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Astrology Update, April 15th, 2018, New Moon in Aries: Flowering Desires

Tonight’s New Moon in Aries falls between Uranus and Eris, within orb to be conjunct to both. New Moons align the consciousness of the Sun with the instincts and emotions of the Moon, creating potent opportunities for new beginnings. The two weeks between the New Moon and the Full Moon are a time for growing the seeds of intention planted at the New Moon, creating potent opportunities for new beginnings. The two weeks between the New Moon and the Full Moon are a time for growing the seeds of intention planted at the New Moon.

The potential for new beginnings at this New Moon is heightened by the conjunction to Uranus, which brings the power of sudden insight and radical change. The conjunction to Eris combined with Mercury stationing direct at this time emphasizes a need for honesty in communication, which the Aries placement strengthens. Since Uranus operates as the higher expression of Mercury, the potential for sudden insight from unexpected directions is amplified, along with the need to apply lessons from this recent retrograde to communications regarding that insight as we move forward.

This New Moon also sees a Triangle of Potential between Jupiter in Scorpio opposite Venus in Taurus with Jupiter sextile Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto trining Venus. Capricornian Pluto in the mix may help mitigate the self-indulgence associated with Jupiter opposite Venus or it could intensify it, but regardless we are likely to experience heightened optimism and desire for the good things in life, with all of the powerful, earthy sensuousness that Venus in her home sign of Taurus brings to the table being ramped up by the combined forces of Jupiter and Pluto. That Jupiter/Pluto combination can bring hidden feelings to the forefront now, so if you’ve been quietly carrying a torch for someone, now is the perfect time to express those feelings.

The Triangle of Potential magnifies our desires and the capacity to manifest what we want on both a practical and emotional level, and in combination with the Sun/Moon conjuncting and bridging Uranus/Eris during the Mercury station emphasizing the need for both change and honest communication, gives us an opportunity to make major improvements in our lives that serve our own needs but can also strengthen our connections with others. Mars in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces now, aligning our efforts with our ideals, enhancing sensuality, and helping to keep our actions compassionate. This combination of alignments makes this a lovely New Moon for taking new steps in relationships, especially those of a romantic nature, and also makes this a great time for embarking on new creative endeavors.

Astrology Update, March 27th, 2017: New Moon in Aries

This morning started off early with the Moon in Pisces squaring Saturn in Sagittarius and turning void-of-course, which can make for a dreary and frustrating way to start the day, not to mention a stereotypical Monday morning.  The Moon in hard aspect to Saturn tends to dredge up our fears and insecurities, leading to depression and even despair, or at the very least a sort of numbing sense of restriction.  Combined with the aimlessness of the void-of-course period, this made for a morning where the best course of action was sticking to our routines and not getting caught up in any bold new plans until the morning had progressed a few more hours.

Thankfully, later this morning the Moon entered Aries, giving our emotions and instincts a fresh new start, as Aries is energetic and action-oriented.  Our instincts during this lunar transit are brave and excited about life, interested in exploring new possibilities and treating life as one big adventure.  Though our tempers are a little shorter under an Aries Moon, so are our attention spans, so we aren’t likely to stay mad for long.  We’re also likely to be more straightforward during this time, more impatient and wanting to cut to the chase.  While we aren’t likely to lose all of the altruism fostered under the Pisces Moon, still we are more self-concerned and self-motivated now, seeking to make our mark on the world.  Personal ambitions are highlighted now, as is self-image.  Since Aries is ruled by Mars, physical activity is of greater interest as well – this is a good time to get out and enjoy the spring weather!

Speaking of Mars, the red planet is a player in one of the big astrological events of the day, with Mars in Taurus sextiling Neptune in Pisces.  This puts our energy and drive that is currently operating on practical, material levels in a harmonious relationship with our hopes, dreams, ideals, and spiritual outlook.  This is a time for acting from a place of compassion without losing sight of our own self-interest, and being able to see the bigger picture even while we are engaged in very mundane and physical activities.  This is also a good time for enjoying sensory experience, and for relationships that are both sexual and spiritual, erotic and romantic.  Those of us engaged in esoteric studies are more likely to make good progress now, and those with more pragmatic outlooks may find the view improved by an unexpectedly rosy tint to the day.

