Astrology Update, Full Worm Moon in Virgo, March 1st, 2018: Turning the Soil

What intentions we have sown in the darkness of the New Moon now are fully revealed as the Sun’s light reveals the face of the Full Moon.  With the Sun in Pisces conjunct that sign’s transcendental ruler Neptune, and part of a stellium with Mercury, Venus, and Chiron in Pisces as well, our consciousness is fully steeped in intuition and empathy, unusually sympathetic to those less fortunate than ourselves but also more inclined to see with rose-coloured glasses, and thus more easily deceived by our own romanticized vision and the unscrupulous.  With the Moon opposite Neptune, glamor is in high-gear tonight but so is escapism, and with the Moon in communicative Virgo, theatre and movies are especially favored.  

With Venus conjunct Mercury in Pisces and both of them trining Jupiter in Scorpio, the glamor and sociability are heightened even more, but with Mars in Sagittarius squaring Mercury and Venus, what we say and what we do may well not match up – we are likely to find ourselves challenged to walk our talk, especially where our ideals are concerned.  Since the Moon in Virgo brings out our most practical instincts and our perfectionism, we may struggle now with the dichotomy between our more selfless leanings and the realities that we bump up against in our desire to connect with and give to others.  Unfortunately, both Virgo and Pisces can have a tendency to play the victim, so we may find ourselves feeling taken advantage of now, whether or not this is actually the case, and may wind up bemoaning our fate more than usual now (or have to listen to others doing so!).  This Virgo Moon is ruled by Mercury, and both emboldened by the trine to Jupiter and embattled by the square to Mars, our minds and mouths may well find themselves biting off more than we can chew, especially if we let our imaginations run away with us, as that pile-up of planets and the Sun conjunct Neptune are wont to do.  It is especially important now to listen well and think before we speak, lest words that we intended to unite wind up dividing instead.

Pluto in Capricorn sextile Mercury can help to steady that imagination now, keeping our thoughts connected to our more practical goals and the structure they can provide, an anchor of determination in a sea of Piscean dreams.  Since the Virgo Moon is an earthy Moon, we are not rudderless in all of that water either.  Virgo is known for its attention to detail in pursuit of perfection, and its dedication to process and growth.  This Moon is known as the “Worm Moon” for its connection to the early spring return of earthworms to turn and renew the soil and feed the birds, and so now is a good time to pay close attention to what our bodies tell us, and tend to our health and nutrition.  Having Neptune conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon can make it harder for us to clearly see the details that a Virgo Moon normally calls attention to, so it can be helpful now to use Virgoan habits like cleaning, cooking, and gardening as meditative aids, using their structure as a container for all of that Piscean overflow.  Spring cleaning and letting go of things that we no longer need is especially favored now, decluttering our lives in order to have room for our goals to flourish.

There is a monastic quality to the Virgo/Pisces axis that encourages simplifying the mundane life in order to strengthen the spiritual life, tending to the body in order to aid the soul – the original purpose of yoga.  While the Mercury/Venus trine to Jupiter can increase our self-indulgent qualities now, perhaps we would do well to luxuriate in simple things during this Full Moon.  That Jupiter trine in combination with Neptune in hard aspect to both Sun and Moon amplifies our spiritual yearnings now, as well as our faith and trust, despite the challenges of the Mars square, and literally walking the path may be the best way to see it more clearly.  This is a good time to recognize that both forest and trees are worth experiencing, both soil and sea, both in perfect detail and impressionistic blur.  What we choose to communicate about that experience and how we connect in the process may require extra care now, but for the sake of both temporary enjoyment and the longer course of our souls’ journey that care is well worth the time.


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