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Astrology Update, Solar Eclipse, February 15th, 2018: Creating New Stories

Today has offered us a New Moon with a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.  Though visible only to parts of South America and Antarctica, this eclipse has already been felt for a few days now by those of us with luminaries, personal planets, or personal points in the 3rd decanate of Aquarius, and will continue to be felt for a while to come.  That’s the thing about eclipses – the big results in our lives tend not to show up on the day of the eclipse, but instead unfold over the next six months, until the time of the next eclipse.

The last Solar Eclipse was in Leo on August 21st of 2017, indicating changes in core identity and self-expression – that eclipse was personal and creative, and that creativity is mirrored and progressed as we move forward into this new eclipse season.  This eclipse in Aquarius indicates changes in group relations and the causes that capture our imaginations and our dedication, with strong idealist and populist overtones.  The personal changes effected as a result of the Leo Solar Eclipse have consequences that are being carried forward to effect changes on a larger social scale during the six months following this Aquarian Solar Eclipse.

Solar eclipses underscore the extent to which the hidden forces of our instincts can impel deep personal change by casting their shadow on the light of consciousness.  The Sun//Moon conjunction of the New Moon is astrology’s most powerful aspect, a time when our conscious and unconscious selves are aligned.  Thus, new seeds of intention are best planted at the New Moon, when these forces within us are in sync.  The Solar Eclipse gives our intuitive side an edge over our more logical side, triggering situations that can offer us a fresh start in whatever area of our lives the eclipse touches through its contact with our natal charts.

This eclipse is conjoined with Mercury and Juno in Aquarius, emphasizing communication and mature partnerships.  Mercury in combination with the Sun and Moon combines intelligence with will and instinct, so there is a good potential for thoughtful and creative planning to guide us forward during this eclipse season, and Juno’s presence makes it likely that our plans require mutually beneficial relationships and shared emotional intelligence to thrive.  That said, it pays to remember that Mercury is a trickster god, playful but also amoral.  This is the Magician archetype in the Tarot, willing to experiment with whatever is at hand regardless of consequence if it furthers his aims.  This is also a storyteller aspect, and with the Sun and Moon sextiling Uranus in Aries that story is likely to have a few unexpected twists and turns, but with Jupiter in Scorpio squaring Mercury, we can expect more than a bit of pulp sensationalism in this narrative, and should take care not to leave the proverbial Caps Lock on lest we turn our creative dialogs into unintentional shouting matches.  With Jupiter sextiling Pluto, there is power behind the bombast, and we may find our Magician storyteller called to stand up to authority.  These next six months are a good time to craft new narratives, a time favoring writers and content creators ready to take bold new steps, create new stories, and build the alliances needed to get those stories seen and heard by those most in need of them.

Venus in Pisces sextiles Saturn in Capricorn today, underscoring the need to create and maintain stable relationships, with both planets inconjunct to Ceres in Leo, creating a Yod formation (“the finger of God”) that points to how we nurture and express our core selves within those relationships.  Venus in Pisces is sympathetic and adaptable, and harmonizes well with Saturn in Capricorn’s sober pragmatism, both putting pressure on Ceres in Leo’s hunger for a solo spotlight.  We are not being asked to dissolve our egos in relationship, however, for the mature and socially conscious partnerships called for by Juno in Aquarius not only allow for individuality and eccentricity, they encourage these qualities.  The Yod to Ceres does not negate the spotlight; it enhances it, and asks us to create relationships that feed our needs as individuals as a means to a better collective, a greater social vision that recognizes and upholds the rights of all, and gives us all a place to shine.  

Mars in idealistic and social Sagittarius trines the North Node in Leo, giving further impetus to this alliance of our core creative and karmic needs with our social consciousness, but Mars also squares Neptune in Pisces today, increasing the potential for deceptive action, seduction, and subterfuge, as well as accidents or harmful actions involving water.  Mars conjunct Vesta increases our idealistic focus, and we may find ourselves engaged in such aggressive pursuit of our goals that we forget to look before we leap, or run afoul of those wishing to take advantage of our idealism for their own nefarious purposes.  Thankfully, Pallas in Taurus trine Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn enhances our cool-headed planning capacity, giving us the ability to step back and assess our circumstances dispassionately, should we choose to make use of it.  The airy detachment that the Aquarian Sun, Moon, and Mercury are famous for is being bolstered by earthy practicality wielded in alignment with divine vision, giving us the capacity to seize our fate with both hands and use our united minds and hearts to create it anew.


