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Astrology Update, April 27th, 2017: Life of the Party

Today started with the Moon in Taurus trining Pluto in Capricorn in the wee hours of the morning, increasing our emotional perceptiveness and intensity.  Those of us still awake or just waking up at that hour were not likely to be interested in superficial experiences and may have found ourselves drawn into situations of complexity and power that called on us to have greater emotional awareness and feel very deeply.  Those of us still sleeping may have had unusually vivid and intricate dreams, well worth taking note of in waking hours for the secrets of our inner world that they could reveal.

The skies have been quiet since then until this afternoon’s sextile from the Moon in Taurus to Chiron in Pisces, creating a gentle harmony between our grounded emotions and the wisdom we gain from our limitations and injuries.  This afternoon is a good time to connect with those in whom we can be vulnerable and confide about the areas of life where we struggle, and if we are not feeling particularly in need of a sympathetic ear we may find ourselves in the position of the voice of experience helping to bolster the spirits of others in need.

Tonight the Moon sextiles Venus in Pisces, creating feelings of conviviality that gently steer us to gather with our friends and loved ones and enjoy the richness of our close connections.  We are likely to enjoy entertaining others in our homes tonight, as the Taurus Moon combines forces with this sign’s ruler to make us particularly house-proud now, delighting in the environments we create and sharing them with others.  This is a good time for love relationships, old and new, a time to mend relationships that have been under duress, as we can gently and lovingly communicate our feelings under this aspect and smooth over rough edges.

This aspect begins a very short void-of-course period lasting only a few minutes before the Moon enters Gemini and whatever festivities we are enjoying for the night get a boost of Gemini liveliness and charm.  Our emotions and instincts under a Gemini Moon are driven more by intellect than by sentimentality, and we are more curious, more inventive, and more communicative as a result.  Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, quickness prevails during this transit and our moods and responses are likely to turn on a dime.  We become more impressionable under this Moon, and more free-spirited, seeking action and stimulation and thriving on change.  On the downside, our decisiveness is likely to be impaired during this time, as we want to know all the options and are keenly aware that there is always more to know, more to explore, and we are likely to resent being pinned down and expected to make a singular choice.  That said, our openness to new experiences now makes us more adventurous and fun-loving, and the Moon’s entry into this sign so soon after the Moon/Venus sextile could make for a very enjoyable night.

That said, late tonight the Moon in Gemini squares the North Node in Virgo, reminding us that not all is fun and games, and some of our adventures could lead us off the the path of our souls’ preferred mode of growth.  It’s all-too-easy to gloss over important details when we’re moving so fast, or to turn to hyperbole in place of truth.  We may find ourselves challenged to keep from losing ourselves in frivolity and superficiality, and would do well not to stray into manipulative territory in our interactions with others.  Being the life of the party is all well and good so long as we remain genuine.


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