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Astrology Update, April 1st, 2017: Big Talk

This morning the Moon in Gemini sextiled the Sun in Aries, fueling the warmth of our action-oriented Aries consciousness with unconscious liveliness and an instinct for communication.  We may have found ourselves pleasantly restless, energetic and ready to get going even if we are not normally morning people.  Our feelings were aligned with our consciousness, our core sense of self animated and courageous, eager to set out on the day’s adventures.  When Gemini and Aries join forces we can experience a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world around us, even wonder, and will happily communicate that with anyone who will listen, making for a convivial mood to start the day with.

A short while later, however, the Moon in Gemini squared Neptune in Pisces, putting our mood into a fog and making us more likely to be led astray by unrealistic expectations.  The Moon in Gemini has our instincts operating on an intellectual level but Neptune in Pisces blurs the edges of our unconscious perceptions, creating a sense of distrust and uncertainty, and we may have found ourselves in situations this morning that beguiled us with something that stirred our sympathies only to leave us feeling taken advantage of by something or someone not living up to our original impressions.  We may have found ourselves wanting to escape for a bit, wishing the real world would go away, and the traces of this feeling may have lingered even into mid-day.

Thankfully, tonight we get our curiosity and sociability renewed via a trine from the Moon in Gemini to Jupiter in Libra, expanding our instinct to communicate and increasing our feelings of faith and optimism.  This is a great time to meet new people, or to build upon already-established relationships that can benefit from sharing ideas.  Mutual enjoyment of films and media is favored at this time, and actors have an auspicious alignment for connecting with their audiences now.  This is a great time for generating ideas, especially for writers and inventors, and speech writers and preachers can create some of their more inspiring work at this time.  This is a night for orators!  It’s also a good night for networking and sales, as well as a good night for games, and a night for testing our luck – if we’ve been a bit too risk-averse tonight might help us to get out of whatever rut we’ve been languishing in, especially if that risk we’ve been avoiding involves communication or relationships.

Late tonight Gemini’s ruler Mercury in Taurus trines the North Node in Virgo, the other Mercury-ruled sign, putting the power of our minds to work on behalf of our souls’ purpose.  Though our emotions and instincts may be feeling a bit giddy due to the larger-than-life connection of the Moon/Jupiter trine, our minds have the practical fortitude of Taurus helping us to learn from our experiences and grow more fully into the people our souls want us to be.  We are likely to be more conscious of the details of our growth process, more concerned with perfecting new skills that lead us in the direction we most need to go, yet thanks to the steadiness of Taurus more patient than ever with our own imperfections.  In combination with the lucky favor of the Moon/Jupiter trine, this makes tonight a great time to try the new things that can help us to make real progress in both the material and spiritual worlds, moving forward on our souls’ quest to be our own best selves.


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