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Astrology Update, Lunar Eclipse, January 31st, 2018: Lordly Due


Full Moons are normally a time when the intentions we set two weeks earlier at the New Moon are coming into fruition.  This Full Moon just happens to feature a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, so rather than simply casting the light of the Sun’s consciousness upon our usual emotions, instincts, and cycles, we now find that our most hidden feelings are coming to the surface, revealing our suppressed emotions and reactions and past situations that have planted the seeds for what we feel now.

As eclipses operate on a six month axis, now is a time to wipe our emotional slates clean, freeing ourselves of whatever emotional baggage we have accumulated in the past six months, especially when it comes to how we express our emotions and how our emotions reveal our innermost truths and make them ripe for the sharing. This Moon very closely conjuncts the asteroid Ceres retrograde, placing emphasis on how we nurture ourselves and others with our feelings and instinctual reactions.  We may find this to be an exceptionally “hungry” Moon, demanding, consuming, unwilling to take “no” for an answer.  The Moon conjunct a retrograde Ceres also brings issues of motherhood to the forefront, particularly those in which nurturance becomes dominating or smothering.  Old wounds from our families of origin may bubble to the surface now.

Black Moon Lilith still loosely conjunct Pluto in Capricorn gives further fuel to the Dark Mother archetype, and with Black Moon Lilith squaring the conjunction of Eris with Uranus in Aries, we may find our mother issues generating sudden disruptions to our lives that feel like they’ve been set in motion by the hands of fate.  With both Black Moon Lilith and Pluto still sextile Jupiter in Scorpio, we may yet be able to summon a practical capacity for objectively and even optimistically assessing the transformations we are experiencing at this time, but Jupiter’s touch continues to magnify their power and their depth, no matter what equanimity we are able to muster on the surface.

This Moon also loosely conjuncts the North Node, increasing the long-term importance of what we learn from these emotional revelations, and warning us against intemperate action based on eclipse-driven impulses.  The Sun loosely conjuncting Venus and the South Node in Aquarius at this time amplifies our capacity for openness, friendliness, and insights regarding social connections yet also increases the likelihood of run-ins with old loves or social circles that we have drifted away from, but with the Moon also inconjunct Neptune at this time it is likely that such encounters will only increase confusion and disenchantment, as Neptune in Pisces encourages the dissolution of boundaries that our hearts need for security as we carve out our emotional realm, and Neptune’s slippery, illusory glimmer is likely to create some bewildering territory to trip up our bold leonine instincts.

This is not a Full Moon that it is easy to find the benefits of, with the intensity and capacity for unforeseen disruptions that tend to accompany eclipses combined with the ferocity and resistance to change of our surfacing emotions.  In particular we may find ourselves confronting our innermost feelings regarding the attention that we do or do not receive from others, wondering “when will my time in the spotlight come?” or, just as easily feeling deeply uncomfortable from an excess of attention in a time or place where we would rather fade into the woodwork.  I always say that the best way to wrangle Leos is to give them whatever they consider to be their “lordly due,” whatever they need to feel most recognized and able to shine as their truest selves, and this eclipsed Leo Moon is demanding its emotional “lordly due” – recognition of the full truth of what we feel, no matter how difficult those feelings might be.


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All aspect times used in creating this post are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.

Please keep in mind that we all have different responses to the aspects of the day because we all have different natal and progressed charts with which these aspects interact.  If you would like to know more about your own natal and progressed charts in order to better understand how the aspects of the day will affect you, please take a look at my astrological services, and let’s get started on helping you to understand your life better!  The threads of fate can only be adjusted when we start from a place of deep self-knowing.

Astrology of February 10th, 2017: Full Moon and Eclipse in Leo

The morning may seem clear of notable astrological  aspects, but don’t let that fool you – today is filled with some pretty powerful alignments, and this morning is simply a build-up of planetary energies in preparation for the cosmic spectacle this afternoon.

The day starts in style with Mercury in Aquarius sextiling Venus in Aries this afternoon, and since this is a planetary aspect its gently supportive effects will be felt throughout the day (part of the aforementioned build-up).  Those of us who made use of the more… affectionate side of all that fiery energy yesterday may well have something to talk about this morning, and the Mercury/Venus sextile helps to make such talks go smoothly, albeit with some spirit.  We are also likely to take a very personal pleasure in our communication with groups at this time, as well as communication in relation to social causes, so if you’ve got a fiery speech ready to persuade people to do the right thing, now’s the time to use it!

