Astrology Update, April 21st, 2017: Pacing Ourselves

In contrast to yesterday’s emphasis on less being more, today the skies see a flurry of activity, with two celestial bodies changing signs and both a supportive aspect and a challenging aspect of some significance.  

The morning started early with a sextile from the Moon in Aquarius to Uranus in Aries, giving us a more supportive dose of the often-frenetic Moon/Uranus influence on our emotions.  While this may have made for some restlessness in the early morning hours, the gently supportive nature of the sextile makes it more likely that this was of the sudden insight variety that wakes us up with a burst of energy and helps us to feel inspired even if it deprives us of a little sleep.  Thoughts of the future may have blended with a healthy dose of excitement and feelings of self-sufficiency to get us off and running this morning, ready to keep pace with our newly-motivated energy as Mars enters Gemini a few minutes later.

Mars’ entry into Gemini this morning changes our energetic gears from the patient steadiness of Taurus to a modus operandi that is inquisitive and eternally on-the-move.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and travels at similarly quicksilver speeds, interested in a multitude of subjects and communicative about them all.  Mars in Gemini can make us hyperactive, running on far less sleep than normal, far too distracted by the next exciting thing around the bend to be bothered with rest, so there is a real danger of burnout during this transit, especially with Gemini’s ruler Mercury retrograding through fiery and determined Aries.  We will handle this aspect best if we are mindful of our tendency to overdo things now and pace ourselves, recognizing that this energy encourages multi-tasking and taking on ALL of the interesting projects.  Saying “no” is a necessary virtue to cultivate now!  We are more likely to work with this energy well if we recognize that Gemini is inherently social, and therefore encourages success in team projects and endeavors that tickle our minds.  Now is a time for new ideas, new endeavors, and meeting new people with whom to collaborate.

Within minutes of Mars getting his boost in speed from Gemini, the Sun in Taurus trined the North Node in Virgo, keeping our consciousness focused on what will move us forward along our soul’s path, and creating ease and flow in achieving goals that further our personal growth in the material world throughout the day.  Real, practical steps on our karmic path are favored today, and we can make true progress if we tap into this state of understanding now, being mindful of the necessary details and patient with the process of our own growth.  We may also gain insight regarding health concerns as a result of this aspect, and projects such as gardening and scientific research can shine today.

That said, a few minutes later Venus in Pisces squared Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, repeating the Venus/Saturn square that got this Saturn retrograde off to such a gloomy start.  With Venus direct in Pisces, we may feel not quite so isolated and shaken by this square as during its previous iterations, but still there can be a sense of thwarted connection with others today, a loneliness resulting from our own insecurities and uncertainties.  Saturn is very good at putting up walls, after all, and retrograde in Sagittarius he is encouraging us to reconsider our beliefs, our faith, our optimism, and our social tendencies in relation to those things, all of which can encourage us to hold back where otherwise we would be eager to move forward.  Saturn in Sagittarius squaring off against Venus in Pisces can make those walls particularly painful since Venus having turned direct in Pisces is now soft and alluring, wanting to dissolve barriers to intimacy and feel emotional unity with others after her own journey through uncertainty.  This square challenges us to find ways to connect while maintaining clear boundaries, to be sensitive to our need for contact yet also protective of ourselves and those we are emotionally connected with in the face of the potentially destructive ideologies that have been this Saturn-in-Sagittarius transit’s stock-in-trade.

All of the above gave us plenty of cosmic juice to stew in for much of the morning, until a late-morning sextile from the Moon in Aquarius to Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, giving a bit of support from our rational instincts to help us navigate our insecurities in relation to our beliefs and social urges.  The Moon in Aquarius has been all about furthering our own evolution in order to further the evolution of humanity as a whole, and connecting to Saturn via the gently supportive sextile may have helped us to better navigate the lessons of the Venus/Saturn square this morning, whose influence will be felt throughout the day and into tomorrow.  The Moon in Aquarius’ forward-thinking and socially active feelings may have helped for a while to ease the worries of Saturn in Sagittarius regarding pesky belief patterns while Aquarius’ classical ruler Saturn lent both seriousness and discipline to our emotions, keeping us focused and on track rather than chasing after the flights of fancy that might otherwise have been encouraged by Aquarius’ more Uranian side.

Toward midday the Moon in Aquarius sextiled Mercury retrograde in Aries, continuing this pattern of being a rational force and keeping us instinctively mindful of the long-term ramifications of our more self-concerned thoughts within the social order.  This harmonious aspect encouraged us to make the kinds of plans that can benefit both ourselves and others, helping us to make our mark on the world in ways that improve the world and connect us to friends and causes that matter to us.  Since this aspect started a short void-of-course period, this was a time for us to relax into our routines for a bit, allowing ourselves to process the host of lessons from the Moon’s transit through Aquarius without rushing to start any bold new ventures before our unconscious selves were ready.

The Moon entered Pisces this afternoon, turning our feelings softer, our instincts less pointed, increasing our emotional and intuitive sensitivity.  During this lunar transit we are likely to be more accepting of others, more sympathetic and compassionate, and perhaps a bit more gullible as well.  Our spiritual tendencies are heightened during this time, as is our need for closure in the emotional situations that no longer serve us.  Though we may be more open to connecting with others under this influence, still we may find it easier to get overloaded and may find ourselves being more introverted and introspective as a result.  This is a time for feeling our way through the bigger, more philosophical and spiritual questions of our lives, a time to be more in touch with Universe as a whole.

That said, within minutes of entering Pisces this afternoon the Moon squared off against Mars in Gemini, putting our extroverted energies at odds with our more introverted emotions and instincts.  We may want to connect and be communicative now, but feel uncertain how, especially with the continuing influence of the Venus/Saturn square, and may become impatient with ourselves and others as a result.  Mars is in the more active sign of Gemini now while the Moon is in the more passive sign of Pisces, so our aggressive side is likely to be more prominent and harsh words may be spoken, but our feelings are softer and squishier now, and we may retreat into passive-aggressive dynamics as a result.  Our emotions in gentle Pisces may also be calling for a slower pace than the livelier Mars in Gemini wants to keep, and we may find ourselves feeling left behind as our world moves with uncomfortable quickness.

As a result, we may have found ourselves retreating to the comfortable and familiar as the Moon in Pisces conjuncted the South Node in the late afternoon, opposing the North Node that is still trined with the Sun, and lessons or people from our past may have confronted us during this time.  We may have felt instinctively resistant to the forward progress that our conscious selves are ready to make, nostalgic for “better” times, and may have needed more time to resolve old issues before our emotions could handle the karmic demands being made of us.  This afternoon was time when we may have needed a little extra gentle self-care to make it through, and some of that feeling may last into this evening.

Thankfully, the last notable aspect tonight is the Moon in Pisces sextiling the Sun in Taurus, giving us the security of our consciousness to help bolster our more fragile unconscious now.  This is a time to enjoy some creature comforts, taking care of our softer side, not as an escape from our responsibilities or karmic paths but rather in order to facilitate our growth at our own pace.  Our emotions can use some rest and comfort after such a hectic day, and our deep Piscean unconscious has a lot to process as we dream tonight.


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