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Astrology Update, May 15th, 2018, New Moon in Taurus, Uranus enters Taurus: Riding Out the Tempest

New Moons emphasize new beginnings, giving us a chance for a fresh start in each sign and the corresponding area of our lives.  This particular New Moon in Taurus gets a double-whammy of the impetus to change as a result of Uranus entering Taurus this morning.  Uranus entering Taurus brings the planet of sudden change to the sign of the immovable mountain for the next seven years, and our material and financial landscapes are likely to shift accordingly, as may our pleasures and values.  Yet sudden to a mountain may seem glacially slow to those of us without lifespans measuring in aeons, or it may move with all of the speed and force of a volcano erupting, but only after a slow build-up. Since the Moon turns void-of-course after its meeting with the Sun this morning, the slow build-up of Taurean change is particularly apropo – despite the zing of Uranian energy, we should not rush into change tonight because the void-of-course state of the Moon makes it unlikely that any changes started now will amount to anything of consequence.  Instead, we should allow Uranian insight to percolate alongside the pragmatic emotions and comfortable consciousness of the New Moon, and wait until tomorrow to start taking action.

Uranus brings an electric charge to the physical and creative realms, with an emphasis on kinesthesia, which is in effect an embodied intuition, where extra-sensory information comes with bodily sensation.  Since Uranus governs technology, we may soon find ourselves experiencing a massive revitalization in how we inhabit the digital parts of our world, our understanding of the ways electronics affect us bodily and materially, and which technologies we want to shape the ways in which we manage our resources.  Since Uranus brings about radical change, we may find ourselves caring less about material matters that previously meant a lot to us, or find ourselves caring very much about things we never previously considered important. Regardless, the fixed nature of Taurus ensures that we will not change our values, attitudes, and actions toward material resources idly – this is a deep and steady process, not frivolous change for the sake of change alone.

The power of this New Moon is amped up significantly due to trines from the New Moon to both Mars and Pluto in Capricorn.  The intentions that we set now can be backed up by serious drive and control, should we choose to exercise them. We may find ourselves in the grip of powerful emotions at this time, though Mars’ subsequent entry into Aquarius tonight may help temper our ambitions somewhat, or at least bring a more rational outlook to the table.  However, Mars is squaring Uranus during the changeover of signs for both planets, creating the potential for volatile tempers and erratic energy to play havoc with much of the next couple of days. Since Mercury in Taurus is also loosely squaring Mars, we would do well to watch our tongues, as the combination of both Uranus and Mercury in hard aspect to Mars could find us inserting our feet into our mouths with more than usual force.  At the very least, we may find ourselves far more impulsive than normal, or taking unusual risks with little forethought, as the Mars/Uranus combo can heighten adrenaline junkie tendencies. The Moon’s void-of-course status for most of the day could well be a blessing under these circumstances, limiting the damage that we can do with careless words and actions, but it’s best not to count on that status to save us.

This New Moon falls within 2 degrees of the fixed star Algol, the eye of Medusa, generally considered the most ill-favored star in the heavens, associated with misfortune and violent death.  Obviously, not every transit to Algol is going to turn nasty, but we would do well to exercise caution with this one, given the situation with Mars just outlined, and the power of the Moon/Sun trine with Pluto.  We are best off channeling the intensity of the Moon/Pluto trine into some creative activity – art produced now is likely to be powerful and moving, and can make good use of that Plutonian intensity rather than leaving us to stew in our own juices or fly off the handle due to the erratic Mars/Uranus/Mercury combo.  The Moon/Pluto trine in combination with Algol does give us a unique opportunity to face our inner demons in preparation for whatever changes Uranus’ entry into Taurus auguries, so New Moon intentions regarding our deepest material fears are especially potent and worthwhile now. This is a time to battle the monsters in our heads and hearts, so that real-world monsters we may encounter later will have a much harder time sinking their teeth into us.

With Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces moving back into a trine during all of this upheaval, the impact of Uranus on our personal thoughts, energy, and emotions is acting against a backdrop of deep emotional and spiritual waters affecting us all on a societal level.  Now is a time to exercise faith and optimism, despite Uranian uncertainty and Mars’ frustrations. Jupiter trine Neptune in water signs encourages our compassion and sensitivity, and our willingness to see the bigger picture and place our own actions within the context of what is good for humanity as a whole.  Tempestuous as these times may seem, we have the capacity to affect real, positive change for ourselves and our society, and today’s New Moon may give us the first inklings of how to do that.