This Mercury/Venus sextile also is the base of a focused Yod (the “Finger of God”) along the Nodal Axis, with the apex at the North Node in Virgo and the releasing point at the South Node in Pisces.  This aspect combines the influence of Mercury and Venus to put pressure on the North Node via a pair of inconjuncts between the sextiling planets and the apex, and thus whatever use we make of our communication and affections at this time will draw attention to our karmic paths, whether for good or ill according to our free will.  That pressure may create a certain amount of instability in our efforts toward personal growth, but there is power there as well, to be used judiciously.  We may find ourselves falling back on the things that come most easily to us but don’t teach us anything new in an effort to relieve some of the pressure on the North Node, but now is a time to make that pressure work for us, especially with the rest of the astrological activity this afternoon and evening giving us the courage to do so.

This afternoon also sees a trine between the Moon in Leo and Uranus in Aries, continuing the fast-paced Uranian influence and the proud and expressive emotions and instincts of yesterday united in one powerful force.  Since this is a harmonious aspect, this is a great time to make use of an increased flow of creative ideas in moving ourselves forward in the hopes of staking a claim in our preferred realm, whatever that may be, though technological and forward-thinking endeavors are favored, as well as those which create social change.  Keep in mind that Uranus in aspect with the Moon increases the likelihood of mood fluctuations and sudden changes, but with a favorable aspect like this such changes are much easier to navigate, and may well be welcome distractions.

In the late afternoon and early evening we are treated to the combination of the Full Moon in Leo and a penumbral eclipse, when the Moon is shadowed not by the Earth herself but by the edge of her atmosphere, dimming the Moon’s reflection of the Sun’s light but not darkening it completely.  All Full Moons represent culminating energy, a time when the intentions we set at the New Moon come into their fullness, to be released out into the world during the waning of the Moon. The penumbral eclipse creates an added charge to this process, bringing us to a point of crisis that results in epiphany.  This is a time for breakthroughs, but they won’t be without cost.  Lunar eclipses tend to deal with our relationships, both one-on-one and those with a larger reach, and with the Leo/Aquarius polarity involved here there is an added emphasis on navigating the space between self and other, the personal and the impersonal, the needs of the individual versus the needs of the group.

A Leo Full Moon is a time to work on goals relating to self-expression, the arts, lovers, and children, which we are hoping to bring to fruition over the course of the next two weeks until the New Moon and then with the eclipse in the mix we can extend those goals and work on them within the larger pattern over the course of the next six months until the Solar eclipse in August.  Today’s Leo Moon cycles through harmonious aspects with all three of the outer planets involved in the Triangle of Potential that’s been in effect since the holidays, albeit now slowly drifting out of orb, so the Triangle is once again being activated by our emotions and instincts.  Thus, our goals for the rest of the month and for the next six months are going to work best when they take the themes of the Triangle of Potential into account:  balancing change and social harmony, individual growth and the growth of society, the need for freedom and the hope and luck generated by good relationships and partnerships in particular.  With Saturn being the mediator between Jupiter and Uranus in this balancing act, discipline will be necessary to carry us through, but that discipline does not need to become self-punishing.

In addition, yesterday’s Sun/Uranus sextile is still in effect, and the Sun opposing the Moon (which is what a Full Moon is) in combination with the Sun/Uranus sextile, the Moon/Uranus trine, the Moon/Jupiter sextile following shortly after the eclipse, tomorrow’s Sun/Jupiter trine (which is already being felt today), and the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus opposition all together form a Mystic Rectangle, a combination of polarities between Air and Fire, and Masculine and Feminine energies that requires that we give equal attention to all four bodies in these two oppositions (Sun/Moon, Jupiter/Uranus) and the elemental principles that they invoke, thought and spirit, communication and action, as well as temperaments of the four signs involved, Aquarius/Leo and Libra/Aries.  This is a beautifully optimistic configuration to use in putting our talents to work in connection with the Full Moon and eclipse energies.  Challenging, yes, but deeply beneficial if we make good use of it.  In particular we are being asked to balance our conscious and unconscious awareness, and our social and individual needs.  Tall order!  But a worthy one, and one which the combination of celestial events today make clear is well within our power.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the Full/Eclipsed Moon in Leo activates a Grand Fire Trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, further emphasizing themes of revolutionary change backed by discipline and emotional fervor with courageous instincts.  Our spirits are blazing with this energy now, and so long as we don’t let it burn us out we can do amazing things with it, with a steady eye to the long term.    This configuration emphasizes our capacity to both ride and direct the waves of change sweeping through our lives in the next six months, both personally and politically.  There is no better time to get involved!

