Astrology Update, Lunar Eclipse, January 31st, 2018: Lordly Due


Full Moons are normally a time when the intentions we set two weeks earlier at the New Moon are coming into fruition.  This Full Moon just happens to feature a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, so rather than simply casting the light of the Sun’s consciousness upon our usual emotions, instincts, and cycles, we now find that our most hidden feelings are coming to the surface, revealing our suppressed emotions and reactions and past situations that have planted the seeds for what we feel now.

As eclipses operate on a six month axis, now is a time to wipe our emotional slates clean, freeing ourselves of whatever emotional baggage we have accumulated in the past six months, especially when it comes to how we express our emotions and how our emotions reveal our innermost truths and make them ripe for the sharing. This Moon very closely conjuncts the asteroid Ceres retrograde, placing emphasis on how we nurture ourselves and others with our feelings and instinctual reactions.  We may find this to be an exceptionally “hungry” Moon, demanding, consuming, unwilling to take “no” for an answer.  The Moon conjunct a retrograde Ceres also brings issues of motherhood to the forefront, particularly those in which nurturance becomes dominating or smothering.  Old wounds from our families of origin may bubble to the surface now.

Black Moon Lilith still loosely conjunct Pluto in Capricorn gives further fuel to the Dark Mother archetype, and with Black Moon Lilith squaring the conjunction of Eris with Uranus in Aries, we may find our mother issues generating sudden disruptions to our lives that feel like they’ve been set in motion by the hands of fate.  With both Black Moon Lilith and Pluto still sextile Jupiter in Scorpio, we may yet be able to summon a practical capacity for objectively and even optimistically assessing the transformations we are experiencing at this time, but Jupiter’s touch continues to magnify their power and their depth, no matter what equanimity we are able to muster on the surface.

This Moon also loosely conjuncts the North Node, increasing the long-term importance of what we learn from these emotional revelations, and warning us against intemperate action based on eclipse-driven impulses.  The Sun loosely conjuncting Venus and the South Node in Aquarius at this time amplifies our capacity for openness, friendliness, and insights regarding social connections yet also increases the likelihood of run-ins with old loves or social circles that we have drifted away from, but with the Moon also inconjunct Neptune at this time it is likely that such encounters will only increase confusion and disenchantment, as Neptune in Pisces encourages the dissolution of boundaries that our hearts need for security as we carve out our emotional realm, and Neptune’s slippery, illusory glimmer is likely to create some bewildering territory to trip up our bold leonine instincts.

This is not a Full Moon that it is easy to find the benefits of, with the intensity and capacity for unforeseen disruptions that tend to accompany eclipses combined with the ferocity and resistance to change of our surfacing emotions.  In particular we may find ourselves confronting our innermost feelings regarding the attention that we do or do not receive from others, wondering “when will my time in the spotlight come?” or, just as easily feeling deeply uncomfortable from an excess of attention in a time or place where we would rather fade into the woodwork.  I always say that the best way to wrangle Leos is to give them whatever they consider to be their “lordly due,” whatever they need to feel most recognized and able to shine as their truest selves, and this eclipsed Leo Moon is demanding its emotional “lordly due” – recognition of the full truth of what we feel, no matter how difficult those feelings might be.


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