Astrology Update, April 7th, 2017: Questioning Faith

Today started with an early morning conjunction between the Moon in Virgo and the North Node in Virgo, aligning our feelings and instincts with our karmic path and life purpose.  Since not many of us in the Western Hemisphere were awake at that hour and the Moon governs the unconscious, we may have found our dreams imparting clues to our direction during this time, but for those who were actually awake then we may have found ourselves more detail-focused and oriented toward our own growth and health, whether still awake from the night before or just waking up and getting ready to face the day.  Our minds may have been sharper during this time and our focus more practical, applying reason and discernment to practical actions now with potential long-term results.

As the morning progressed, the mental acuity of the Moon/North Node conjunction in Virgo was carried forward by a trine from the Moon in Virgo to Virgo’s ruler Mercury in Taurus, strengthening our mental staying power and helping our minds to act in harmony with our emotions, and vice versa.  Mercury in Taurus is steady, practical, and down-to-earth, so while this isn’t likely to be a time of brilliant insights it was a great time for getting things done that require mental focus and attention to detail, as our instinct during this time was to apply our minds to whatever process was necessary for achieving our aims in the material world.  Those of us waking to tend gardens, farms, and schools were especially favored this morning.

Later this morning the Moon in Virgo squared Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, bringing our logical instincts into conflict with our unconscious belief patterns and especially any need to be “right.”  Black Moon Lilith and the Moon both operate on unconscious levels, so we may not consciously realize what is happening, but Black Moon Lilith is very much about surrendering to an experience fully in order to gain the most knowledge from it through feminine receptivity before we can bring that knowledge into consciousness, and in Sagittarius she swims in a fiery sea of philosophical fervor, subjecting us to a bedlam of our own beliefs mixed in with those of others.  When well-aspected this placement allows us to feel where we are and are not in alignment with the beliefs around us as well as the ingrained beliefs we have absorbed from family and friends, but in this challenging aspect we instinctively know that something is not adding up – ideas that are powerfully emphasized both in and around us now are in conflict with the logical, rational mode of being that the previous two aspects of this morning have had us enjoying.  The cognitive dissonance is strong this morning.

The real astrological news of the day, however, is the opposition from the Sun in Aries to Jupiter retrograde in Libra.  Jupiter conveys authority, emphasizes the position of our leadership and our faith in our societal institutions, and when well-aspected helps us to maintain good fortune and a sense of optimism.  In Libra, Jupiter has been helping us to understand both our interpersonal relationships and partnerships, and our desire for social harmony.  Retrograde in Libra, Jupiter has had us reassessing how we maintain peace within our relationships and within the larger social order, and in the recent opposition to Uranus and subsequent square to Pluto, Jupiter retrograde has brought those questions to bear on both how we address the need for personal liberty within relationships and society and how we address the larger forces of institutional power.  The Sun brings the light of consciousness to bear on these issues now, and the opposition increases our awareness, and the tension between our conscious understanding of Jovian concerns and the reassessment of social faith that Jupiter retrograde has been engaged in.  And since Jupiter has a habit of magnifying everything that he touches, our awareness of these social and relationship concerns is likely to blow up into something huge today.  Our faith and optimism are affected today, whether becoming a smokescreen that we hide behind in the face of serious challenges to the social order or our relationships, or being emphasized by their lack, as we reconsider our own fortunes now.  This is in further keeping with the lessons regarding faith and ideals brought forward earlier by the square between the Moon and Black Moon Lilith, as Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and the challenging experiences of that sign that Black Moon Lilith has been submerging us in are now brought to the forefront of our consciousness with this Sun/Jupiter opposition.  And with the Sun in Aries, the right to self-determination is brought face-to-face with Jupiter in Libra’s emphasis on peace at all costs, so that we must come to grips with what degree of personal sacrifice we are willing to accept in the name of social harmony and continued faith in our leaders.

We’ll have plenty of time to stew on these matters this afternoon and evening, with no other notable astrological aspects muddling the mixture until late tonight, when the Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, and our logic becomes confounded by fantasy and potentially illusion or delusion.  Tonight is a time to be cautious about being led down the garden path, whether by our own desires or the deception of others.  Our instincts will be to follow paths that are reasonable, rational, and factually-based, but our ability to assess what falls into those categories will be greatly hindered by the rose-coloured lenses through which we may view anything that appeals to our more universal or romantic ideals.  We are likely to find ourselves feeling more compassionate and wishing to help others in need, but should be wary of being taken advantage of in the process.  On the plus side, our creative vision and our dreams are enhanced by this placement – artists of all stripes are favored by this placement, and stage performances under this aspect may have a special glow as a result.  But anything requiring logic, focus, and keen mental abilities should be set aside for the night – this is not a time of seeing clearly, and we would do well not to agree to anything with potentially far-reaching consequences, including eating fairy food or accepting drinks from handsome strangers.  😉


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