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Tarot for January 23rd, 2017: Power

Today’s Tarot card is the 4 of Disks, Power.

The 4 of Disks is in the realm of the Sun in Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign that governs career and reputation in the world via the 10th house.  Cardinal signs are all about initiatory energy, which is known more for starting things than for finishing them.  Nevertheless, of all the signs Capricorn is most known for its tenacity in pursuit of its goals and perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Like the goat that is its symbol, Capricorn takes as many small steps as necessary to climb the mountain.  Of all the cardinal signs, it is most able to complete long journeys because it is most aware that they are all comprised of those small steps, and every single step contains the possibility of a new beginning.  Weary on your journey?  Rest for a while, but that rest does not mean that the journey is over.  Capricorn will begin over and over and over again for as long and as often as is necessary to get the job done.

What does this mean in the context of the 4 of Disks?  In the Thoth deck’s version of this card, we see a fortress with each of its four towers bearing an alchemical symbol for a different element.  The fortress ties in all four elements and all four directions together.  The 4 of Disks is about laying foundations in order to create the structure that we desire for our lives.  In a way, this mirrors the mission of Capricorn’s opposite sign, Cancer, which is all about creating safe space for emotions.  In the case of the 4 of Disks, we are concerned with creating the space in which to enact our goals, drawing upon all four elements, all four directions, and all of our resources to lay the foundation for the structure of our lives and thus create space for our own personal power to flourish.

With Pluto currently transiting Capricorn, the lessons of this card are driven home further.  Pluto is deeply concerned with power.  But Pluto is particularly good at revealing the illusions that we have surrounding power.  Too many of us are convinced that power is about control over our lives and those of others around us.  Pluto knows that control is an illusion, and true power is not power over, but power within.  Power over does not like to be shared – it is hoarded by autocrats like so much candy, so much money, so many imaginary numbers on a screen.  And like candy hoarded and eaten alone, it sickens.  Power within is not diminished by being shared.  Power within is not displaced or denied by changing circumstances – it weathers storms and time alike.  Rather than becoming cancerous through endless, frantic pursuit of growth and short-term profit, true power is calm and steady, taking the long view and recognizing the benefits of sheltering many, working together in pursuit of common goals.  This is not a grandiose castle, nor a delicate one.  It protects all within its walls, and it will not be toppled.

What castles are we building now?  It will take time and perseverance, a clear vision of our goals and the community we wish to nourish and strengthen within our castle walls, and the foresight to draw upon all elements and resources available to us.  Now is the time to lay our foundations carefully.


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(All aspect times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.)


Astrology of January 17th, 2017: Prioritizing Harmony

The day began with the Moon void-of-course in Virgo, starting from last night’s trine from the Moon to the Sun around the witching hour.  In the early morning hours the Moon left the detail and process oriented earthiness of Virgo and entered airy Libra, giving our emotions and instincts a more social focus.  Personal relationships, especially partnerships, are now emphasized, as well as a desire for peace and social harmony.  Libra is ruled by Venus and has refined tastes as a result, so we are likely to have a greater appreciation for the finer things in life at this time, and should be careful not to overindulge in the process of that appreciation.

Libra is particularly desirous of harmony because this sign is so easily thrown off by disruptive influences, so there is a strong potential to feel easily unsettled during this Moon, and that potential was given a kick-start this morning by Jupiter in Libra opposing Eris, the goddess of Discord, in individualistic Aries.  This is the first of three exact oppositions between these bodies this year, and among other things it is likely to heighten our awareness of the hypocrisies that Libra all-too-often puts up with in the name of peaceful relations.  Eris is having none of those!  And since Jupiter magnifies whatever he touches, our awareness of discordant situations is heightened, and our BS detectors may well be triggered with uncomfortable frequency.  Keep in mind also that with these slow-moving outer planets and dwarf planets the energetic environments that we associate with aspects between them last long before and after the day that they become exact, so chances are that we’ve been feeling the build-up to this for a while, and will feel it for some time to come.  Today’s Libra Moon just happens to make it more noticeable on the emotional and instinctual level, rather than on the trans-personal level normally associated with outer planets.

