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Astrology Update, April 28th, 2017: Racing Thoughts

The Moon in Gemini started the day off with an early morning conjunction to Mars in Gemini, aligning our instincts and emotions with our aggression and sexual drive, giving us a need for action that fulfills the demands of our curiosity.  This aspect increased the potential for impulsiveness and irritability as well, so perhaps it is a blessing that most of us in the Western Hemisphere were asleep for this one, but for those early risers just waking up it could have granted an extra boost of strength and determination with which to start our day, so long as we didn’t get entangled in unnecessary conflicts along the way.  

This aspect set the stage for Venus’ re-entry into Aries a few hours later, when our affections became both more flirtatious and more independent, our pleasures more self-determined.  This is territory that we’ve crossed before – twice, thanks to Venus’ recent retrograde – but now she is more sure of herself, more confident and direct and even demanding, unwilling to accept promises of pleasure that do not satisfy her needs for adventure and self-fulfillment.  Our connections with others are less soft and sultry now, more brusque and unconcerned with diplomacy, but not lacking for warmth or passion when the flame of desire is kindled.  Venus in Aries is not in the magnetic modality that she prefers, but she will make the best of the terrain in seeking new amorous adventures to amuse herself with, and with the Moon in Gemini our hearts are not likely to turn down the ride, even if they gain a few bruises along the way.

A short while later the Moon in Gemini opposed Black Moon Lilith, heightening the awareness of our unconscious, while creating tension between our desire for information and our ability to synthesize individual pieces of data into the whole picture, along with our capacity to communicate that information on a personal scale versus a grand scale.  Gemini/Sagittarius oppositions emphasize the polarity of near and far, personal versus social, thought versus belief, and in this case that polarity was being worked through on the unconscious and emotional levels, so we may have found ourselves instinctively see-sawing between different ideas and processes this morning, trying to find something that fits, while no one solution would do the trick.  What was required was integration of the spectrum between the two, and with Black Moon Lilith involved that meant immersing ourselves in the frustrations of the polarity until we could fully appreciate the spectrum.

This aspect was followed within minutes by a conjunction between Mercury and Uranus in Aries, further emphasizing fire and action in our thoughts and intuitive processing.  Our minds have been moving at lightning speed today, but we may have had trouble focusing as a result, especially with the unconscious background of our fluctuating Gemini moods.  Communication is also likely to be moving at high speed today, and those of us who prefer to carefully think things through may have had trouble keeping up.  Excitement and uncertainty are amplified by this aspect, with sudden insights and breakthroughs in technology, mathematics, science, and commerce being the harvest for those who can adapt to the breakneck pace.  This is a great time for solving puzzles, but we should be careful not to mistake assumptions for truth, especially when we are dazzled by new ideas that break us out of old routines but haven’t yet been proven.  Experimentation and testing are the name of the game under this influence.  Those of us prone to anxiety and nervousness are likely to struggle today, and we may need to consciously limit our stimuli to get through it.  Burnout is a real danger at this time, as are accidents while traveling.

More sensitive types may find it all a bit too much during the late afternoon and early evening, when the Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces and we are likely to want very much to retreat into fantasy.  Introverts are especially likely to be challenged at this time, and we may need to take steps to protect ourselves from the emotional fallout of the day.  We should be especially wary of being led astray, whether by our own wishful thinking or actual deception on the part of others, and it is important not to make any important decisions at this time.  The Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries makes this especially crucial, since Aries is headstrong and cocksure, and may have us thinking that whatever madness Mercury and Uranus have concocted together is absolutely the right thing to do or say.  This is not a time to take anything at face value, as our perceptions are distorted by our emotions now.  Those of us prone to escaping through alcohol or drugs need to be particularly careful now – the temptation to indulge will be strong, but far more likely to cause trouble than not.

Tonight the Moon in Gemini trines Jupiter retrograde in Libra, which can bring some optimism and friendliness to help clear the fog of the Moon/Neptune square, but can also make us prone to grandiosity and over-the-top gestures, and in combination with the Mercury/Uranus conjunction could make for a wild night with potential hard consequences in the morning.  Jupiter is a benevolent influence, but retrograding in Libra is likely to draw to us situations that have us reconsidering our sociability and our relationships, and with the wild card of Mercury/Uranus in the mix we may find that Jupiter’s fun-loving influence on our emotions and instincts may get led astray by our impulses.  On the plus side, our sense of connection to others and willingness to help each other is enhanced by this aspect, but so is our willingness to give each other the benefit of the doubt – great when it helps us to overcome prejudices and be kind to our fellow man, but not so great when it leads us to ignore our common sense.  So long as we enjoy the warmth and affection of this aspect for what it is and still keep some measure of self-preservation on our radar, this can be an enjoyable night with the potential for healthy expansion of our point of view, connecting hearts and enlivening minds.


