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Astrology Update, April 3rd, 2017: Emotional Tangle

Today started out quietly enough, with no aspects until late this morning when the Moon in Cancer trined Neptune in Pisces, aligning our emotions and instincts with our spiritual yearnings and romanticism, giving the late morning a hint of dreaminess.  Our intuitions were enhanced by this aspect, and we were likely to be more sympathetic and compassionate under its influence.  This morning has not been a time for hard, cold facts, but rather a period of enhanced imagination and creativity, a time to feel our connection to all life and the universe at large, and savor the sweetness of our emotions.

That sweetness got a jolt toward mid-day, when the Moon in Cancer squared the Sun in Aries.  This First Quarter Moon is a time when our conscious and unconscious selves challenge each other, putting the intentions that we set at the New Moon to the test.  This is necessary to ensure that those intentions we are growing between now and the Full Moon are worth our energy and on the right course, and that they will be strong enough to release into the world with the Full Moon next week.  This First Quarter Moon’s challenge asks us to consider our feelings during our quest to make our mark on the world, and suggests that personal growth is better when it is encircled by the love of family and community.  Yet the potential for that growth to be stifled by the resistance of those whom we love but who hate to see us change is also brought to the forefront now.  How do we reconcile our conscious need for self-direction and adventure with our unconscious need for emotional safety?

We have plenty of time to stew over the conundrums presented by the First Quarter Moon as the afternoon is free of other astrological aspects.  The celestial quiet is broken this evening first with a steadying sextile from the Moon in Cancer to Mars in Taurus.  Since both Cancer and  Taurus prefer quiet and stability, this is not likely to be a particularly lively influence, but it is good for tending to practical matters concerning home and family.  Our feelings may get a boost of strength from Mars, but the Taurean influence makes this more of a stabilizing force than anything else, and the kindly influence of the Moon in Cancer takes the blinders off of our focus, and helps us to include others in our activities tonight.

As pleasant as all that sounds, the Cancerian Moon’s yearning for family and friends may get blown all out of proportion a little later in the evening as the Moon squares Jupiter retrograde in Libra, and we are challenged to reconsider whether the loving embrace of family is really worth the fuss.  With just a little twist of the pen, mother becomes smother, and what seemed like an emotional haven can become suffocating, reminding us of the toll exacted by the keeping the family peace.  On the other hand, the family peace can just as easily become bedlam, as individual emotions are challenged by family beliefs and expectations and overflow, whether noisily or hidden away after a hasty retreat.  On the plus side, Jupiter’s influence is generally benevolent, even in a hard aspect like this, but his magnifying touch can make even the best of intentions and situations quickly spiral out of control.

And that’s not the end of it, of course, because a short while later tonight the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, making us extra aware of just how out-of-control we may feel and increasing the likelihood that we will do everything in our power to regain control (assuming that we ever actually had it in the first place).  Our emotions are intensified by this aspect, and complicated to boot.  Even if we are certain that we really just want peace and quiet, we may find ourselves drawn to complicated situations regardless.  We may find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, or overshadowed, or discover that our feelings on something once held dear are now being transformed at the deepest level.  And even though oppositions typically increase awareness, the involvement of the Moon in this aspect means that this is happening primarily on a subconscious level, which means that we may find ourselves and others reacting compulsively.  Tonight is likely to require more than a few deep breaths, and a willingness to recognize the illusory nature of power – chances are that whoever or whatever we think has control actually has less than we think, and those we see as powerless have a hidden power of their own.  If we can swim in the intensity and contradictions long enough, we may touch our own power in the process.  Now we just need to figure out what to do with it…


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