Astrology Update, April 5th, 2017: Isolating Beliefs

Today sees few astrological aspects, but those that are happening pack a wallop.  

This morning started out very early with the Moon in Leo trining Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius.  Black Moon Lilith operates on the unconscious level like the Moon, but being between the Moon and the Sun, hers is the unconsciousness closest to consciousness, the place where the wisdom that we have gained during receptive times begins to move toward the active world.  These two together can have a powerful effect on our emotions and our instinctive reactions, helping us to move with confidence and decisiveness without over-thinking situations.  Under this influence, we were likely to be more direct, with a greater desire to explore our world and express ourselves within it.  Of course, since this aspect occurred during the wee hours of the morning in the Western Hemisphere, we may have found that the only exploring we were doing was in our dreams, but the lingering effects of this influence were likely to set us off on a strong foot once we did wake up.

Though no notable astrological activity occurs from then until much later tonight, the events of tonight involve forces that we are likely to feel building throughout the day.  First, the Moon in Leo trines the Sun in Aries, which is a lovely aspect of flowing support between our unconscious and conscious selves, made even more potent by this morning’s Moon/Black Moon Lilith trine having effectively primed the pump for wisdom to flow from the unconscious to the conscious mind, and direction and awareness to flow back in return.   With both Luminaries in fire signs, we are oriented toward action and self-awareness now, decisive in our self-expression and filled with energy and vitality.  This is one of the most favorable aspects possible, which we’re going to need to help balance the more discordant energies of both tonight and the rest of the week.

Within 15 minutes of the Sun/Moon trine, Mars in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn, putting our focus and drive in a supportive state of flow with our power and sense of control.  This is a potent aspect for achieving what we want in the material world, though with Pluto’s involvement it is best if what we are achieving benefits others as well as us, and doesn’t abuse our own power – when we use Pluto’s power for purely selfish ends the Lord of the Underworld has a way of making us regret the outcome.  This aspect can make us more aggressive and even compulsive, but the trine is the most supportive of aspects, so it is still a helpful influence overall.  This alignment sees our own energy and capability supported by the unseen forces in our lives, and we are able to better navigate between what we can and cannot control, harnessing the determination of Capricorn and the staying power of Taurus to help us persist in the face of adversity.

In combination with boost of feeling and awareness provided by the Sun/Moon trine, that persistence is going to be hugely necessary, both for tonight and in the coming weeks, as tonight’s big astrological news is Saturn stationing retrograde in Sagittarius.  Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the Cosmic Taskmaster, governing time, process, and discipline.  Saturn reveals our fears and insecurities, the places in our lives where we feel we are simply not up to the task before us, and the places where we have failed to live up to our responsibilities.  In Sagittarius, he’s been addressing our beliefs, our willingness to speak our truth, where we fall into strident self-righteousness and refuse to accept or work with the beliefs of others.  During his transit of Sagittarius, our ideals have been sorely tested, and because of his rulership of Capricorn (where Pluto is currently transiting), Saturn tends to do his testing through material means, limiting finances, hitting our jobs and our reputations, or in some cases our health and our literal, physical means of doing things.  Now, he’s stationing retrograde, his movement forward through the sky apparently halted from our vantage point, getting ready to grind back through the lessons of the past few months, and not turning direct again until August.  And as if all of that isn’t enough, Venus retrograde is moving into a square with Saturn that will become exact this Saturday, setting the tone for this Saturn retrograde to impact our relationships as well, and our self-image, not once but twice, since this square will repeat itself later in April once Venus goes direct.

When a planet stations, issues pertaining to that planet are emphasized, and Saturn issues tend to bring about a lot of seriousness, even depression and despair, particularly when squaring Venus.  In synastry, the astrology of relationships, a Venus/Saturn square is a heartbreak aspect, the kind that keep us locked into our hurt because Saturn contacts create longevity, while Saturn’s heightening of our fears and insecurity and deep reserve challenging Venus through the square acts like a wall of ice pushing away affection and connection and love.  We can feel incredibly isolated under the influence of a Venus/Saturn square, and because Saturn’s retrograde starts in close proximity to that square and includes another Venus/Saturn square in late April, that theme of isolation is likely to be emphasized throughout this retrograde.  It is really important during this time to take steps to care for our own emotional needs during this time, and make the extra effort to reach out to loved ones, as we can wind up in some very dark places otherwise.  Unfortunately, we may find ourselves bumping up against all that we haven’t done when it comes to our relationships, all of the ways in which we haven’t been present or have neglected our responsibilities.  We are likely to experience real-world setbacks that have mirrored setbacks in our relationships.  And given the amplification of our feelings under tonight’s Sun/Moon trine and the intensification of our drive under the Mars/Pluto trine, we may feel like we are being pulled in multiple directions at once, wanting to power forward with our passions while simultaneously being forced to put on the brakes.

This retrograde is a time when we need to tend to the process of this intersection between how our material insecurities affect our beliefs and our how both impact our ability to give and receive affection and be in relationship with others.  This is not likely to be an easy time, and the Venus/Saturn square’s influence may well make it a lonely time, but the combined influence of the Sun/Moon trine and the Mars/Pluto trine tonight adding their tone to this retrograde give us some seriously powerful tools for navigating our way through whatever obstacles Saturn is asking us to face.  Though Saturn has a fearsome reputation, especially when he is retrograde, we would do well to remember that the big, bad boogeyman of our solar system bears a six-sided storm at his North Pole, a shape of stability that is numerologically associated with love.  Let that sink in for a moment:  Saturn is crowned with love.  Tough love, to be sure, but still love.  Saturn isn’t out to get us.  He does not throw anything in our path without simultaneously giving us the tools with which to face it.  Saturn is about time and process, yes, and karma and facing the consequences of our actions as well, but most importantly for our purposes now he is about discipline.  He is the classical ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius, one sign known for its persistence and devotion and the other known for its social idealism and pursuit of progress – all qualities worth cultivating.  By respecting Saturn’s process and all that he reveals to us during this retrograde we can cultivate the attitudes and skills needed to face the most challenging circumstances of our lives and in the process more truly understand what we believe and how we love, and forge the beliefs and relationships we most deeply desire as a result.  Saturn may seem a grim teacher, but he is still a teacher, and if we are willing to see him as such, even a friend.


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