Astrology Update, April 16th, 2017: Connecting Wisdom and Growth

Today the Moon in Sagittarius got things started with this morning’s trine to Uranus in Aries, setting a speedy tone for the day with the Moon’s unconscious urge toward action and liveliness joining forces with Uranus’ will to sudden change and impulsiveness.  Since this was a harmonious aspect, this boost in activity was likely to be benevolent whether we rode along with it or simply observed the action from the sidelines, but it wasn’t likely to make for a boring time either way.

Shortly afterward, Mars in Taurus sextiled Chiron in Pisces, lending a practical energy to our learning and our understanding of our own weaknesses and limitations while bringing compassion and wisdom to our actions.  Today we are likely to have had more sympathy for illness and more active interest in matters of health.  We are also likely to be more persistent about getting to the roots of health problems or resolving paradoxes, and alternative health fields of study are favored at this time.

Later this morning the Moon in Sagittarius squares Chiron in Pisces, challenging this exploration of our patterns of health and injury with emotional and instinctive reactions that would rather have fun and not examine such potentially depressing patterns too closely.  We may have found ourselves feeling impatient with our own limitations or those of others this morning, or may have found that the truth of our situation when it comes to our health and our psychological sensitivities bumps up against deeply ingrained beliefs, particularly those shared with families and other groups.  We may have felt highly attuned to the tensions at the intersection of what we feel in relation to our health and the patterns of belief shared with others, and may have found those tensions coming to a head today.

A short while later the Moon in Sagittarius trined the Sun in Aries, renewing some of the lively energy from the early morning and putting our conscious and unconscious selves in harmony.  Our instinctive reactions worked along our conscious intentions today, making it easier for us to do what we truly wanted, and helping us to disseminate the intentions that we set at the New Moon and brought to their peak at the Full Moon.  Since both Luminaries are operating in fiery signs, this was definitely a time best devoted to action and creative, spirited endeavors.

However, a few minutes later the Moon in Sagittarius squared Venus in Pisces, and our emotions and instincts bumped up against our desire for connection and pleasure.  We may have wanted to take action but found ourselves enmeshed in lazier desires, feeling simultaneously energetic yet also slow and sensual.  We may have sensed a need to take connections slowly, yet found our instinctive responses to be too rushed, our timing off.  

Around mid-day, the Moon conjuncted Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, and our mood may have turned more somber as a result, though not unbearably so.  Rather, we were likely to have seen where we needed to respect our limitations and those of others, and may have found ourselves more willing to shoulder responsibilities even in the midst of fun.  We may have also found ourselves more emotionally invested in our beliefs, particularly those that define us as part of a group, and were more likely to assert our emotional and philosophical boundaries at this time.

This aspect started a lunar void-of-course period lasting for a few hours, during which we were best off falling back on routine and allowing our unconscious to float in a state of receptivity, quietly processing the lessons of the Moon’s transit through Sagittarius before the Moon entered Capricorn early this evening, and since Saturn is Capricorn’s ruler, the Moon/Saturn conjunction that began this void-of-course aptly paved the way for us to react and feel with more seriousness and determination.

During this void-of-course period, Venus in Pisces conjuncts Chiron in Pisces, putting our affections in touch with our deepest hurts and those of others.  Since Venus is slower moving than the Moon, this influence sticks with us for a while, lingering into tomorrow.  This has us moving forward with the knowledge gained from Venus’ retrograde period of introspection, connecting with others through shared sympathy and compassion for each others’ hurts.  The wisdom that we have gained through painful learning experiences may seem like it can’t much help us, but it can be a great solace and aid to others now enduring similar situations.  The sharing of such wisdom then becomes a source of deeper connections between us.  Since Pisces is eldest sign, we may be again confronted by what we need to let go of in order to have the caring and wise connections that we most desire.  These connections can take on spiritual overtones, and during this transit we are more likely to see how they can have long-term impact on our lives and the lives of others around us.

The Moon’s entry into Capricorn tonight takes the seriousness of Saturn in Sagittarius and applies it to our most important goals, from the unconscious point of view.  If what we want consciously differs greatly from what we want consciously, that can pose some problems, but the Moon/Sun trine earlier today brought our conscious and unconscious desires into alignment, so chances are that what we get emotionally serious about during this transit will resonate on both conscious and unconscious levels.  Capricorn embodies determination, so we may find ourselves becoming more focused in our reactions during the next couple of days, less easily deterred from what we want.  We are likely to assert more persistence now, particularly in relation to our long-term goals, especially those focused on career and reputation, but really during this transit what matters most is what our hearts align with – nothing else will muster the same fervent devotion, and that heart alignment isn’t likely to be a matter of gushy love and flowers but rather what speaks deeply to our core being and our ancestral pride.  Capricorn is deeply traditional and the Moon is instinctual, so our emotions and reactions during this time will come straight from our roots.

More of that old soul feeling came tonight through the sextile of Venus in Pisces to Mars in Taurus, which is also in effect through tomorrow, and brings along with it a kindly and comfortable feeling that enhances sensual and sexual connections, and helps to keep our energy levels at a steady, even flow.  During this aspect our sympathies have more fortitude, our actions more kindness, and our appreciation of and desire for creature comforts, preferably shared with those who touch us on a spiritual level as well as practical and physical levels. We are likely to be a bit gentler with each other during this transit, yet not pushovers, as our compassion is balanced by our practicality.

A short while later tonight the Moon in Capricorn trines the North Node in Virgo, bringing more of that practicality into play but now applying it to what our souls most need.  Our ability to work with and resolve our karmic lessons gained the attentiveness and persistence of Capricorn, who is ruled by Saturn, the Lord of Karma, and the self-discipline associated with him has now come through on an instinctive level, our feelings attuned to whatever will most serve our souls’ needs tonight.  Shortly thereafter the Moon in Capricorn trines Mercury in Taurus, forming a Grand Earth Trine that pulls in our steady and practical mental capabilities into the circuit created with the North Node.  Our minds and emotions are put in harmony by the aspect, and working united with our souls’ learning process due to the configuration with the North Node, tapping into cardinal, fixed, and mutable earth energies simultaneously, and channeling the power of all three into what most needs doing in our lives.  This is a time when we can make incredible progress in our souls’ growth, putting the formidable power of our most practical thoughts and instincts to bear on working through our karma and living up to our souls’ purpose in this lifetime and those yet to come.


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