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Astrology Update, May 15th, 2018, New Moon in Taurus, Uranus enters Taurus: Riding Out the Tempest

New Moons emphasize new beginnings, giving us a chance for a fresh start in each sign and the corresponding area of our lives.  This particular New Moon in Taurus gets a double-whammy of the impetus to change as a result of Uranus entering Taurus this morning.  Uranus entering Taurus brings the planet of sudden change to the sign of the immovable mountain for the next seven years, and our material and financial landscapes are likely to shift accordingly, as may our pleasures and values.  Yet sudden to a mountain may seem glacially slow to those of us without lifespans measuring in aeons, or it may move with all of the speed and force of a volcano erupting, but only after a slow build-up. Since the Moon turns void-of-course after its meeting with the Sun this morning, the slow build-up of Taurean change is particularly apropo – despite the zing of Uranian energy, we should not rush into change tonight because the void-of-course state of the Moon makes it unlikely that any changes started now will amount to anything of consequence.  Instead, we should allow Uranian insight to percolate alongside the pragmatic emotions and comfortable consciousness of the New Moon, and wait until tomorrow to start taking action.

Uranus brings an electric charge to the physical and creative realms, with an emphasis on kinesthesia, which is in effect an embodied intuition, where extra-sensory information comes with bodily sensation.  Since Uranus governs technology, we may soon find ourselves experiencing a massive revitalization in how we inhabit the digital parts of our world, our understanding of the ways electronics affect us bodily and materially, and which technologies we want to shape the ways in which we manage our resources.  Since Uranus brings about radical change, we may find ourselves caring less about material matters that previously meant a lot to us, or find ourselves caring very much about things we never previously considered important. Regardless, the fixed nature of Taurus ensures that we will not change our values, attitudes, and actions toward material resources idly – this is a deep and steady process, not frivolous change for the sake of change alone.

The power of this New Moon is amped up significantly due to trines from the New Moon to both Mars and Pluto in Capricorn.  The intentions that we set now can be backed up by serious drive and control, should we choose to exercise them. We may find ourselves in the grip of powerful emotions at this time, though Mars’ subsequent entry into Aquarius tonight may help temper our ambitions somewhat, or at least bring a more rational outlook to the table.  However, Mars is squaring Uranus during the changeover of signs for both planets, creating the potential for volatile tempers and erratic energy to play havoc with much of the next couple of days. Since Mercury in Taurus is also loosely squaring Mars, we would do well to watch our tongues, as the combination of both Uranus and Mercury in hard aspect to Mars could find us inserting our feet into our mouths with more than usual force.  At the very least, we may find ourselves far more impulsive than normal, or taking unusual risks with little forethought, as the Mars/Uranus combo can heighten adrenaline junkie tendencies. The Moon’s void-of-course status for most of the day could well be a blessing under these circumstances, limiting the damage that we can do with careless words and actions, but it’s best not to count on that status to save us.

This New Moon falls within 2 degrees of the fixed star Algol, the eye of Medusa, generally considered the most ill-favored star in the heavens, associated with misfortune and violent death.  Obviously, not every transit to Algol is going to turn nasty, but we would do well to exercise caution with this one, given the situation with Mars just outlined, and the power of the Moon/Sun trine with Pluto.  We are best off channeling the intensity of the Moon/Pluto trine into some creative activity – art produced now is likely to be powerful and moving, and can make good use of that Plutonian intensity rather than leaving us to stew in our own juices or fly off the handle due to the erratic Mars/Uranus/Mercury combo.  The Moon/Pluto trine in combination with Algol does give us a unique opportunity to face our inner demons in preparation for whatever changes Uranus’ entry into Taurus auguries, so New Moon intentions regarding our deepest material fears are especially potent and worthwhile now. This is a time to battle the monsters in our heads and hearts, so that real-world monsters we may encounter later will have a much harder time sinking their teeth into us.

With Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces moving back into a trine during all of this upheaval, the impact of Uranus on our personal thoughts, energy, and emotions is acting against a backdrop of deep emotional and spiritual waters affecting us all on a societal level.  Now is a time to exercise faith and optimism, despite Uranian uncertainty and Mars’ frustrations. Jupiter trine Neptune in water signs encourages our compassion and sensitivity, and our willingness to see the bigger picture and place our own actions within the context of what is good for humanity as a whole.  Tempestuous as these times may seem, we have the capacity to affect real, positive change for ourselves and our society, and today’s New Moon may give us the first inklings of how to do that.


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Please keep in mind that we all have different responses to the aspects of the day because we all have different natal and progressed charts with which these aspects interact.  If you would like to know more about your own natal and progressed charts in order to better understand how the aspects of the day will affect you, please take a look at my astrological services, and let’s get started on helping you to understand your life better!  The threads of fate can only be adjusted when we start from a place of deep self-knowing.


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