Astrology Update, January 24th-25th, 2018, In the Wake of the 1st Quarter Moon

“Today’s 1st Quarter Moon in Taurus sees the first challenge in this lunar cycle to the intentions we set at last week’s New Moon in Capricorn and have been building on since….”

I started to write about last night’s 1st Quarter Moon in Taurus and stopped. I’d been struggling with writer’s block all day and into the night, not simply at a loss for words, but rather feeling the need to work with the energies of this moon phase through visual art instead of writing. Or at least find some balance between the two, to find the path of least resistance in working with the inherent challenge of the First Quarter Moon’s square between the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Taurus, two fixed signs who each have no interest in moving to accommodate the other.

To successfully navigate this kind of challenge we need to really feel it, not just emotionally, but kinaesthetically, as a voraciously thinking and socially attuned Solar Consciousness just bumped up against our instinctive desire to take pleasure in the physical world. In a society which has long valued mind over matter and upheld the supremacy of the soul over the body, the visual over the tactile, coming to a real place of understanding between the two is no small feat.

Why does it say “avowed hedonist” toward the end of the self-description in my header on Twitter? Because I believe that we should enjoy our lives enthusiastically and unashamedly or not at all. Ourselves, just as we are. We all have our little indulgences, material or otherwise. And the “otherwise” is heightened now with Mercury conjuncting Pluto reviving the last reverberations of Pluto’s waxing square to Uranus that has caused so much societal and personal disruption in recent years.  Mercury’s conjunction to Pluto eeking out the last bit of growth potential from that Pluto/Uranus square has heightened the potential for challenging sudden changes in thought or speech at a time when our obsessions and compulsions are exerting a powerful influence on our minds.  As Mercury sextiles Jupiter today and moves forward toward the exact square to Uranus this upcoming Sunday, plus with Jupiter’s recent sextile to Pluto still in effect, we are likely to find these mental changes and unusual conversations more and more challenging, confronted with ideas that may seem too radical in the context of the status quo, yet we also have an increased capacity to make use of the transformative power of Pluto’s influence, to gain greater awareness of our own subconscious motivations and come to a greater sense of wholeness in the process, if we are willing to face the parts of ourselves we have not previously recognized.

Both the classical and modern rulers of Aquarius have coloured our thoughts and feelings over the past 24 hours, with Saturn in Capricorn trine the Moon in Taurus at the time of the First Quarter Moon, increasing the strength of our emotions yesterday, and we have felt these over the course of the night in our bones, slowly, steadily, the daily processes of our experiences informing our psyches, rippling both outward and inward. Saturn is all about process, all about slow and steady progress over time, and very much about the body – working within the limitations of the physical form, but also grounding ourselves and our feelings at a time when the forward-thinking consciousness of the Sun in Aquarius might easily send us too far out into space, too far into our future and not mindful enough of the present.

Drawing for me is a very embodied process – more than one person who knows me and my artwork has commented on the clear connection between my drawings and my dancing, as there is always a sense of movement within my best work. The drawing that is a part of this post is by no means a completed drawing, but rather a continuation of a glorified doodle that I started a while back and hadn’t initially intended to do much else with. And I will probably end up painting over it at some later date. But for the moment, it is a good reminder of the need to be patient with the process in this lunar cycle and in this coming year, to be mindful of our bodies as we pursue our minds’ goals and our social causes, and to give ourselves recognition for the progress we are making while recognizing that we still have a long way to go. The journey may be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be painful.


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