Astrology Update, April 25th, 2017: Bright Day, Restful Night

This morning got started in the wee hours with a challenging square from the Moon in Aries to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, putting our emotions and instincts at odds with the hidden and transformational forces in our lives, and ratcheting up our obsessive tendencies and fears of losing control.  For those of us in the Western Hemisphere, this aspect most likely only troubled our dreams, but for those of us who were awake at that hour we may have found ourselves engaged in unexpected power struggles regarding our autonomy, particularly in relation to work or in dealing with the institutions in our lives, and those of us waking up early may have still experienced residual frustrations or impediments to our self-direction as a result of this aspect.  

The rest of the morning was fairly quiet until around midday when the Moon in Aries conjuncted Uranus in Aries, increasing feelings of restlessness as it amplified our desire to be free of restrictions.  Technology and nerves may have been impacted as Uranus has an electrifying quality that can fry circuits of both the organic and inorganic kind, especially for those of us with a strong kinesthetic sense and those of us with Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or personal planets in the third decanate of cardinal signs.  We may have received unexpected news or experienced disruptions to our usual routines, but also may have experienced breakthroughs resulting from the connection of our unconscious with Uranus’ intuitive genius.

That intuitive boost could have been carried forward into the afternoon as a result of the Moon’s next interaction, a conjunction with Mercury retrograde in Aries that put our thoughts and emotions on the same motivated page, working in unison toward our goals.  That said, having our thoughts subject to our moods may have impacted our decision-making ability, and we may have found ourselves highly distracted, with our thoughts and feelings changing rapidly, especially given the Aries tendency to chase everything new and shiny.  Still, we were much more likely to be vocal about our feelings during this time, so it could have been a good opportunity to give voice to our emotions that we might be hard-pressed to express otherwise.

Later this afternoon the Moon in Aries trined Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, bringing a bit more seriousness and discipline to our mood, allowing us to focus on practical matters and push through adversity to get things done.  After the expressiveness of the Moon conjuncting Mercury, the trine to Saturn may have brought on an abrupt about-face in terms of our willingness to share our emotions with others, not out of a desire to hide them per se, but rather out of a heightened sense of self-sufficiency.  Whatever eccentric or experimental tendencies we experienced under the earlier Moon/Uranus conjunction, this afternoon and early evening we are more inclined to stick to methods that are tried and true, and take a more conservative approach overall.  This is especially true since this aspect starts a void-of-course period that encourages us to stick to routine for several hours, unconsciously processing the lessons of the past few days’ lunar transit through Aries, and avoiding any new enterprises as we wrap up old business and tend to things that need fixing or refining.

Tonight the Moon enters Taurus, settling down a bit from the energetic fervor of Aries and taking on a more practical and comfortable tone.  Taurus is the fixed earth sign most concerned with how things get done on the material plane, desirous of fiscal and physical security and willing to go the distance to secure home and its comforts, but also recognizing the need for rest, relaxation, and enjoyment of the good life when the day is done.  Tonight we are likely to want to enjoy our creature comforts and sensory pleasures, as Venus rules Taurus after all, and Venus is currently transiting dreamy and sensual Pisces.  Our enjoyment of the arts is increased by this transit, and chances are that we won’t adhere to our diets as strictly, nor be in much of a hurry about whatever we want to do – Taurus likes to take its time and enjoy life, even when hard at work.

Late tonight the Moon in Taurus trines the North Node in Virgo, emphasizing our path toward growth and personal achievement in a gentle and supportive way, so that we instinctually focus on our souls’ desires and what we need to do to achieve them.  There is a pleasing sense of fatedness about this aspect, a sense of all being right with the world and our slow but steady progress in it, that sets the stage for tomorrow morning’s New Moon in Taurus, and the intentions we set for ourselves with it.  Since this aspect will still be loosely in orb at the time of the New Moon, and it’s the only lunar aspect that the Moon will make for the first half of the day, it will be a quietly supportive New Moon with a focus on the Taurean virtues of steady persistence, care of the body, and rest, so tonight is a perfect night to do just that – rest and relax, dreaming kindly intentions for our bodies and our practical needs for this upcoming lunar cycle.


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