To add to that rosiness, the Moon in Aries conjuncts Venus retrograde in Aries this afternoon.  Though Venus retrograde is less certain in her lust for life than when she is direct, still she is active and engaging, warm and affectionate, instinctively desiring companionship but still nobody’s pushover, and our emotions are now following her lead.  This is a time of new crushes and lively flirtation, and perhaps a bit more aggressive pursuit of who and what we desire.  If we’ve been hesitant before about such pursuit, now may be the time that we finally work up the guts to go for it, especially with the Mars/Neptune sextile adding both romantic and practical fuel to our fire.

Later this afternoon the Moon in Aries trines Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, encouraging us to just surrender to the experiences of the day, though since this trine is in fiery signs, that surrender isn’t likely to be passive!  Rather, we may find ourselves happily swept along in a rush of fiery action, spirited and fervent and maybe a little breathless.  Black Moon Lilith and the Moon both operate on the unconscious level, so we may not even be aware of this dynamic, only later realizing that we’ve been riding a flame wave that may well have burned through more than a few inhibitions.  Black Moon Lilith is not a tame force by any stretch of the imagination, and following on the heels of the Moon/Venus conjunction and the Mars/Neptune sextile amplifies the erotic charge running through the air this afternoon and into the evening.  If indeed we did take advantage of the impetus from that Moon/Venus conjunction in pursuit of our desires, this Moon trine Black Moon Lilith may take the reins off unexpectedly.  Careful what you wish for…

Tonight’s New Moon in Aries plays out against this backdrop, along with the slowly tightening Jupiter/Pluto square that is currently under less than 1 degree of exactitude and will be exact by the end of this month.  The New Moon is a time for setting intentions to be grown through the lunar cycle, reaching fullness at the Full Moon and then being disseminated into the world as the Moon wanes.  At the New Moon the Moon conjuncts the Sun in the sky, no longer reflecting the Sun’s light but instead bringing unconsciousness and consciousness to work together, with our conscious intentions incubating in the darkness of the unconscious.  Against the backdrop noted above, the drive of both Moon and Sun in fiery Aries is great initiatory power, good for intentions regarding start-ups and bold new changes in our lives, but there is the potential for things to go a little wild in the process.  The encroaching power of the Jupiter/Pluto square reminds us that whatever we are planning is likely to have to contend with the ongoing conflict in our society between the desire for social harmony and the consolidation of power by wealthy and often hidden forces.  Faith and optimism versus greed and corruption.  Socio-political chickens coming home to roost.  No matter how personal our goals now, they are likely to become political, as the American Dream of shaping one’s own destiny is revealed to have been built on a legacy of oppression and lies, and the fable of democracy here drags down others with it abroad.

In addition, Venus retrograde’s reassessment of interpersonal interactions is happening in a sign that is impulsive and not always mindful of consequences, while the Jupiter/Pluto square is brimful with consequences, and since Venus is currently inconjunct the North Node in Virgo, there is a further disconnect between what we desire and the lessons needed by our souls.  On the plus side, Mercury in Aries is moving into a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius (exact in another couple days), so our minds are gaining the strength that comes with recognizing our limitations and the restrictions of reality, and applying Saturnine discipline to overcome obstacles.  This is a strength that we are going to need to set our intentions with this New Moon and make them stick.  This trine also resonates with a wider trine between Saturn and Uranus/Eris, so that our discipline is well aware of the Uranian rebellion and agitation that has been in and out of conflict with both Pluto and Jupiter in recent years, and we have the capacity to calmly work in alignment with the socio-political changes fomenting around us.

Since the ruler of this New Moon is Mars, currently in Taurus in a harmonious sextile with Neptune in Pisces, there is also some chance for our ideals to positively influence our practical efforts in connection with our New Moon intentions.  With Ceres in Taurus as well in a loose trine with Pluto in Capricorn, we should be mindful of how our intentions may nurture and nourish us, quite possibly on a very practical level.  Though the alignments of this New Moon do not create any notable configurations, nonetheless there is an interesting overall dynamic at work here, of balancing what we want versus what the surrounding reality is shaping, and keeping some measure of hope and idealism and even romanticism alive even as reality seems more and more grim.  Aries is a sign whose efforts can seem like a flash in the pan with its eagerness and impulsiveness, but against the backdrop of ongoing transcendental and generational drama and with Aries’ ruler Mars active in fixed Taurus via the Mars/Neptune sextile, there is the potential for a lot more staying power to the intentions we set now than is apparent at first blush.


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