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Please keep in mind that we all have different responses to the aspects of the day because we all have different natal and progressed charts with which these aspects interact.  If you would like to know more about your own natal and progressed charts in order to better understand how the aspects of the day will affect you, please take a look at my astrological services, and let’s get started on helping you to understand your life better!  The threads of fate can only be adjusted when we start from a place of deep self-knowing.


Astrology of December 18th, 2016: Clearing Away Clutter


I woke up today just before the Moon in Leo trined the Sun in Sagittarius.  Lately I’ve been finding that my sleep patterns seem to be altering themselves according to what’s going on in the sky.  One might think that this is some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, except that typically I write the day’s astrological analysis on the day in question and don’t closely examine Lunar aspects until that day, and while I certainly look at major aspects in advance, my tendency with those is to see them in the context of the larger pattern, slowly moving into place, so I don’t usually think of them in advance in relation to a particular day.  So, I’m not certain why I’m seeing this correlation of my sleeping/waking cycles with astrological patterns, and I definitely need to do more observation before drawing any conclusions.

In the meantime, the Moon in Leo trining the Sun in Sagittarius certainly gives a bright feeling to the morning (even in the dark of the pre-dawn hours here on the West Coast).  Spirited confidence comes with both of the Luminaries trined in fire signs, our conscious and unconscious selves supporting each other and lending a joyful strength to both personal and social attitudes.  This is a time when we can feel like all is right within ourselves, and that feeling is contagious!

Which is good, because we’re going to need some joy to contend with potential crankiness caused a few hours later by the Moon in Leo opposing Mars in Aquarius.  Mars relates to our energy and drive, and is associated with aggression, ambition, and sexuality.  When Mars is at odds with the Moon, our emotions and instincts can become frustrated and hostile.  With Mars in the airy, detached realm of Aquarius, we may find that whatever is agitating us is oddly impersonal, but since air feeds fire that impersonal source isn’t likely to be any less disruptive to Leo’s fiery emotions, and may make us feel like a bonfire about to get out of control.  On the plus side, Mars is great for fueling action, so this is a good time for physical activities and exercise – a late morning workout could be the perfect way to blow off steam and redirect that fire into burning away lassitude.  Since the Moon/Mars opposition marks the beginning of a very short void-of-course period (just under an hour), it’s best not to use that energy to start anything important with, but unfinished projects in need of an energetic boost can definitely benefit.

That void-of-course period ends with the Moon entering earthy Virgo, and no other significant aspects mark the day.  The Moon in Virgo puts the focus of our instincts and emotions in a more logical space, concerned with fact-finding and problem-solving.  The Moon in Virgo is very interested in processes and components, as well as perfecting systems, but not so comfortable with actual emotions.  This means that you should be mindful of your nerves and take especially good care of your health at this time – now is the perfect time to tweak your diet and exercise routines.  It also means that this is a great time to clean, get organized, and tend to the time-consuming mundane tasks that might bore you to tears at other times.  With the Moon in Virgo you can clear away the clutter and get ready for Virgo’s ruler Mercury to station retrograde tomorrow.  The fewer distractions heading into this retrograde, the better!

Astrology of December 16th, 2016: Dreaming Cat


Today is a relatively quiet day, astrologically speaking, which is likely to be a good thing after the flurry of rough Lunar aspects yesterday wreaking havoc on our emotions and instincts.

Today we see two Lunar inconjuncts book-ending the day, with the Moon in Cancer inconjunct Mars in Aquarius in the wee hours of the morning, followed by the Moon’s entry into Leo a few hours later and an inconjunct with Neptune in Pisces later tonight.

The Moon in Cancer’s sensitive domestic instincts bumping up against Mars in Aquarius’ drive toward individualistic expression in social realms may have added some uncertainty to our preparations to meet the day, but the Moon’s entry into proud and fiery Leo is likely to burn away any remainder of that right quick.

