Astrology Update, New Moon in Capricorn, January 16th, 2018: Why So Serious?

New Moons are a time when our conscious and unconscious selves are aligned, working together in harmony, giving us a great opportunity to go within and understand ourselves and what we truly want, and then plant seeds of intention accordingly.  With all planets now moving direct and no retrogrades until Jupiter’s retrograde in early March, the seeds that we plant now are especially favored to yield real results, particularly if we are patient and mindful of where our goals fit within the larger plan.  

This New Moon occurs at 26 degrees Capricorn, a sign known for its patience and determination, and with Capricorn’s ruler Saturn in this sign along with Pluto, Venus, Mercury, and Black Moon Lilith, there is a powerful emphasis on all things Saturnine, including age, time, process, karma, rules, responsibility, limitations, and structure.  There are consequences to the seeds we sow now, and what we grow will take time and patience to cultivate.  Now is a good time to seek the advice of a wise elder, to respect earth-based traditions, tend to our bodies and our bones in particular, and reconnect with the natural world as best we can despite potentially daunting winter weather.

Jupiter in Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn at this time is part of a repeating pattern for much of 2018, expanding our possibilities for transformation and lending faith and optimism to the process, which are much-needed when facing some of the darker institutional and societal secrets that are being dredged up during Pluto’s Capricorn transit, as well as personal traumas for those of us with planets and luminaries touched by this transit.  This sextile can help us to be real powerhouses in whatever areas of our natal and progressed charts are touched by Scorpio and Capricorn, but it can also amp up the intensity of our experiences there, though being a supportive aspect it is unlikely to yield any dire Plutonian fallout in and of itself.  Since this New Moon, Sun, and Venus in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces, which is also trined by Mars in Scorpio, what hurts are dredged up under Pluto’s influence can yield potent lessons that increase our healing wisdom, compassion, and sense of universal connection, and we are most likely to gain revelations regarding wounds incurred in relation to desire and intimacy.

Mars in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus in Aries during this New Moon makes for sudden surprises that can be jarring to our energy and drive, and with Mars still in orb to its recent conjunction with Jupiter, Mars in Scoprio’s intense focus and motivation continues to be a force to be reckoned with.  This is a time to enlist extra Capricornian caution when driving or engaged in other undertakings in which an accident could have fatal consequences, especially since with both Uranus and Mars in signs that Mars rules, we may find ourselves so focused on our goals that we fail to see potential dangers, or do not give them the respect they deserve.  Since this inconjunct is part of a Learning Triangle with the Sun, Moon, and Venus unexpected lessons are emphasized here, particularly those that call into question our desires and what we do to attain them, with both our conscious and unconscious selves poised to make use of whatever wisdom we may gain from these experiences.  Mars gains the benefit of the sextile to the Sun and Moon in this configuration, making us conscious of our focus and drive while feeling intuitively aligned with that awareness.  But this New Moon and Venus are squaring Uranus, making us equally aware of how tenuous our position is right now.  This is an unsettling aspect, to be sure, and we may find our moods and affections flip-flopping as a result or unusually self-indulgent, sending us in pursuit of newness and excitement with potential frustration and flaring tempers when we find our our desires thwarted.

The Sun, Moon, and Venus all in the last decanate of Capricorn emphasize patient ambition in pursuit of our desires, and Saturn, Mercury, and Black Moon Lilith all in the first decanate of Capricorn emphasize patience and persistence even more, with a methodical outlook that transcends temporary fads and is not impressed by Moon/Venus-square-Uranus impulsiveness.  But Uranus in Aries is the height of impatience, eager to start endeavors yet often hard-pressed to keep up the momentum necessary to continue, and we may find ourselves tripping over sudden changes in our feelings and emotional attention-span.  Therefore, whatever seeds of intention we decide to plant at this New Moon, we need to recognize that the dogpile of planets in Capricorn may still give us all of the patience and determination in the world despite whatever emotional surprises the Uranian square may cook up, but they also make it likely that what we choose to pursue now will require much time and tenacity to see to the end, with all-too-many obstacles to test us along the way.

Mercury conjuncts Black Moon Lilith in the first decanate of Capricorn during this New Moon, putting our thoughts and communication in alignment with divine will and giving us a certain degree of emotional distance in our thinking.  Lilith can force us to confront our desires by tempting us with what we cannot attain until we have gained a certain degree of emotional maturity, often learning some very difficult lessons in the process.  There is also a Uranian tone to Lilith’s insights, a primal and electric intuition that is both independent and impersonal, helping us to be more objective about our feelings.  Mercury is also still conjunct Saturn at this time, so our thoughts continue to have a certain gravitas to steady the Uranian influence, and in combination with Black Moon Lilith can create a powerful sense of fatefulness in our ideas and communication now.  Mercury in Capricorn carefully brings together all of the facts to bear upon a subject before arriving at any conclusion, creating an impression of slow thoughtfulness that can be mistaken for a lack of mental dexterity, yet in fact Mercury in Capricorn’s methodical thought-process repeatedly yields the right answer.  If we need to carefully think through all aspects of a plan before making any decision, and do so with mindfulness of the long-term consequences of whatever decision we will make, this Mercury transit is the time to do it.  There is the potential for the Saturn/Mercury/Black Moon Lilith conjunction to yield a somewhat bleak and depressive outlook if we let Saturn’s influence become more weight than motivator, so sensitive souls would do well to remember that and keep a sense of humor on-hand to balance out such a hefty dose of Saturnine seriousness.


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