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Astrology of December 15th, 2016: Socially Challenged


Today is entirely filled with challenging Lunar aspects.  Now is the time to knuckle down and learn some rough emotional lessons, and hopefully gain as much wisdom as we can from the day’s experiences with as little bruising as possible.  

The day starts out early with the Moon in Cancer opposing Mercury in Capricorn.  On the plus side, oppositions in astrology heighten awareness between the two bodies involved.  In this case, then, we have a heightened awareness of our emotional need for both sensitivity and security and our mental need to overcome obstacles to our success.  The balancing act between these two then is a fair degree of caution, and a need to steady our moods with the persuasive force of our ambitions.  Slow and steady wins the race here.  

This is further emphasized by the opposition between the Moon in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn a few hours later.  Pluto’s intensity may make it harder to keep the famed Moon-in-Cancer moodiness from throwing us off-track, but it will add power and persistence to what we feel.  We should not forget that for all of Cancer’s moodiness and emotional sensitivity, this cardinal water sign has great business sense and is quite capable of putting a lid on intense emotions in order to get the job done until there is safe time and space to vent.  Just be sure to take the lid off before what simmers beneath the surface bubbles over.

Around mid-day the Moon squares Jupiter in Libra, and now we get into the more overtly challenging period of the day.  On one hand, even challenging aspects to Jupiter are rarely too much for us to handle – Jupiter’s benevolence and generosity in social realms can bring the Cancerian Moon out of its shell a little bit, and given the holiday season that can be a good thing.  On the other hand, anything left brewing after this morning’s encounter with Pluto may feel Jupiter’s expansive touch and turn into an inopportune emotional outburst, or perhaps even worse a constant tension of unexpressed feelings being suppressed in favor of the Libran obsession with social harmony, souring celebrations from behind-the-scenes.  Breathing through whatever we are feeling is a necessary skill set right now.

Unfortunately, shortly after the Moon/Jupiter square, the Moon inconjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius, so our emotional landscape really isn’t feeling too understanding of self-discipline right now.  Instead, we may find increased testiness at feeling inhibited and insecure, and not really see a clear path for muddling through what we are feeling.  There may be confrontations with others whose viewpoints simply make no damned sense to us, and it will take serious mindfulness to keep those encounters from erupting into self-righteousness and hurt feelings all around.  The residual influence of the Moon squaring Jupiter in Libra may actually be a benefit here, at least in terms of keeping the peace, though it isn’t likely to feel pleasant or comfortable, regardless.

This afternoon sees the Moon squaring Uranus in Aries, instigator of sudden change and rebellion.  This means that if any of the tension from earlier in the day involves authority figures (and with the presence of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in 3 out of 4 of the day’s previous aspects it most likely does), any eruptions of temper are likely to cost us dearly.  Now is a time to err on the side of caution, and not only in social situations, because any combination of the Moon and Uranus increases fluctuations both in our moods and our circumstances – the Moon governs tides and cycles after all, and Uranus is prone to sending bolts of lightning to stir them up.  This increases the potential for accidents and injuries, so this is a crucial time to be mindful of our surroundings.

All of that jostling about by the Moon and Uranus signals the last major aspect formed by the Moon in Cancer, so the rest of the afternoon and evening is a void-of-course period in which all that restless energy can’t be applied to new and decisive action in the outside world.  On the plus side, actions taken during the void-of-course period tend to get ignored or have their effects negated, so that may reduce the fallout from any social gaffes resulting from all of the intensity of the day.  Still, it may be a good idea to hole up at home for the night with the last of the domestic yearnings from the Moon in Cancer, and apply the busy Uranian energy to finishing up projects there.  Given that the last aspect of the day is an inconjunct between the Cancerian Moon and the Sun in Sagittarius, chances are that we’re not likely to feel too social tonight anyway.  

Astrology of December 11th, 2016: Balancing Act


Today isn’t necessarily a bad day, just a little off-kilter and in need of some mindfulness.  It starts off in the morning strongly enough with a trine from the Moon in Taurus to Pluto in Capricorn, combining power and control with emotional stability, making us feel solid, steady, and goal-oriented, with enough intensity to push through obstacles but no real interest in upsetting the apple cart.

However, the late morning and early afternoon see a trio of Lunar inconjuncts in short succession, where those steady, earthy emotions feel at odds with the larger forces in our lives via Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun, and we may find ourselves reaching for clarity.  It’s as though we’re a little depressed and not quite certain of our luck, but can’t quite understand being serious or disciplined either, and don’t really feel like ourselves either way.  We may feel as though we have to balance several slightly discordant feelings and experiences carefully, without ever getting full satisfaction out of any of them.

The evening sees a less uncertain emotional landscape, but with the Moon squaring Mars in Aquarius it may also be a lot more cranky, aggressive, and even explosive if we let things get out of control.  Those stable, comfort-oriented Taurean emotions and instincts that we were feeling this morning are now at odds with a sense of drive and aggression that wants newness and mental stimulation, leading to impatience with ourselves and others if our environment fails to deliver.  Since our instincts under a Taurus Moon are to curl up at home or in some other cozy environment, we’re not too keen on leaving our comfort zone in search of new experiences, but our energies are restless and won’t let us lie back and take it easy.  The Moon/Mars square starts a Lunar void-of-course period that lasts until morning, so we don’t want to use this restlessness to start anything too important.  Like the uncertainty earlier in the day, this may take a bit of a balancing act to see through, especially because the Moon squaring Mars tends to make us accident-prone and have difficulty being around other people.  Finding ways to off steam without leaving too much wreckage in our wake is the name of this game, and since Lunar aspects are short-lived, at least we know that this too shall pass before the night is out.

Addendum:  Somehow when I initially wrote this post, I overlooked the fact that the Sun in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries shortly before the end of the night.  This may add to the agitation of the Moon/Mars square, feeding Mars in Aquarius’ need for excitement, but it may also serve up something new to satisfy that hunger.  Since this aspect is longer-lasting than the Lunar aspects that have dominated the day, I suspect that this may make for a night of insomnia, or at the very least unusual dreams…