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Astrology Update, April 23rd, 2017: Emotional Bruising


This morning began with Mars in Gemini squaring the North Node, making this a day when our soul’s path is challenged by our ever-changing and curious energies.  We may find that today our ambition and drive is more exploratory than willing to dedicate itself to the details of whatever process will further our growth most.  We may find that the things we want to learn require more energy than we are able to expend right now, that the next steps in our progression will take more time than anticipated, and we have to find a way to come to a compromise between what we want and what we need.  Or we may start early with an abundance of energy and discover partway through that our plans were too ambitious, and we’ve exhausted ourselves before we can consider ourselves even close to done.  We may find ourselves bumping up against countless small frustrations and have to battle our own tempers to get through the day.  Whatever forms the challenges of this aspect take, this is the kind of testing that can strengthen our resolve and hone our skills in unanticipated ways, well worth working through despite any temporary pitfalls.

Toward midday the Moon in Pisces conjuncted Chiron in Pisces, increasing our emotional and instinctive responses to old wounds and sensitivities.  Our limitations may loom large in our feelings now, and we may feel a sense of inevitability and helplessness in the face of our own shortcomings.  We are likely to be instinctively drawn to situations or people who bring up these issues in us, but also have a greater capacity to work through these issues with the help of trusted friends and loved ones now.  Or we may find ourselves being the voice of wisdom and reassurance for others who are undergoing struggles that resonate with our own, as our weaknesses are revealed to be not merely personal but in fact universal.

Whatever encouragement we may gain from connecting with others over mutual hurts will be needed as we move into the afternoon, when the Moon in Pisces squares Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, and our emotions may turn colder, our fears loom larger, and our limitations seem more insurmountable.  This aspect can be deeply depressive, or simply restrictive, binding us to the demands of time and realism when we would much rather enjoy a kinder sense of connection with the Universe.  We may feel our mortality more now, or the troubles of the world at large, and now is a time when our more sympathetic feelings can turn against us, making it harder to endure the less charitable attitudes we may encounter from society, potentially leading to a deep sense of isolation during this time.

Thankfully, a short while later the Moon conjuncted Venus in Pisces, and the coldness and isolation had a chance to be relieved by the sweetness of sympathetic connection.  Our affections were gently stirred by this aspect, and we were likely to take refuge from Saturnine coldness in pleasurable fantasies and perhaps a bit of sensual indulgence.  Our love of beauty and art may have been stimulated during this time, our emotional yearnings seeking sensory reinforcement with spiritual overtones.  Of course, after enduring the heightened sense of our own frailty gripped in the hand of fate during the last two aspects, we may have been inclined to go a bit overboard with self-indulgence during this time, but it’s just as likely that we were happy to share that indulgence if given half a chance, unless the combined forces of the Moon/Chiron conjunction and Moon/Saturn square proved too much to bear in the company of others, in which case a little introverted self-care could hardly be begrudged.  Since this aspect began a void-of-course period lasting a few hours, this could be the perfect time to retreat into quiet contemplation of all that has happened during this Pisces transit, letting go of the hurts that can no longer instruct us while taking the necessary steps to soothe our hearts and reconnect with the more loving side of the Universe.

Tonight the Moon enters Aries, moving our feelings out of the soft and tender realm of Pisces into a bolder and more adventurous space.  The Moon in Aries starts the circle of the zodiac anew, taking the leap of faith off the cliff and into a heightened sense of wonder and possibility.  Our emotions and instincts are more passionate now, more demanding, more attuned to our own wants and needs and not shy about meeting them.  We are more emotionally aggressive, potentially more quarrelsome at times as well but unlikely to hold a grudge even if tempers do flare, as there is too much to see and do in the world to waste time on hard feelings.  Our moods may turn on a dime accordingly, and we are not likely to sustain any one feeling for long during this transit.

That sense of quickness and chasing after new experiences is heightened later tonight as the Moon in Aries sextiles its ruler Mars in Gemini, increasing our feelings of adventurousness with a questing and inquisitive energy that urges us to try everything.  We may experience a sense of recklessness and our attitudes are likely to be more devil-may-care.  Thankfully the sextile is a harmonious aspect, but there is still the potential to go a little overboard in our zeal as we seek out the situations and experiences that are the proving grounds for our fighting spirit.  Chances are that there will be more than a little sociable sparring going on tonight, as our egos jockey for position in whatever arena our hearts favor, but given the supportive nature of the sextile, it is more likely to be in fun than fighting in earnest, with little damage that can’t heal by morning.


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