The Moon in Leo sextiling Jupiter in Libra this evening emphasizes the social aspect of this equation, helping us to see how we can express ourselves fully while still valuing and maintaining social harmony and balancing our needs with the needs of others.  This time sees the likelihood that legal matters will work in our favor and may smooth over our dealings with authorities.  It also increases our courage in social situations, making for a good start to the weekend.

Later tonight the Moon in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius, which may turn our mood a bit more serious, but since the trine is the most favorable of aspects that seriousness is likely to work to our advantage and bolster our courage.  We may well impress others with our dedication and loyalty at this time, especially if we have been making good use of today’s mojo in service to our very best goals.  Since this aspect starts a void-of-course period, any bold moves are best to have been begun before this late-night time, leaving the end of the night to socialize, plan, and put the finishing touches on the Full Moon and eclipse intentions that we are sending out into the world, and then to dream on them in the floating, intuitive time that the void-of-course brings.


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(All aspect times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.)

Astrology of December 21st, 2016: Winter Solstice



Today is the day of the Winter Solstice, with the Sun entering Capricorn in the wee hours of the morning, starting the lengthening of days again, even if it takes a while for winter temperatures to catch up to the slowly increasing light.  

Shortly before the witching hour and extending into the wee hours, we experienced the first lunar eclipse on the Solstice since 1638.  This is an extra space of darkness on the longest night of the year and during the introspection of the newly-begun Mercury retrograde that already has an unusually dark flavor to it due to it passing through Capricorn and having started so close to Pluto in Capricorn.  Darkness often gets a bad rap in “spiritual” circles, but I am inclined to look at it as a chance to rest our eyes and spirits a bit from an excess of active yang energy and brightness.  In the case of a lunar eclipse, the light of the Sun (consciousness) that the Moon reflects (unconsciousness) is hidden, and the Moon is seen through a lens of darkness, giving us the capacity to examine our unconscious minds on an intuitive and even psychic level.  This is the time for revelations to come to us through hidden channels and unexpected sources, and we should take note of whatever dreams we woke up from this morning.

No astrological aspects appear to stir the Libran harmony of the morning thereafter, with the first aspect of the day appearing in the afternoon with the Moon in Libra inconjunct Neptune in Pisces, recalling last night’s inconjunct between the Moon and Mars in these signs, with less Martial fervor and more Neptunian confusion.  Still, this is not one of the more uncomfortable inconjuncts, for these are both romantic signs and romantic players within them.  Libra wants everything to be peaceful and harmonious; Pisces knows that it is possible once we discard the illusion of separation.  The Moon governs the subconscious; Neptune governs dreams.  And while inconjuncts typically do not understand each other, in this combination they have a far easier time balancing their dissimilarities than other signs and bodies do, especially considering that Libra is the authority on balance, after all.

Things get a little more difficult to sort out with the Moon in Libra squaring Mercury in Capricorn toward the end of the night.  That instinct toward harmonious balance bumps up against a retrograde Mercury’s Capricornian tendency to tell it like it is, bluntly, and that lack of tact could be the very thing that distresses diplomatic Libra the most.  That said, this retrograde is a season for getting to the heart of the truth, especially regarding social mores and hierarchies, and the Libran desire for peace at all costs is going to need to take a back seat to that brutal honesty.  Still, Libra has a point in desiring to hear all sides of a story before making any judgements, and this may be at the heart of the challenge between these two tonight:  truth does not require brutality, but rather a balance of perspectives.  And the instinct toward peace is every bit as valid as the need to reconsider one’s actions and goals over this retrograde, and come to some kind of harmony in the wake of dissonance.


(All aspect times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.)