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Astrology of February 4th, 2017: In Search of Fun

Today, the astrological activity started very early, just shortly after midnight with a trine from the Moon in Taurus to Pluto in Capricorn, creating a flowing, harmonious relationship between our emotions and instincts and the transformations that we are experiencing in our material world.  On an unconscious level at least, we may feel less threatened by the changes that we are having to make because we feel more secure in what remains the same.  For the past couple of days, the Moon in Taurus has seduced us with food and comfort and stability, giving us a much-needed respite from the emotional roller-coaster many of us have been on over the last two weeks, and this trine with Pluto emphasized the results, giving us a greater capacity to meet the extreme and the intense in our lives head-on, knowing our own deep reserves of strength and capability.

Later this morning, the Moon in Taurus sextiled Chiron in Pisces, further emphasizing this sense of stable competence in facing the things that hurt us, helping us to work through the patterns of injuries that we’ve experienced so that we have a clearer understanding of our own vulnerabilities and how to shore ourselves up emotionally to keep from feeling victimized and downtrodden.  This aspect also gives us a great reserve of sympathy for others, so we should apply this feeling to helping others where we can, as this is an opportunity for people to connect with each other through their mutual experiences of suffering and help each other to heal in the process.

Later this afternoon, the Moon in Taurus trines Mercury in Capricorn, starting a void-of-course period that lasts until this evening.  The Moon/Mercury trine gives us the chance to express our feelings comfortably and to make practical plans, but since the void-of-course period is best suited to routine tasks and making corrections in our writing and our environment, this is a good time to apply the alignment between what we feel and what we think and say to finishing up practical tasks and communications that further our goals, rather than embarking on new projects.

This void-of-course period also includes an opposition from the Moon in Taurus to Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, bringing our unconscious awareness back to the intense and mysterious in our lives, and encouraging us to sort out what doesn’t belong and determine to what extent the things that we don’t want to look at may be influencing our feelings from the shadows.  Our instincts are drawn toward these things now, so whether we consciously want to see them or not, they will make themselves known to us.

Later tonight the Moon enters Gemini, making us experience our feelings more through communication and responsiveness to others.  This doesn’t necessarily make us clear the air with regard to our true feelings – under a Gemini Moon, emotion becomes more of an intellectual exercise, and we’re much more interested in talking about it than actually feeling it.  We want things to be fun and social, and all of our instincts are now directed toward that end.  Keep in mind that Gemini is also a bit amoral, mostly because Gemini encourages us to move so quickly that it’s hard to get too concerned with the actual impact of one’s actions under its influence.  Keep in mind that both Donald Trump and Mike Pence are Geminis, and now the frenetic pace of the past couple of weeks starts to make more sense.  Which makes the entry of the Moon into Gemini tonight a blessing, because we are now instinctually better equipped to handle whatever is coming down the pike over the next couple of days, at least in terms of how we feel about it and react to it.  Since Gemini’s ruler Mercury is in earthy, grounded Capricorn, that keeps us from getting too frenetic in the process, but also gives the surface-skimming quality of Gemini the potential to go just a bit deeper than usual, while still not getting too caught up in the details.  Keep in that as is always the case with the Moon’s entry into a new sign, those of us with the Sun in that sign are likely to find ourselves a bit more emotionally volatile than usual, as our conscious self (the Sun) becomes aligned and identified with what we feel and our knee-jerk reactions (the Moon).  This includes the President un-elect.  So, while we all have a greater capacity to keep up with the pace of current events, he is likely to make that pace even more frantic during this time.  Also, since Gemini is particularly interested in communications via technology, we can expect social media to be extra lively now.

On the plus side, the Moon in Gemini’s first act is to make a supportive sextile with Venus in Aries late tonight, ending the night on a social note with all the fire and zest of our pleasures and affections seeking active fulfillment.  Venus in Aries is not a shy and retiring lady, as she may have seemed last month in Pisces.  Our extroverted instincts are making an alliance with Venus tonight to get us what we want, and with our energies continuing their Mars-in-Aries-given boldness, tonight we are set upon making spring come early, no matter what a fat rodent in Pennsylvania has to say about it.  Mind you, since both Gemini and Aries operate very much in the now rather than being particularly concerned with the future, the connections that we make tonight aren’t likely to be long-lasting.  But given the battles ahead and all that we’ve endured thus far, a bit of devil-may-care fun for tonight may well be just the brief dose of energy we need to bolster us for a future that we don’t need to examine too closely until tomorrow.


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(All aspect times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.)