Leo governs the 5th house of self-expression and pleasurable pursuits, so our instincts will now turn toward what gives us enjoyment and makes us feel most fully ourselves, and we are not likely to be shy about what we want!  Of course, how this tendency expresses itself in us varies from person to person, but we would do well to remember that on some level everyone today is going to want their lordly due – today more than others is a day to be mindful of egos and pride.  Keep in mind that I am not saying that’s a bad thing.  Despite our achievement-focused society, we seem to have a taboo against personal expressions of pride, and in “spiritual” circles in particular we love to denigrate the ego.  Yet I am firmly convinced that the ego is a necessary part of our psychological makeup that should not be endlessly squashed in the name of supposed spiritual growth, and that false humility can be far more damaging than honest pride.

Now is a good time to delve into the things that give us both pleasure and pride, the activities that make us feel most fully ourselves and alive.  Creative expression is especially favored now, and so are activities with children.  Especially during the holiday season, we can spend a lot of time and energy preparing for a future day and a future celebration, but today is good day to kick up our heels a bit and enjoy the present moment with our loved ones, and be proud of those connections and the fun we can have together.  No matter how serious life gets, pleasures shared remind us why we bother with this crazy life thing in the first place, and a Leo Moon can be very generous!  We get bombarded at this time of year with exhortations to be materially generous, but the Moon in Leo is here to remind us that generosity of spirit and time and camaraderie is likely to have more lasting effect and more fully feed the emotional fire that will warm and sustain us through the remaining winter months to come.

Later tonight the Moon in Leo will inconjunct Neptune in Pisces, and while this meeting of fire and water, proud instincts and selfless dreams and ideals may not seem to be natural bedfellows, still we may well be able to find the meeting ground between the two by remembering that what we offer up to others selflessly is only really worthwhile if we ourselves value what we offer.  Why give what doesn’t stir our pride?  What are our ideals worth if we don’t take pleasure in them?  How can we see a better world for all if we can’t see ourselves truly expressed in it?  These are the questions worth dreaming on tonight, pursuing answers like a dreaming cat with twitching paws…

Astrology of December 13th, 2016: Full Moon in Gemini


Today we see a Full Moon in Gemini as well as a busy day for Lunar aspects.  The pace of interactions is fitting for this mutable air sign, and reminds me of a cat getting into everything, curious to check out an assortment of planetary influences.

Getting started in the wee hours of the morning with a pair of inconjuncts, first from the Moon in Gemini to Mercury in Capricorn and then to Pluto in Capricorn, we may have started the day with an unsettled feeling resulting from our instincts in search of something new bumping up against our mental state of self-control determined to stay the course.  Since inconjuncts appear where planets fundamentally don’t understand each other, this interaction isn’t particularly hostile, just uncomfortable with the need to adjust these disparate influences.

A few hours later the Moon trines Jupiter in Libra and opposes Saturn in Sagittarius, emphasizing an emotional state supported by our faith and generosity yet potentially tripped up by fear and insecurity.  We need to learn to get out of our own way and take advantage of the opportunities the day offers us, but not be too self-indulgent in the process.  Jupiter encourages us to excess while Saturn reminds us of our limits, so we are likely to experience temptations followed by the admonition to restrain ourselves, with potentially unpleasant consequences if we don’t heed that warning.

The afternoon and early evening see the Moon sextile Uranus in Aries heightening the frenetic impulses of the Moon in Gemini, which doesn’t exactly encourage us to rein in that temptaion nor the excitement of the Full Moon in Gemini opposite Sun in Sagittarius highlighting the active, social quality of the season while amping up our sense of ideals and all of the myriad ideas being set in motion about them.  With Saturn conjoining the Sun, however, this is a far more serious Full Moon than we might normally expect with both Gemini and Sagittarius involved.  This is especially so given the square that Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces are forming, creating a T-square formation along the Solar/Lunar axis with Chiron as the release point at this Full Moon and moving into their exact square on New Year’s Eve (coinciding with the last day of Mercury retrograde).  Saturn calls attention to where we feel like we’ve been given the short end of the stick in life, but Chiron shows us where we are actually injured, not just afraid of our possible shortcomings.  These two challenging each other rarely looks pretty, instead offering the opportunity for painful learning experiences that may encourage our growth but which most of us would gladly avoid if we could get away with it.  Which the square aspect offers no opportunity for doing.  What it does is remind us that curiosity may kill the cat, while simultaneously making it impossible to avoid looking at whatever has that cat’s attention.  This gets us ready to make the upcoming Mercury retrograde period (Dec. 19th-31st) a time for seriously looking deep into our old wounds and confronting our shadows. On the plus side, Chiron is great for showing us where we can make it through our own difficult learning experiences by passing on what we’ve learned to others going through similar hard lessons.  We just need to do the inner work with Mercury retrograde before we try to pass on what we’ve learned during Saturn & Chiron’s waxing square.