Renewal, Return, and Rebirth

I’ve been away from this blog for a while. Which means this post is likely to be a long one. Better sit down with a cup of tea and get comfortable… 😉

For those who don’t know me, since 2005 I have been the Creative Director and Logistician of the TempleCon retro-futurist gaming convention, which eats up vast quantities of my life between September and the actual weekend of the convention in early February. This year was the convention’s tenth anniversary, so there was a monumental amount of stress and details to be attended to beforehand, and with the convention itself sandwiched between two snowstorms some difficulties with load-in and load-out as well, but the actual weekend of the convention was far less stressful than in previous years, in large part due to the efforts of a very dedicated volunteer corps and an amazing new-to-us sound and light crew and stage manager.

For most of the past ten years, status-post TempleCon I tend to be pretty useless for weeks on end, thoroughly burnt out by the months of pre-con preparations. Even with this year’s convention going off remarkably well, post-TempleCon downtime stretched out for weeks afterward. It’s a combination of exhaustion and the depression that follows the end of any huge undertaking, as I reconfigure my daily habits to fit the kind of normal living that flies out the window during convention season. I sleep for 12 hours a day, knit, draw, sleep some more, study, plan for any shows that I will vend at in the summer and fall, visit with friends neglected during convention season, and sleep-walk my way through the shop on the days that I work there. Did I mention sleep? 😛

Given my post-convention need for rest and a mental reset at this time of year, it’s also the time that I like to work at setting new habits, just like many people set New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the calendar year. The perfect time to get back to blogging. 🙂 However, that process has been somewhat impeded this year by a whole slew of health problems that chose this time to come crashing in, no doubt thanks to Neptune and Chiron transiting Pisces in my 6th house of work and health. Still, while my writing efforts have mostly bogged down, a new form of expression for me has taken off, in the form of little daily 6″ x 8″ drawings based on the astrological aspects of the day. Since my old scanner died a painful death shortly before the convention, I have recently ordered a new one and am waiting impatiently for it to come in the mail so I can start scanning these new drawings in and sharing them here.

At the same time, I’ve been looking into putting together a Patreon page to help fund my divinatory art efforts, so once that scanner comes in I’ll be getting that up and going as well, and of course I will announce that and link to it here. 🙂

Finally, I’ve been looking into the possibility of creating astrology videos to post here and on YouTube. One may well ask, if you do blog updates so infrequently, why plan to do videos? The short answer to that is that it’s a way to change up my methods of expression, and hopefully post more frequently as a result. With the transiting North Node about to conjunct my natal Uranus/Ascendant, I’ve got a fateful feeling about finally tying in together all of the myriad changeable ways that I present myself to the world, and among other things that means bringing the experience that I’ve already had in front of the camera into the service of my divinatory practice.

The longer answer is that my natal North Node in Pisces (saw that three times fast!) in the 6th house being conjuncted by transiting Neptune is emphasizing my need for a spiritual daily life and livelihood that both flow (mutable water), yet my natal Saturn in Taurus and natal Pluto in Virgo still emphasize my need for a daily routine. With a predominantly nocturnal chart and a Moon/Uranus opposition along the Ascendant/Descendant axis with Chiron in the 6th house conjuncting the Moon, I experience Delayed Sleep Phase and Non-24-hour sleep-wake issues. I’ve always known that I was nocturnal (some of my earliest memories involve lying awake in the middle of the night), but growing up in a rigidly-scheduled household that had no tolerance for tardiness due to sleep-deprivation, I didn’t really understand the N24 component of my sleep cycle until recently – it ensures that trying to adhere to a precise schedule from day-to-day is an endless losing battle. For me, the key to managing the issue without drugs appears to be just as in improvisational dance (which is my forte), where I need to hit certain milestones within my day, but the exact time I hit them is inconsequential, and I need to be free to change the order and even drop steps entirely should that particular day call for more flexibility.