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All aspect times used in creating this post are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.

Please keep in mind that we all have different responses to the aspects of the day because we all have different natal and progressed charts with which these aspects interact.  If you would like to know more about your own natal and progressed charts in order to better understand how the aspects of the day will affect you, please take a look at my astrological services, and let’s get started on helping you to understand your life better!  The threads of fate can only be adjusted when we start from a place of deep self-knowing.

The Burning Heart of Vesta


In keeping with Neil Gaiman’s directive to “Make Good Art” being reinforced in my life by multiple astrological configurations, I’ve been endeavoring to finish more of my growing quantity of “works in progress,” one of which is this drawing based on the action of the asteroid Vesta on my natal chart through transits and synastry over the past year.

Vesta is one of the larger asteroids in our solar system, smaller than Ceres, but comparable in size to the dwarf planets Ixion and Varuna.  In the Roman pantheon, she is the goddess of hearth and home, whose worship is remembered today primarily for the Vestal Virgins who guarded her eternal flame.  In astrology, Vesta represents our focus, that which we hold sacred and what we will dedicate ourselves to.  Since my own natal Vesta is retrograde in Leo in the 11th house, my focus is creative self-expression, preferably in service to individual development that furthers the evolution of humanity as a whole (Aquarian goals represented by the 11th house), but it can take longer for me to get there due to the retrograde motion, mostly because I have to think about it more. :/  Vesta can also show where we need to withdraw on occasion, in order to refuel our fires.  In my case, that 11th house placement requires that I periodically withdraw from my friends and social activities so that I may rest and recharge (often through the act of artistic creation). For the astro-geeks out there, my natal Vesta is also the point of a focused Yod with my Sun/Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and my Mars in Pisces all exerting pressure on Vesta through inconjunct aspects, and Ceres in opposition to Vesta providing the metaphysical pressure valve. All of which adds up to a lot of attention on Vesta.

This specific drawing may seem like an awfully chilly invocation of Vesta, but it is essentially indicative of the hope of spiritual renewal through Vestal focus in the midst of a “dark night of the soul” when the seeker feels blind and lost.  The emblem being painted in the seeker’s heart’s blood is the astrological emblem for Vesta.

This drawing contains a recurring visual theme in my art, that of the sacred heart.  I was raised with a syncretic mixture of Catholicism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, with icons and statuary from all three religions placed prominently throughout our home.  I was introduced to the concept of Pantheism as soon as I was old enough to read via a children’s book called “God is Everywhere,” and read world folklore and mythology voraciously from a very early age, so that I always looked upon each new pantheon that I encountered as being both real and worthy of my respect, whether or not I chose to worship any of its members.  This extended so far that at the age of around 8 or 9 I was direly offended by a teacher who claimed that mythology was “stories once used to explain how the world works that are untrue.”  My hand promptly shot up and I offended the teacher right back by saying “why do you say the Greek and Egyptian gods are mythology but not Jesus?”  Keep in mind that I regularly attended church and Sunday school, sometimes switching denominations from week to week depending on which schoolmate was trying to convert me.  I engaged in Bible study mostly because I thought it was fun – it appealed to the occult geek in me almost as much as astrological study does now – so I really wasn’t particularly interested in being disrespectful to Jeheshua Emmanuel or Yahweh, but I wasn’t going to cotton to any disrespect toward Isis or Zeus or Thor either.  I finally stopped attending the local Lutheran church when they started bad-mouthing other religions (the Mormons, in particular), right around the same time that I realized that they weren’t too keen on my saying the rosary or believing in faeries either.  😉  But I digress…

Most of my artwork is based on spiritual and psychological exploration, and contains symbols and imagery from mythology, folklore, iconography, mandalas, yantras, astrology, tarot, runes, oghams, I-Ching hexagrams, numerology, sacred geometry, dreams, totems, and so forth in varying amounts.  Sacred heart imagery figures prominently in much of it, mostly because I view the sacred heart symbol as a means of expressing the feeling of being split open to discover a deeper truth, and all of the myriad pains, trials, and passions that our hearts are subject to.  I don’t tend to link it to any one deity, saint, or spiritual path over any other – it is far more personal than that, much like each individual’s experience of the divine.

The real question posed by Vesta is the question our most crucial life decisions turn on:  What does your heart burn for?

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