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Astrology Update, April 12th, 2017: Powerful Imaginations

Today is a relatively quiet day, astrologically speaking, which is just as well considering all of the potent activity we’ve been experiencing with the retrogrades of both Saturn and Mercury in the past week, plus this past Saturday’s Venus/Saturn square and Monday’s Full Moon, as well as tomorrow’s Sun/Uranus conjunction that some of us may already be feeling some agitation from.

Today’s astrological activity started in the very wee early morning hours with an opposition from the Moon in Scorpio to Mercury in Taurus, creating a challenge between our practical thoughts and our intense emotions and instincts.  We may have found ourselves wanting to delve deeper into situations but simultaneously conscious of the need to not get distracted when dealing with materially-oriented tasks.  For most of us in the Western Hemisphere this aspect saw the most influence in our dreams, and it was worth noting any insights we arrived at in those realms, but for those of us who were awake we may have found ourselves more aware of previously hidden things, striving to keep our attention on practical matters even as we were drawn to more complicated and intense areas of focus.  We may also have experienced a disconnect between an intention to keep to the status quo and a dissatisfaction with practical sameness, especially when it keeps us from understanding and experiencing things more deeply.

For the rest of the day the skies are quiet until tonight, until the Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces, encouraging us to exercise our imaginations in pursuit of the deeper emotional experiences we’ve been craving.  This is a time when our fantasies may serve us well, as well as stories and creativity – we are likely to enjoy theatrical performances more now, especially opera and ballet, and the more senses a form of art engages during this time the more we will appreciate it.  Those of us in romantic relationships can make good use of Neptune’s rose-coloured glasses tonight, as the Moon trining Neptune is deeply romantic, with the sweetness of Pisces and the intensity of Scorpio combining to create sensitive perceptions and enhanced psychic connections.  Our spiritual awareness can also be enhanced by this aspect, along with our compassion, though with the protective quality of Scorpio to balance our more fluid boundaries, if we are led astray by our ideals it is more likely to lead in a kindly direction than with a harder aspect.  The trine being the most supportive of aspects brings more of the virtues of each sign to bear on their interactions here.  Of course, there is still the danger of being swept away in the wave of emotions and instinctive reactions during this time, but at least it is likely to be a pleasant time, nonetheless.


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