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Divination Services

Astrology Services:

Natal chart reading: This is where it all starts – with you. Your natal chart reveals the state of the heavens at the time of your birth, with all of its influences on your personality and your potentials, both supporting and challenging. Understanding your natal chart helps you to make better choices, more aligned to what you really want for your life. Forewarned is forearmed! If you’ve never had an astrology reading before, this is where you need to begin, because all other types of readings use your natal chart as their starting point.

Transits reading: The heavens aren’t static. They move, and with those movements come a whole host of new influences on your life. Transit readings explain what alignments among the planets and stars are connected to why your life is going so great or so topsy-turvy, and what to expect in future months. Transit readings are especially useful when you are going through major life changes, or just for planning how you’ll navigate the landscape of the upcoming year.

Relationship reading: We start by examining both individual charts to see how each person handles relationships, and then move to a comparison of the charts’ interactions with each other. The best way to head off relationship troubles at the pass!

Child report: A wonderful way to get to know what your child’s needs and potentials are – a great aid to parents, grandparents, and anyone wishing to help a child on their unique life path right from the start.

Group report (family, workplace, sports team, volunteer organization, etc.):  How does your family or organization work best together, what are your strengths and weaknesses as a group, and what do you need to work on to make things go more smoothly for both your members and your group as a whole?

ALL of these readings require that you provide the following information for each person being read for (yourself for natal readings, yourself and the other person in a relationship reading, your child for a child reading, and all group members being looked at in a group reading):

Your date of birth (Please write out the month!)
Your place of birth (city/state/country)
Your time of birth (as exact as possible, please! It is best to get this from your birth certificate, as mom’s memory tends to get challenged after long labor. 😉 )

Please note that in the event that faulty birth information has been provided, Madame Ximon is under no obligation to re-do the reading.

Tarot Services:

Tarot readings: Comprehensive 15-card reading to address your question or concern, with analysis of the heart of the matter, possible paths and influences, your psyche in relation to the issue, and of course, the final outcome.

Pricing: $45 per half-hour, $85 per hour; minimum one-hour for initial astrological consultation; minimum two-hours for relationship and group readings

Prices are for verbal consultations only – any requested printed or recorded materials are extra.

All readings are non-refundable and by appointment only.  Readings can be conducted in-person in the Puget Sound area, or online via Skype.  Parties are also a fun way to get readings done for a whole lot of friends and family at once!  Please email to make an appointment and make payment arrangements.

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