TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020

New Post on Patreon = Yay, Progress in the Cancer Fight!

Finally, after weeks of silence, I’ve finally managed  to string enough (semi)-coherent words together to put an update on Patreon.  🙂

The short version is:  cancer kicked my butt more than I naively expected it to, and only now, after many weeks of chemo and radiation and currently even more radiation do I finally feel like I just might be able to kick back.  Like, with some actual force (just wait ’til I get my thigh muscles back…).  😉

My sense of humor has actually returned with a vengeance, as has my desire to do stuff.  But for now, I’ve more energy for sensing and talking than doing.  So, I’m slowly going to start braving local events over the next few months and doing readings again on a very limited basis.  I don’t want to push it, but I also am of the “use it or lose it” school of thought, especially when it comes to mental and energetic skills, so I don’t want to sit dormant for too long.  Plus I think that helping others as a reader is probably some of the best anti-cancer juju I can muster, so long as I have the strength to do it.  A little at a time will hopefully go a long way.  🙂

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