Astrology Update, April 29th, 2017: Loneliness and Home

Late this morning the Moon in Gemini sextiled Mercury retrograde in Aries and then Uranus in Aries in short succession, emphasizing the residual effects of yesterday’s Mercury/Uranus conjunction, so that our thoughts during this time continued to change rapidly, only our moods were in a state of flux as well.  Since the sextile is a gently harmonious aspect, these fluctuations were less challenging than they would be with a harder aspect, but still we were likely to be restless and wanting to shake things up, bored with the status quo and searching for excitement.  We were not likely to be shy about vocalizing our feelings under these aspects, and communication in general was emphasized, as was socialization and meeting new people.  This was not a time for focusing on important matters, as our thoughts were likely to be running too quickly to handle deep subjects or linger anywhere for long, and our moods were too fickle to sustain any real sense of dedication from late morning into the afternoon.  

Into this volatile mix of fluctuating thoughts and feelings comes a jarring square from the Moon in Gemini to Chiron in Pisces, with an opposition from the Moon to Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius a few minutes later, stirring up the rising tide of hurt and trauma invoked by tomorrow’s square between Chiron and Saturn.  The Chiron/Saturn square has been lurking in the background for the past several days, as these are slow moving planets whose influence is felt long before and after an aspect between them becomes exact, and the Moon’s interaction with both of them today creates a tense T-square formation with Chiron acting as the release point for the isolation and enforced stoicism of the Moon/Saturn opposition, triggering our awareness of painful life lessons brought on by harsh emotional interactions.  This can be an incredibly depressive time, as we gain a heightened awareness of the disappointments and failures in our lives, and our outlook leans toward the cold and grim and lonely.  While the Moon’s interactions with both Saturn and Chiron have the blessed brevity of lunar aspects, they are an uncomfortable foreshadowing of tomorrow’s harsh square between those planets that has the potential to colour our feelings for the remainder of the day.  There is also the possibility that today’s T-square configuration will heightened tensions during the climate change marches planned across the United States today, and since Saturn governs restriction and law, and in hard aspects with Chiron increases the potential for abuse, those who are marching this afternoon would do well to take extra steps for self-protection.  With its opposition to Saturn the Moon turns void-of-course for several hours, making actions taken during the late afternoon and early evening less likely to amount to anything of consequence, which may be a blessing in view of the abusive potential of the T-square, but which also makes it harder for political actions taken during this time to be heard and taken seriously.  Our judgement is likely to be impacted as well, so this is not a time for bold and decisive action.

The Moon enters Cancer tonight, the sign that it rules, making our emotions more sensitive and more potent, so that whatever we are processing during this difficult time of the Chiron/Saturn square is likely to take on greater emotional significance.  Our emotions now are likely to center around home and family, as our loyalty is increased during this lunar transit, and we may feel very protective of both ourselves and those we love, but are also likely to relate the hurts we are processing to family and loved ones as well, so the Cancerian Moon’s closeness to home is a mixed blessing this weekend.  We are more sympathetic and intuitive during this transit, but also more inclined to feel sorry for ourselves, which makes for a rough way to navigate the Chiron/Saturn square, increasing the potential for us to feel lost in martyrdom and victimhood.  The Cancerian Moon can also increase our imagination and creativity, however, so now is a time to transmute our most difficult feelings into art and imaginative solutions, releasing what we feel through music and dance.  It is also a time to put in the extra effort toward creating emotionally safe space with those we are closest to, as challenging as that may be against the backdrop of the Chiron/Saturn square, because the need for such space is near and dear to the Cancerian heart, and it is a need which is especially poignant this weekend.

The Moon in Cancer gets a little bit of much-needed support tonight from a sextile to the North Node in Virgo, giving us an instinctual awareness of the process of our soul’s growth and how our feelings tonight further that growth.  Though our moods may fluctuate, they do so with attentiveness to the details of our experiences, helping us to work through and learn from what we are feeling rather than just feeling tossed about on the waves of emotion.  We should take the time to let ourselves feel deeply tonight while we have the capacity to look at those feelings with clarity and insight, and see them in the larger context of our souls’ path to perfection.


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