The problem with blogging for me has been that it has rarely fit into what I am doing from day-to-day – not simply scheduling the time to write, but having what I am writing about fit the feeling and flow of my day, the topics aligning with what’s on my mind and in my environment in a coherent way. I have been too concerned with “is this going to be of use to anyone else?” to discuss astrology, divination, and the creative process as I live them, and too intimidated by my own vulnerability to be willing to turn this blog into a confessional. Yet my work as an astrologer has been born and grown primarily out of the process of methodically dissecting my own chart and the charts of friends, family, and business associates – the people and groups that I interact with on a daily basis – before I ever began to apply it as a profession, and using astrology as an tool for both immediate and long-term understanding every day is still the mode in which I work with it best. There is something intimate about using astrology in this fashion – not predicting the great cycles of society, not speculating about impending wars or economic upheavals, but focusing instead on little day-to-day struggles and victories. It becomes a means of building and understanding relationships, increasing sympathy, empathy, compassion, and social bonding, both individually and in community.

In this six-month disseminating cycle of the recent lunar eclipse, the need for me to reassess my relationships is being reinforced, combined with the North Node in Libra inching its way toward a triple-threat rendezvous with my natal Uranus, Ascendant, and Pluto over the course of the next few months. Along with transiting Saturn conjuncting my natal Neptune, and transiting Neptune trine my Mid-Heaven, both spiritual and material matters are loudly clamoring for my attention and neither is willing to give an inch to the other. So for the sake of both sanity and survival, I have to follow my natal North Node’s karmic imperative and combine the two as best I can. But in that relationship reassessment of the eclipse, which tapped into the last of the seven Uranus/Pluto squares that have been such a disrupting force in the lives of so many of us with 1st and 2nd decanate Cardinal placements (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn), there is a powerful emphasis on the need to change how I step up to the plate, to relinquish that which no longer works, cut away that which is no longer healthy, and bring Uranian insight into a more social sphere in a way which is less isolating, less distancing than the usual Uranus mindset.

With my natal Chiron at my Descendant opposite my natal Uranus at my Ascendant, that has been a lifelong challenge for me. But in combination with the Piscean North Node imperative and current Saturn/Neptune challenges, the solution now seems to me to be one of immediacy, tapping into my day-to-day musings in whatever form they take, whether writing, drawing, painting, video, brewing, or design. There is a lunar feel to this solution that seems in-keeping with the lessons of the eclipse. Lunar astrology in particular has guided planting, harvesting, fishing, and so many other human endeavors for thousands of years. Why not let it guide my blogging as well?

Layering Lessons from Multiple Astrological Events

The past couple of weeks have been a bit intense astrologically, with the April 15th Lunar Eclipse, April 23rd Cardinal Grand Cross, and April 29th Solar Eclipse all making waves, especially for people with prominent Cardinal sign placements in their natal charts.  Reverberations from such events continue in our lives for some time after the initial event, with eclipses in particular setting the tone for the next six months in whatever areas of life they impact, as represented by the houses and signs they fall into in our natal charts, progressed charts, and relocation charts.  Since I have both luminaries and multiple planets in Cardinal signs and those signs fall in the angular houses of my natal chart, I’ve been feeling the effects of the square/opposition aspects leading up to that Grand Cross for some time (primarily since the Pluto/Uranus squares started in June of 2012).  These effects have been most distinctly expressed in the dynamic between my interpersonal relationships and my livelihood and the drastic restructuring of both.  Since astrology is one of the tools I use for making sense of the universe in the midst of significant life-changes, layering in the lessons of the eclipses over the next six months seems like a useful mid-range planning tool for navigating the larger life lessons that have come to a head with the Cardinal Grand Cross (and we Capricorns love our plans!).

The Lunar Eclipse started things out with Venus in Pisces trine Jupiter in Cancer amping up sensory values, and the Moon conjunct Ceres on the North Node in Libra opposed by the Sun on the South Node in Aries.  There was a sense of fateful choice here, concerning abundance and nurturing in particular (as represented by Ceres), with the ego (Sun) sticking to the patterns of the past (South Node) and the emotions/instincts (Moon) leading toward a more fruitful future, if we could just get over our fear of change long enough to embrace it!  In my case, the eclipse fell across my 1st/7th house axis, governing my identity and my relationships, with the Moon/Ceres/North Node in my 1st house.  In connection with the Cardinal Grand Cross and the impact of the ongoing Pluto/Uranus squares on my natal chart, the Lunar Eclipse emphasized the sense of being at a major crossroads in my life.

