deep reserve of power in the material realm.  Mountains don’t normally make much visible movement, but when they do, they are a force to be reckoned with.  Thus, we are likely to find ourselves in much less of a hurry than we were during Mars’ transit of Aries, but when we do have a mind to move, when we really want to get something done, now we put the force of a mountain behind it.  A Taurus roused to action is an unstoppable force!  It is also a force that favors the finer things in life.  Our focus now is likely to be centered on material needs and desires, physical and financial security.  This is a good time to tend to our bodies in preparation for the spring and summer months, though Taurus likes its food so we may experience some dietary challenges along the way.  This is definitely a good time to tend to financial matters, not simply in connection with tax season but in relation to building and improving upon our finances and establishing better habits with regard to money and material things.  This is also a good time for enjoying the arts, whether as creator, audience, or patron, as Venus’ rulership of Taurus gives Mars in this position more impetus toward creativity and aesthetically-informed activities.

This Mars/Venus interaction is heightened now, as Mars’ entry into Taurus, one of the two signs that Venus rules and Venus’ current retrograde in Aries, one of the two signs that Mars rules, has put the two gendered personal planets in a state of limited mutual reception, each in the place of the other’s power until the beginning of April, with potential support for each other as a result.  I say that this is a limited mutual reception because with Venus in retrograde, her usual power is diminished, being expressed in a mode of re-assessment while retracing her steps through Mars’ home sign.  Also, because these two are not currently in aspect to each other, the state of mutual reception is more subdued now, but will slowly grow stronger as they approach the same degree of each sign, arriving at a semi-sextile aspect on March 21st (a gently supportive aspect of 30 degrees apart).  Still, despite the weakened state of their reception, there may be a sense of increased understanding of the other’s space during this time and greater awareness between the two, which may provide opportunities for better gender relations during this time as well as for more understanding of non-binary gender identities.

Late tonight the Moon in Leo sextiles Jupiter in Libra, bringing Jupiter’s expansive optimism in relationships and social realms to magnify the proud, generous, joyful feelings of the Leo Moon.  This is the perfect time for late-night camaraderie, creative expression, or more intimate interactions.  Performers get an extra dose of drama tonight, in all the right ways.  Children may be wakeful later than usual, and perhaps unusually ebullient, so parents would do well to be prepared for additional story requests, or difficulty in surrendering the video game controller in favor of bed.  And our lovers may be more demanding than usual, though we aren’t likely to complain about that under this passionate Moon.  However this influence plays out, it’s a good time for revelling in whatever brings us joy.


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