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About Me

Photo copyright by Jim Gipe of Pivot Media

Photo copyright by Jim Gipe of Pivot Media

I am Madame Ximon, a self-taught astrologer, tarot reader, performing artist, and fine artist living in Bainbridge Island, Washington state, in the United States of America.  I have studied divinatory arts since 1989 and believe in a cross-disciplinary approach, combining astrology, tarot, runes, hermetic kabbalism, and alchemical symbolism in both my readings and my art.

I am also an avid mead-brewer, brewing meads with specific transformational intentions in connection with lunar cycles and major astrological configurations.  Plus, I knit voraciously (usually while enthralled by Asian cinema), devour international music (especially cross-genre varieties), and perform in a world fusion dance style, informed by movement studies in disciplines ranging from ballet to classical Persian dance, tai chi and kung fu to yoga and contortionism.

As if all that wasn’t enough, I design clothing and use both art and style as yet more tools for personal transformation.  I believe that our personae are ever-evolving works of art, and the quality of our lives reflects that evolution.  The one constant in the universe is change, and using that process consciously and visually makes it far more enjoyable!

I aspire to a Renaissance ideal of knowledge and practice, and have a strongly syncretic personal faith that informs my writing, so this blog is likely to wander all over the map topically, but always with an eye toward the process of personal evolution, and how we create a sacred self-image that transforms our relationship with ourselves and our world.  What we focus on defines us, and here I choose a divinatory focus defining a path of transformation, and invite you to witness and take part in this alchemical process.

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