Astrology Update, May 1st, 2017: Unquiet Moods

Early this morning the Moon in Cancer opposed Pluto in Capricorn, increasing our emotional awareness of the hidden forces in our lives and intensifying our feelings.  We were instinctively drawn to experiences that stirred up the deepest parts of our subconscious, causing us to act impulsively and compulsively, and may have found ourselves in conflict with those closest to us as a result.  Our most complex emotions may have worked their way to the surface during this time, including those we would rather have remained buried, such as jealousy, guilt, or a desire for control over the actions and emotions of others.  Since we were not likely to be thinking clearly at this time it was not a good morning for drawing any conclusions about what we were feeling, though thinking about the events of the morning with a clearer head later on may have yielded useful insights about parts of our psyches we don’t normally confront.  For those still asleep during this time, our dreams may have been disruptive and disturbing, and upon awakening we may have had a rough start to the morning as a result.

Toward midday the Moon in Cancer squared Mercury retrograde in Aries, putting our thoughts and emotions at odds, and making it difficult to communicate with others without conflict or misunderstanding.  We may have wanted very much to express our feelings during this time but found it difficult to do so in ways that others could relate to.  Or we may have held back on expressing what we felt but found ourselves behaving in antagonistic ways toward others as a result of our frustrations regarding what we felt unable to express.  And since others around us were experiencing similar frustrations, the early afternoon could have been a very tense time indeed for all concerned.  Our opinions were likely to fluctuate greatly during this time as well, increasing the likelihood of misunderstandings and confusion, and it was not a good time for decisiveness as a result.

A short while later the Moon in Cancer squared Uranus in Aries, increasing the volatility of our emotions and our instinctive reactions.  We may have felt restless and uneasy, easily upset, and may have found outer circumstances mirroring our inner disquiet through sudden changes and distressing interactions with others.  A sense of contrariness was stirred up by this aspect, leading us into disagreements solely because we are fed up with the status quo, wanting to upset the apple cart just to see what will happen.  We were likely to feel a bit reckless and experimental, aggressively devil-may-care and craving excitement and something, anything different, and anyone making emotional demands on us or otherwise restricting our freedom during this time was not likely to be looked upon kindly, even and perhaps especially those to whom we normally are closest.  This period started a void-of-course period lasting until much later this evening, so while that might help to minimize the long-term damage it also decreases our ability to think clearly, and we would do well to stick to our routines during this time, as the frustration and impulsiveness of the Moon/Uranus square wears off.

The Moon in Cancer trines Chiron in Pisces during the void-of-course period, increasing our capacity to reflect on the reasons for our distress as the night progresses.  We are in a better position to communicate what we feel with others during this time, especially when it comes to our sensitive quirks and hurt feelings, and we can have more compassion for both ourselves and others close to us tonight.  We are also better able to learn from our mistakes now, especially those involving deep emotions and our friends and family, and there is a real capacity for healing our wounds in the company of others tonight.

Late tonight the Moon enters Leo, moving away from the moodiness and sensitivity of the past couple of days and into a more exuberant and expressive state.  This is the time in the lunar cycle when our unconscious need is to be seen and heard, a time when our feelings take center stage and our instincts urge us to assert our own importance.  While this can lead some to become overbearing, it can also increase our passion, our creativity, and our conscious awareness of what we feel and our right to feel it.  We are far less likely to hide our feelings in the shadows during this transit, so emotions that we’ve been keeping under wraps will tend to out themselves now.  Our pride comes to the forefront now, and that can be a good thing, so long as we are willing to be gracious with others similarly feeling their own worth.  Thankfully, a leonine Moon is more magnanimous, more benevolent, and more willing to bestow the light of our own best feelings on those who do not tread too thoughtlessly on our domain.  Woe betide those we feel wronged by during this time, however!  The lion is not known for mercy toward its foes, and even the mousiest among us may roar now if we feel so stirred.  Still, most of us would much rather indulge in enjoyable feelings during this transit, and it can be a wonderful time for socializing and sharing what is best in ourselves with others in whom we appreciate similar expressions of magnificence and pride.


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