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Astrology Update, April 30th, 2017: Pain, Belief, and Vulnerability

The skies are quiet today until this afternoon when the Moon in Cancer sextiled the Sun in Taurus, putting our conscious and unconscious selves in harmony, our emotions in support of our core truth and our psyches attuned to our feelings in turn.  This aspect makes everything run a little smoother, interactions with others a little more harmonious, our inner and outer worlds working together.  

All of which is a much-needed blessing in view of the square between Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces that became exact this afternoon but has been building for the past several days, with an emotional preview yesterday, and which will continue to colour our experiences for the next week to come.  Saturn in hard aspect to Chiron is harsh no matter how you colour it, with Saturn’s restrictiveness rubbing up against our deepest and oldest wounds, but this particular iteration includes Saturn in retrograde, dredging up all of our old injuries that we would rather deny but have never managed to escape from, and shackling our hope of healing from them to our most deeply entrenched belief systems.  Intergenerational family trauma, racial and cultural trauma, ancient abuses and buried grief and anger are all creeping out of the woodwork during this transit, and the pain is both real and at the same time hard to pin down.  The very things that give us our roots and sense of connection to history and humanity are poisoning and crippling us, and today we come face to face with all of the horror and sadness and helplessness they have bequeathed us.  Somehow, we have to overcome our sense of alienation and understand the universality of our limitations, and learn to heal ourselves by reaching out with compassion toward others, even and sometimes especially the others “responsible” for hurting us.  Forgiveness is not about giving abusers a free pass, but rather about halting the toxic internalization of what has been done to us and continues to be done through us.  There is wisdom to be found here, but it is a bitter draught.  This is not an easy path to healing, and it’s going to take all of our discipline and much time to traverse, as well as the ability to think outside of the box about how we share the hard-won knowledge born from our pain, but it is a necessary path if we are to move forward and survive and maybe even thrive, both as individuals and as a species.

Tonight the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces, reminding us of the universality of deep feeling and giving us a chance to swim in our sympathy and imaginations, and reconnect with those we love in the midst of the pain that has so much potential to divide us.  This is an emotionally healing aspect that stimulates our creativity and intuition, and invites us to spin new stories about our experiences that join us together in a safe and loving emotional space.  This is not a time for decision-making or rational thinking, but rather a time to be receptive and spiritual, safe in our homes and familiar spaces, a time to float in our fantasies and visions of our best possible world with those who can share those visions with us, and let our ability to imagine better lives lead us to them.

That said, late tonight the Moon in Cancer squares Jupiter retrograde in Libra, leading us back into a space of reconsidering our close relationships and social connections, as well as our faith and our cherished beliefs.  This day is not going to release us without challenging how we meet others with our feelings, daring us to crack open our own hard shells and be vulnerable with our biggest emotions.  Since Jupiter is a benevolent influence, this is not an unkind aspect, despite its challenges, but it can magnify whatever we feel and make it hard to take a step back or be rational about it all.  Details are not likely to be our strong suit now, and we feel drawn to delve further into our philosophical and spiritual ties with others.  Tonight we are likely to want to know what it all means, and we want to be able to share our searching with others who matter most to us.  And if our spiritual family or community doesn’t line up with our actual family and community, now is the time when we will be asking ourselves why.


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