Another configuration plugging into all of this is the electric opposition currently tightening up between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries, with Saturn moving toward a sextile with Jupiter and a trine with Uranus that will become exact on December 25th, lending Saturn’s discipline to Uranus’ desire for sudden change, with Jupiter amping up both.  This is a serious time for social and ideological change, with Uranus in Aries emphasizing newness and youth assisted by those of their elders who haven’t lost their activist fervor.  All those looking for a messiah on that day would do well to become their own!  This building fever between these three outer planets is the backdrop to tonight’s Full Moon, with Saturn’s conjunction with the Sun focusing these influences on our emotions and instincts via the Full Moon.  This is the time to set our intentions for the paradigm shift that is being set into motion whether we like it or not – we can either shape it ourselves with compassion and mindfulness or be dragged along with it, kicking and screaming.  Because something new is being birthed this holiday season, and its not just another plastic creche scene to feed the corporate kaiju tearing up the countryside…

Tonight finishes with the Moon in Gemini trining Mars in Aquarius to add some drive to that activity before turning void-of-course in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, which may give the night a bit of an anti-climactic feeling unless it’s well-spent in carrying forward the energy of this Full Moon with talking and brainstorming, so long as we don’t try to set true foundations for something important now.  Recognizing exactly what needs healing is what must take priority now, before we purge the infection.

Astrology of December 11th, 2016: Balancing Act


Today isn’t necessarily a bad day, just a little off-kilter and in need of some mindfulness.  It starts off in the morning strongly enough with a trine from the Moon in Taurus to Pluto in Capricorn, combining power and control with emotional stability, making us feel solid, steady, and goal-oriented, with enough intensity to push through obstacles but no real interest in upsetting the apple cart.

However, the late morning and early afternoon see a trio of Lunar inconjuncts in short succession, where those steady, earthy emotions feel at odds with the larger forces in our lives via Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun, and we may find ourselves reaching for clarity.  It’s as though we’re a little depressed and not quite certain of our luck, but can’t quite understand being serious or disciplined either, and don’t really feel like ourselves either way.  We may feel as though we have to balance several slightly discordant feelings and experiences carefully, without ever getting full satisfaction out of any of them.

The evening sees a less uncertain emotional landscape, but with the Moon squaring Mars in Aquarius it may also be a lot more cranky, aggressive, and even explosive if we let things get out of control.  Those stable, comfort-oriented Taurean emotions and instincts that we were feeling this morning are now at odds with a sense of drive and aggression that wants newness and mental stimulation, leading to impatience with ourselves and others if our environment fails to deliver.  Since our instincts under a Taurus Moon are to curl up at home or in some other cozy environment, we’re not too keen on leaving our comfort zone in search of new experiences, but our energies are restless and won’t let us lie back and take it easy.  The Moon/Mars square starts a Lunar void-of-course period that lasts until morning, so we don’t want to use this restlessness to start anything too important.  Like the uncertainty earlier in the day, this may take a bit of a balancing act to see through, especially because the Moon squaring Mars tends to make us accident-prone and have difficulty being around other people.  Finding ways to off steam without leaving too much wreckage in our wake is the name of this game, and since Lunar aspects are short-lived, at least we know that this too shall pass before the night is out.

Addendum:  Somehow when I initially wrote this post, I overlooked the fact that the Sun in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries shortly before the end of the night.  This may add to the agitation of the Moon/Mars square, feeding Mars in Aquarius’ need for excitement, but it may also serve up something new to satisfy that hunger.  Since this aspect is longer-lasting than the Lunar aspects that have dominated the day, I suspect that this may make for a night of insomnia, or at the very least unusual dreams…