Astrology Update, April 19th, 2017: Upheaval and Stability

This morning began with a trine from the Moon in Capricorn to Mars in Taurus in the wee early morning hours, lending stability and support to our emotions and putting our feelings in alignment with our actions.  For those of us still awake at that hour, or those waking up very early, this was a good boost to our ability to get the job done on a very practical level, whatever that job might be, as the Moon in Capricorn is emotionally motivating while Mars in Taurus has the energetic follow-through to that motivation.

A short while later the Moon in Capricorn squared the Sun in Aries, bringing us to the Last Quarter Moon during which we disseminate the intentions that we set at the New Moon and built up to the Full Moon.  Since the Moon squaring the Sun put our unconsciousness at odds with our consciousness, this was a time when the last little details of what we set into motion at the New Moon may have been jiggling around at the back of our minds, wringing out the last bit of our attention to them before we could truly release them, and our dreams during this time may have reflected that process.  The Moon is growing darker now, and our unconscious is similarly being cleared in preparation for the next intention-setting period of the New Moon.  Since this aspect started a brief void-of-course period, it was also a time in which the lessons of the Moon’s transit through Capricorn had a final dark, receptive space in which to be absorbed before the Moon entered Aquarius, which it did less than an hour later.

The Moon in Aquarius takes the seriousness of Capricorn and moves it away from a personal focus toward the betterment of humanity as a whole, making us more socially conscious and more interested in dedicating ourselves to causes that improve our world.  While the Moon in Aquarius is not a particularly emotionally sensitive placement, being in a rational air sign, it can make us feel more friendly, more interested in the world around us and the people within it.  We are likely to be more future-oriented during this transit, more interested in new technologies, more eager to try new things, and less interested in upholding the status quo.  The classical ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, the same as for Capricorn, and so we still may feel the influence of Saturn’s sense of order and limitation on our instinctive reactions, but the transcendental ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, the Great Rebel, so even as we feel our limitations we may be more inclined than ever to resist them and even throw them off outright.  The Moon transiting Aquarius encourages us to let our inner eccentric out to play, and our instinctive responses are now likely to be more difficult to predict.  We are more likely to want to try new things, meet new people, and test out new ways of doing things during this transit.

The Moon’s first activity during this transit is a testy morning square to Mercury retrograde in Taurus, challenging our fixed and stubborn ideas and encouraging us to get out of whatever rut we may have fallen into in our thinking.  Mercury in Taurus has encouraged us to be slow and steady and practical in our thinking, while the Moon in Aquarius may have us feeling like slow and steady and practical is for the birds.  Mercury retrograde is also revisiting ideas, mulling things over like a cow chewing its cud, and may be inclined to linger over-long in one area of thinking now.  Both signs are deeply stubborn, so this was not a challenge to be easily resolved, as we were forced to confront our own less-than-forward-thinking tendencies, but also watched our newly-found instinctive eccentricity be challenged by thought and communication patterns that saw no reason to throw out the baby with the bathwater.  Urges toward freedom and change were tempered now by the questions of “is it practical?” and “do you really want this?”  As frustrating as the immobility of a square in fixed signs can be, this was a necessary tempering of our futurist instincts, asking us to be willing to do the hard work of integrating the practical with the ideal.

Late this afternoon the Sun entered Taurus, bringing the light of consciousness to practical realms as well, throwing what we need on the material level into focus now.  Taurus is very good at manifesting things in the real world, being a time of planting and preparation for the growth and activity of summer, so this is a good time to start taking our plans and putting them into action, slowly and steadily, while still mindful of our own health and comfort.  The Sun’s transit through Aries made us more conscious of our own desires and our will to put our mark on the world, and the transit through Taurus now takes the initiatory energy of Aries and really puts it to work, but sustainably rather than burning out in the fire of the tempestuous youngest sign.  Now is a time to appreciate the good things in life that are the fruits-to-come of our labors during this planting season.  This is a time when we are keenly aware of our creature comforts, and now that we are out of the lean times of winter we want to enjoy the things that make us feel good.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, recently turned direct, so work under this sign is not about privation, but rather has a strong aesthetic inclination and appreciates beauty, art, and stimulation of the senses.

Tonight the Moon in Aquarius sextiles Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, putting our future-leaning emotions and instincts into a supportive relationship with the part of our unconscious currently immersing itself in our ideals and patterns of belief.  Though Lilith’s action in Sagittarius can force us to confront our less evolved belief patterns, in this harmonious aspect with the Moon she may have given us new insight into how we can change those patterns, in keeping with the Moon in Aquarius’ urge toward stepping up our own evolution and that of our society.  This may have been a good time for talking with different people, exploring philosophical concepts, playing with new ideas and testing the boundaries of our beliefs in positive ways, as our unconscious instincts need to ensure that our newly-stabilized consciousness doesn’t get too rigid.


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