I’ve briefly discussed the Cardinal Grand Cross here, with a heavy emphasis on Pluto because its ongoing transit through my natal 4th house and impending transit of my natal Venus, Sun, and Mercury is much on my mind lately and fueling my current Pluto studies.  Whether natal or transiting, a Grand Cross is covering all four elements in either cardinal, fixed, or mutable signs, with the energy invoked going in all four directions at once, which can emphasize a sense of being stuck or trapped.  With cardinal energy the trapped feeling especially is emphasized, as cardinal energy is initiatory, action-oriented, and so it’s looking for a place to go but being both pulled and pushed in all four directions at once it can’t really commit to going anywhere.  With Uranus in the mix, I found that this energy felt alternately frenetic then pinned in place by Plutonian control, so the actual day of the Grand Cross I wound up being much more energetic and social than I expected, but then spent the next several days in a hectic work/social schedule that was clearly too much for me, as evidenced by the fairly drastic lupus flare-up that I experienced as soon as I got a full night’s sleep after all that activity (Pluto putting the kibosh on all that rampant Uranian electricity!).  Uranus in Aries has been slowly moving out of conjunction to my natal Moon and opposition to my natal Uranus on my Ascendant/Descendant axis, and at the time of Cardinal Grand Cross was almost exactly conjunct my natal Vertex in the 7th house.  So the sense of a fateful crossroads being invoked in the Lunar Eclipse was even more emphasized for me by the Cardinal Grand Cross, as the Vertex represents a twist of fate in relation to a person, place, or event.  In addition, Mars retrograde transiting my 1st house and conjuncting my natal Uranus/Ascendant has had my fiery lunar Aries temper bubbling just under the surface and constantly in danger of erupting every time I feel as though my forward progress is being thwarted, which during Mars retrograde in Libra seems to be most of the time!  Thus, a lot of the reverberations of the Grand Cross for me have involved finding ways to channel my energy and agitation when my conscious will comes to an impasse.  There is a strong feeling here of the need to rewrite the rules under which I have been living (Pluto), and side-step old patterns of dealing with problems, like Alexander slicing through the Gordian knot (the thought of which always has my inner comic book geek quoting Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias of The Watchmen:  “Lateral thinking, you see.  Centuries ahead of his time.”).  This is heightened by Jupiter in my 10th house opposing Pluto and demanding that I re-make my career with more faith and vision.

The Solar Eclipse’s Mercury/Sun in Taurus conjunct to my natal Saturn trined Pluto in Capricorn beginning its transit of my natal Venus/Sun/Mercury in my 4th house.  Since a Solar Eclipse happens during a New Moon, it has an initiatory quality to it, a time of new beginnings characterized by the occultation of the ego by emotions and instincts and then the ego’s subsequent revelation after the darkness – as if our natures are revealed more fully by first hiding them and then drawing the curtain away again, emphasizing what was hidden.  This is all the more true when it taps into Pluto, which governs mysteries and secrets.  Mercury conjuncting the Sun and Moon in Taurus emphasizes communication of Venusian matters (since Taurus is ruled by Venus).  These include our values, love, pleasure, the arts, and creature comforts.  Since all of this is occurring in my natal 8th house, there is the potential for deeply transformative results from this kind of communication, and since this eclipse conjuncts my natal Saturn, that challenges my inhibitions and feelings of limitation.  Yet Saturn never challenges us without also giving us the strength and discipline to overcome those challenges, so here I have to face my ego, emotions/instincts, and my modes of expression in both a practical and artistic manner (Taurus/Venus) in order to work through Saturn’s challenges.  A tall order perhaps, but one in keeping with the challenge of my North Node in Pisces in the 6th house, as discussed in this blog’s first post.   In connection with Mercury’s propensity for connecting duality and oppositions, this is even more appropriate to my natal chart and my Nodal Axis, given the opposite placement of signs in all of my houses.

These three configurations are emphasizing an ongoing pattern of life-lessons I’ve been wrestling with over the past couple of years, with the changes required by those lessons about to come to a head over the next few months – right across that six-month swath of eclipse influence.  If I had to distill their underlying message for myself in a nutshell, it would most likely end up being some variation on Neil Gaiman’s advice to “Make Good Art.”  😉  Everything in my life may be going through a major overhaul, and the path before me is murky at best, but all of that trapped cardinal energy looking for an outlet has the creative engine seriously fired up, so I’ll take that as a good thing.  🙂

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