Astrology Update, Full Moon, January 1st, 2018 (Wolf Moon): Drinking Desire


The upcoming Full Moon on January 1st is an emotional powerhouse, starting off the New Year with a deep exploration of where our feelings and our attractions vie for prominence in our relationships, with our deepest feelings and connections driving the actions that will make all the difference as we forge our karmic paths.

Full Moons are the culmination of energies and intentions set in motion at the preceding New Moon.  In this case, that would have been the December 18th, 2017 New Moon in Sagittarius, which was conjunct Saturn at 29 degrees, amplifying the emotional impact of the lessons of Saturn in Sagittarius over the past few years, just before Saturn’s entry into Capricorn the next day.  New Moons are about new beginnings, but Saturn’s presence emphasized the need to complete old business in order to start with the new, including the necessity of getting rid of what we no longer need, letting go of habits and relationships that no longer serve us.  This emphasis was amplified by the Winter Solstice following closely on the heels of that New Moon, with the Sun and Saturn conjunct at 0 degrees Capricorn, a conjunction that last occurred in 1664, giving the Winter Solstice a fateful feeling that the newfound energy of practical manifestation stirred by Saturn’s entry into Capricorn would affect our paths not simply for that day or the upcoming year, but for centuries and lifetimes to come.

This Full Moon therefore is the emotional counterpoint to that fateful and achievement-oriented New Moon, putting what we are manifesting in our practical endeavors in the context of our feelings.  Saturn is about lengthy, laborious processes, and whatever we felt called to set in motion at the December New Moon and the Winter Solstice needs to be something that fills our hearts and souls completely, or we simply won’t be able to maintain the will to grind through all obstacles for however long it takes us to complete this task.  Saturn is also about karma, the physical and metaphysical reactions to what we think and do and say in this world.  There is a weight and portentousness to the goals we aspire to under Saturn’s guidance.  Do we really want to take the karmic risks that such goals entail without actually feeling deeply about them?   How do we feel about the legacies of our actions over the course of our lifetimes, and the lifetimes thereafter?

Since the Moon is in Cancer those endeavors must also be seen in the context of our families and communities.  It’s not enough to set big goals in the physical world, nor to have the Saturnine/Capricornian willingness to climb any mountain to achieve them; the goals we set need to stir our feelings deeply but they also need to enhance our sense of interpersonal connection, or they’re not really worth a damn.  How does what we are doing affect those we care about?  How does it affect the people who nurture us, even those within our neighborhoods and social circles whose choices nurture us without our knowing them?  And how do we feel about the ripples of consequence that our actions will have in the larger world?

The Full Moon opposing Venus puts an emphasis on relationships, with full, sentimental Cancerian emotions but also a practical, earthy approach by Venus; there will be a desire for security and sticking to familiar ground.  Wild, new relationships or over-stimulating surroundings are not favored by the Capricornian Venus, nor by the homebody Cancerian Moon, yet there is an amplification of sexual desire created by Venus’ sextile to Mars, who also trines the Moon as part of a Kite formation, so both our emotions and our need for physical affection are feeling the call to action now, and we may find ourselves driven to extremes by the Scorpionic Mars attempting to reconcile the disparity between the two.  The Moon/Venus opposition creates a challenge between our emotions and our style of relating and experiencing affection, and there is a very real possibility of misplaced affections, unwanted sexual attention, or unrequited love.  However, the Kite formation that this is a part of offers the keys to meeting this challenge, the cosmic and personal tools available for use in solving the problems it draws our attention to, and relationships that come under the spotlight now have a good potential to grow and be strengthened as a result.

Within the body of the Kite is a Grand Water Trine between the Moon in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter/Mars in Scorpio.  The Moon trine Neptune creates romantic devotion, though this may be based more on fantasy than reality.  There is a self-sacrificing quality to this devotion, a desire to immerse oneself in the beloved, whether that beloved is a person or a creative project or a spiritual path or a social cause.  Since the trine is a harmonious aspect, the Neptunian urge to dissolve boundaries is less likely to be damaging than with a hard aspect, but it can still make for some potentially unsettling experiences, especially on the subconscious level, and particularly sensitive souls may feel the need to hide away at home or in other safe, familiar surroundings.  Given that this Full Moon follows on the heels of New Year’s Eve revelry, there is a heightened likelihood that overindulgence on that night leads to the need to stay home the next day and nurse one’s hangover, whether physical or emotional…

Intuition is heightened by this trine, with Jupiter amplifying the intuitive connection between spiritual Neptune and the instinctive, emotional Moon, and giving us a sense of faith in the truth of what we feel.  Mars in the mix gives courage and the impetus to action, with the sextile from Mars to Venus intensifying sexual attraction, and since Mars is in Scorpio, one of the two signs he rules, his action under this Full Moon is focused, directed, potentially hidden, and on occasion even ruthless.  The conjunction with Jupiter encourages grand gestures with deep meaning and impact, not simply big, showy displays with no substance.  Mars in Scorpio is not interested in half-measures!

Jupiter trining Neptune not only amplifies intuition but also generosity toward those less fortunate than ourselves.  The downside of this is the potential to be taken for a ride by unscrupulous and deceptive types, emotional vampires and addicts seeking a fix, or authority figures abusing their power, rather than those who are truly deserving of our largesse.  On the upside is the powerful spiritual awareness created by this trine, an awareness that is not merely cerebral but instead opens our hearts to a larger feeling for humanity as a whole and our universal interconnectedness.  Given the Moon/Venus challenge on a personal level, this is a time when we may gain a heightened understanding of how the personal is political, and how the challenges we face one-on-one mirror the challenges we face as a species.  Thankfully, that Grand Water Trine in this kite gives us the emotional tools for meeting those challenges, so we may well gain keys to solving larger world problems from the lessons we learn in our personal relationships at this time.

The Jupiter/Mars conjunction squaring the North Node stimulates and amplifies action in relation to our karmic paths, further emphasizing the sense of fatefulness carrying forward from Saturn’s touch on the New Moon and coming into fullness now, and underscoring the mirroring action between our personal relationship experiences and our connections on a planetary and universal scale.  Whatever intensity and conflict we may experience at this time has the impetus to be resolved with love and compassion, and we are likely to feel the impact of that resolution for some time to come.


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