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Tarot for December 13th, 2016: The Aeon


Today’s Tarot card is (XX) The Aeon, a card of Spirit, and of seeing patterns.

Now is a time when our old selves are being burned away, and we must accept the consequences of our actions and move forward into a new state of being.  This is a time of destruction and regeneration, requiring that we take a larger view of our lives and circumstances, recognizing patterns and repeating cycles and how we contribute to the situations we find ourselves in.  This puts us in a position for more effective course-correction, as expanding our perceptions expands our abilities to navigate these patterns and in the process to create the ideal future that we desire.  The Aeon asks us to consider what our vision of Utopia may be and our possible paths to it.

The Aeon also asks us to recognize that achieving our ideal future requires aligning our vision with divine vision, stepping outside of a narrow, personal viewpoint and discarding prior illusions.  Not only is this what is required, but this is a time when we are ready to move into a more spiritual way of seeing and be able to trust in divine providence.  We can see the path before us more clearly and know the direction we need to travel.

This is a time to spend in quiet contemplation and to cultivate beginner’s mind, approaching life’s lessons with a lack of preconceptions and a willingness to learn from even the smallest and most seemingly insignificant experiences.  Liberating breakthroughs can result to profoundly shape our course at what is becoming increasingly apparent is a crucial turning point in our history.


Tarot for December 12th, 2016: Prince of Wands, reversed


Today’s Tarot card is the Prince of Wands, reversed.  The Prince is the airy, intellectual and communicative side of the fire-ruled realms of spirit and creativity, and in his reversed position today he suggests that it may be time to turn the way that we think about and express our creative fire upside-down.  Now is a time to try new perspectives and new methods both of creating and communicating.  and recognize that we may not be able to charge in with guns a-blazing the way that a fire spirit with plenty of air to fuel it might, but nonetheless this may be a turning point in our creative and spiritual expression whose adherence to will require more long-term fire-tending.  The Prince’s passion and pride may need some tempering now, yet we need to be careful not to snuff them out entirely by becoming overly restrictive or so concerned with the practical that we cease to feed the fire with new ideas.

We also need to be aware that the Prince’s reversed position here can indicate disruption and discord, and may indicate a need to mend what has previously been severed.  Now is not the time to be impulsive, lest we go careening off in the wrong direction, nor should we simply continue with traditions that reinforce prejudice and unhealthy family histories.  Disruption and discord here may result from the necessary introduction of new ideas that challenge old institutions.  There is also a need here to reject the Prince’s less noble qualities, for when he is at his worst he can be cruel, intolerant, and even violent.

Now is the time to look for the Prince in unexpected places, and be willing to cultivate his best traits in ourselves.  This is a time to be intelligent and courageous and charismatic, swift and generous without going off half-cocked, and burn with the fire of our truest spirit so that all those who encounter us are warmed by its steady flame.


Tarot for December 11th, 2016: Abundance, reversed


Today’s Tarot card is the 3 of Cups (Abundance), reversed.

The 3 of Cups is the territory of Mercury in Cancer, which is the opposite sign of Capricorn, the sign in which Mercury currently resides.   Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is having a bit of a rough time today.  Mercury in Cancer puts our thoughts and speech in the realm of a sign known for its emotional sensitivity (or moodiness, depending on your point of view…).  Cancer’s function is to create safe space for ourselves and our loved ones in which to feel.  Mercury in Cancer wants us to be able to think about and express what we feel.  When we do we help to create that safe space for ourselves and others – we establish a precedent for valuing emotional sensitivity, and we encourage further exploration of and appreciation for emotional richness.  This results in a state of feeling abundance – our world becomes less limited, less restrictive, and because we appreciate our own feelings and others’ more, we become more conscious of them and what they add to our lives.  The 3 of Cups thus can be taken to indicate a joyful and well-connected community of kindred spirits who share their feelings honestly with each other.

The 3 of Cups reversed during a Mercury in Capricorn cycle and especially on an emotionally uncomfortable day like today suggests that we may be feeling a desire for a little less emotional abundance 😉 but it may also indicate a sense of isolation and lack of community or connection, and a need to remedy that.  Given the awkwardness of the day that may feel especially difficult, so if you are feeling isolated recognize that this is a legitimate need – humans are social animals, after all – but it may be a need that will take time to remedy.  With Mercury in Capricorn, we don’t tend to be forthcoming about what we feel, and are oriented toward thinking and talking about the things that will help us reach our goals, rather than messy emotions.  We also tend to be thinking and communicating in ways that emphasize our independence – it may not even occur to us during this time that going it alone might not be the best course of action.  The 3 of Cups reversed is a good reminder to value our connections with others, even if embracing them might be awkward or frustrating on this particular day.  The people who matter most in our lives are likely to understand, and may need someone to vent to just as much.


