Astrology Update, April 10th, 2017: Full Moon in Libra

Today sees few notable astrological aspects, but that doesn’t mean that it’s quiet.  The Moon in Libra waits until late this afternoon/early evening to get things started with a conjunction to Jupiter retrograde.  Jupiter has a tendency to magnify whatever he touches, so our emotions are likely to feel bigger now, our instincts more grand, the activity of our unconscious broader in scope and more philosophical.  Our social urges may become more pronounced now, but still are likely to have some of the tentative, reconsidering quality of the retrograde, especially with so many other planets recently in retrograde and emphasized in the past few days.  Those of us in relationships may find ourselves more focused on them now, and those of us without may be more inclined to try to change that solitary state.  We may also feel more optimistic at this time, more inclined to be forgiving and generous, and inclined to gather with others.

That said, the recent Jupiter/Pluto square is still in effect, and the Moon in Libra sees fit to remind us of those tensions with a square to Pluto as the night progresses.  The already-broadened scope of our emotions gets a boost of intensity to amplify what we feel even more, and our knee-jerk reactions are likely to be intensified as well.  We may find our reactions far exceeding the scope of what we normally consider reasonable, and may be hard-pressed to explain why.  Pluto in contact with the Moon can increase obsessiveness and compulsiveness, as Pluto tends to bring control issues into focus, and we may find ourselves drawn to more intense experiences tonight that have us questioning the extent of our control or bumping up against the control issues of others.  Secrets may be revealed tonight, and those of us with an interest in the occult may find this to be a useful time in our studies, despite its challenges (or perhaps because of them).

The big astrological news of the night is tonight’s Full Moon in Libra.  The Full Moon is time to set intentions, and the polarity of the Sun’s consciousness in Aries with the Moon’s unconsciousness in Libra asks that we acknowledge our unconscious need for relationships even as we are consciously pursuing our individual goals.  The Moon opposes Uranus early tomorrow morning and is within orb for us to feel that opposition during the Full Moon tonight.  The Moon opposing Uranus creates electrifying feelings and impulsive reactions, which in combination with the expansiveness of Jupiter and intensity and obsessive/compulsiveness of Pluto could make this Full Moon a handful, especially for those in law enforcement, hospitals, and other institutions, given Pluto in Capricorn’s emphasis on institutions and maintainance of the status quo being challenged by our need for social harmony and resulting hyper-responsiveness to social cues and disturbances, and the challenge our emotions are already starting to feel from Uranus-conjunct-Eris’ combined forces of rebellion and disruption.  Sensitive individuals would do well to set up easy exit strategies for social situations in case it all becomes too much to handle, and those in positions of authority should prepare for challenges to that authority.  Expecting the unexpected is the best stance for tonight, and those of us working with the intention-setting power of the Full Moon should include the ability to adapt to sudden changes within the structure of our intentions, as well as surprises from unseen quarters.  With Mercury retrograde in Taurus still in orb to feel the trine with the North Node in Virgo, and Mars in Taurus still in orb to feel its trine with Pluto in Capricorn, for all its sociability this is not a frivolous Full Moon, and we are likely to feel how we respond to the social conundrums of tonight enhancing our understanding of how we plan and communicate our souls’ intentions in the physical world, as well as our ability to manifest our desires materially in ways work in harmony with the larger forces and hidden powers in our lives.  This may be an intense Full Moon, but it is also instructive.


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