Tarot for December 10th, 2016: Truce


Today’s Tarot card is the 4 of Swords (Truce).  As noted in today’s astrology post on this site, multiple aspects draw attention to Neptune and Saturn, re-emphasizing the waxing square between them, so drawing the Truce card now suggests that the hard lessons we’ve had to learn from these two over the past year may now be yielding fruit.

Truce is ruled by Jupiter in Libra, which is Jupiter’s current position, and this card made an appearance on November 30th as well, so clearly the lessons of this card bear repeating and are especially pertinent during this transit.  After the nastiness of the most recent US election cycle and its continuing virulent aftermath, bringing ourselves back to the center of love and equality may seem a particularly daunting task.  This is a time when deep healing is needed, but that healing won’t be helped by sweeping unpleasantness under the rug, as Librans are all-too-often wont to do in the name of keeping the peace.  The 4 of Swords is a reminder that Truce is not an inherently lasting thing, and there is much rebuilding to be done if we want it to stick, and we may well dish out (and have to listen to) some very pointed commentary along the way.

The fours in Tarot are all foundational in their action, drawing influences from each of the four directions to set their boundaries and establish order.  The fours are tied to the Emperor card, who represents the ordering principle and rule of law.  In the suit of Swords, that foundation is built within the element of air, governing thoughts and speech.

How on earth do you build a foundation of air?

By taking a deep breath.

There is a reason that so much meditational practice is built upon attention to the breath.  Calming and centering ourselves, quieting our thoughts and getting very clear on our intentions, focusing on our breath shifts our attention and with it our consciousness.  It takes us back to the foundation of life, the breath that sustains us, and the sound that depends upon breath to be heard.  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)

Sound (and the breath that fuels it) is the primal building block in so many creation myths.  Small wonder then, that Truce is represented within the suit of Swords, paradoxical though that may seem.  And within that paradox is another lesson of this card:  The sword can establish either peace or war.  Our words can calm and clarify, or rattle and confuse us.  We can rally others to our cause or ignite centuries of enmity with well (or poorly) chosen words.

At a time when would-be leaders have used their words like swords to draw the lines that divide us, we see also how many of us are calling to each other to unite in defense of those who the wielders of dividing swords would exclude from the table.  As Neptune and Saturn continue to move out of the clash between ideals and limitations, the longing for inclusion and our deepest fear of the Other, Jupiter in Libra is asking us to balance our paradoxes, meeting each other equally and with a willingness to breathe through our confusion, speaking in service of greater understanding.  Yes, there is much that we feel the need to cut away to get to clarity, and yes, we are moving into a state of ecological crisis where that severance will mean the difference between continued life on this earth or the death of our entire species (and many more besides).  Now we have to come to grips with paradox, contradiction, and all of our many differences if we are to ever come to a truce, and maybe even real peace.

“Only in silence the word,
Only in dark the light,
Only in dying life:
Bright the hawk’s flight
On the empty sky.

—The Creation of Éa” (Ursula K. LeGuin)


Tarot for December 9th, 2016: Adjustment (reversed)


Today’s Tarot card is (VIII) Adjustment, reversed.

Adjustment is ruled by Libra, and in the Thoth deck shows a woman carefully balanced on the tip of a sword, putting all of her concentration into centering herself with her toes on either side of the sword tip.  A large set of scales descends from chains attached to her headdress, seemingly the heaviest object in a scene filled with feathers and spheres resting above and below sharp-tipped pyramidal structures.  The Alpha and Omega within the scales speak to the need to find harmony between polarities.  The feathers and stylized Egyptian-ish headdress evoke Ma’at, Egyptian goddess of truth, whose symbol is the feather weighed against the heart of the deceased in ancient Egyptian funerary scenes, with the object of that judgement being to have a heart that is lighter than the feather of Ma’at.  Adjustment evokes both precision and lightness that come from being very clear and centered in one’s knowledge of one’s self, surroundings, and circumstances.  Thus, this card is associated with meditation, and also with weighing multiple viewpoints objectively before arriving at a decision.

With Jupiter in Libra sextile to the Sun in exuberant Sagittarius, plus a whole host of lively Lunar alignments throughout the day, the likelihood of getting stillness and objective clarity today is probably minimal.  This is not necessarily a bad thing though.  It suggests that if you are in the process of making an important decision requiring careful thought and balancing viewpoints, you may want to put it off until you do have some time and space to yourself (such as tomorrow morning, when the Sun conjuncts Saturn and a bit more seriousness prevails).

It should be noted however, that the Adjustment card also warns against becoming paralyzed by indecision as a result of weighing too many options.  Sometimes we need to just cut to the chase!  And with the decisive influences in the heavens today (Aries, Aries, and more Aries…) now may well be the time to act if what you need to do can benefit from a little less precision and a lot more enthusiasm.  Whether reversed or not, Adjustment does ask us to be mindful of cause and effect and our personal responsibility, so we should be mindful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  But fortune favors the bold, and with Jupiter in Adjustment’s ruling sign of Libra interacting with both the Moon and Sun in fire signs today, I suspect that boldness will win out over delicacy.  😉

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