This was followed toward midday by the Moon in Libra squaring Mercury in Capricorn, potentially leading to communication missteps and frayed tempers, as Mercury in Capricorn tends to err on the side of bluntness, and the Moon in Libra is already likely to feel more sensitive than usual and really doesn’t want to deal with any more conflict.  That said, Librans are remarkably good at giving advice, and if we are mindful of our unconscious desires to smooth things over at the expense of goal-oriented communication, we may be able to work with the challenge between these two to come up with some truly masterful ways of navigating our career and social channels diplomatically without losing sight of our end goals.  This is not likely to be easy, but will be rewarding if we are up to the challenge, especially since Mercury trines the North Node in Virgo this afternoon, which creates greater flow and ease between our thoughts and communication and our karmic path, and makes it likely that whatever we are awkwardly trying to say without stepping on too many toes really does need to be said if we are ever to live up to our true purpose and create the lives we truly want for ourselves.

The last notable aspect of the day appears in the early evening when the Sun in Capricorn opposes Vesta in Cancer.  This leads to a greater awareness of the polarity between career and family, material manifestation and emotional security, and asks us to consider where we put our focus and what is sacred to us.  Vesta’s sacred flame in domestic Cancer holds up a small mirror to the Sun in the devoted sign of Capricorn, reminding us to tend to the home fires and be mindful of our space, both physical and emotional.  Given the Libra Moon’s concern with balance, this is an especially good time to work on integrating the lessons of this opposition, understanding that each of these parts of our lives can have fair and equal time if we are willing to make this harmony a priority.


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(All aspect times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.)

Astrology of January 16th, 2017: Applying Wisdom

 Intensity - Dark

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted here, mainly because the combination of cooking for the midnight Aether Revolt MtG Pre-Release event at The Temple Games on Friday night/Saturday morning and then taking the train to New York to read Tarot for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Full Moon Gathering on Saturday night with numerous readings the following day left little time for writing (though I did get a new divinatory drawing done at Art Church on Sunday, which unfortunately will have to wait until mid-week when I get home to my scanner to be unveiled).

Meanwhile, the heavens have been fairly benign over the weekend, with no planetary activity on either Saturday or Sunday.  Saturday saw three supportive Lunar aspects to the outer planets in the current Triangle of Potential (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus) beginning a lengthy void-of-course period followed by the Moon entering Virgo and then shortly thereafter trining Virgo’s ruler Mercury, which gave a good mental emphasis to the night with attention to detail and process.  Sunday had only three notable Lunar aspects, with the Moon conjunct to the North Node in the wee hours of the morning and then opposing Neptune and Venus in Pisces in the afternoon and evening.  The North Node conjunction set the tone for the day with an emphasis on the process of growth in connection with our karmic path, while the opposition to Neptune and then Venus in Pisces emphasized intuitive connections and possibly a bit of escapism after whatever truths that North Node conjunction may have revealed earlier.

I’m now on the train from New York heading back to Rhode Island for a couple more days before I fly home to the Pacific Northwest, so I’ve got a little time to write about the astrological weather for the day before I change trains, which is good because it’s a fairly active day.

The Moon in Virgo started things out this morning with a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, which gave our emotions and instincts some intensity and drive.  Moon/Pluto connections can heighten the risk of control issues rearing their ugly heads, but the trine aspect creates ease and flow, so even where our inner control-freak showed up this morning chances are that it actually helped to get things done and done right rather than bogging down in power struggles.  Several hours later the Sun in Capricorn sextiled Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, adding to the intensity of the morning, but again in a supportive manner, adding focus and wisdom from hidden sources to the mix.

Shortly thereafter the Moon in Virgo opposes Mars in Pisces, and things may start to get a bit testy as a result – under this influence our emotions and instincts become aware of our more aggressive side, though with Mars in Pisces that aggression is more likely to be passive-aggressive.  Tempers may flare, especially when our desire to go with the flow bumps up against unconscious perfectionism.  With the Moon in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces very soon thereafter, flaring tempers may turn to hurt feelings and reveal old wounds in need of healing.  While the fact-finding and critical side of the Moon in Virgo may make us disinclined to be sympathetic to the seemingly impractical needs of old wounds right now, still Virgo is very conscious of processes of growth and healing, and even if the timing seems off, the progress that can be made by working through these issues now is not something to be taken lightly.

This afternoon, the Moon in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius, and now perhaps the intensity and aggravation and hurt we’ve been working through may get bogged down in depression, insecurity, and even anxiety or fear.  The best way that we can navigate this is to focus on working steadily, accepting our limitations and not despairing when they necessitate imperfect results, and recognizing that whatever dark moods may be generated by this aspect shall soon pass.

This evening Mars in Pisces conjuncts Chiron in Pisces, so that our drive and aggression is confronted by our injuries and pain, and there can be some rough lessons involved, especially for those of us eternally pushing ourselves to be superhuman.  This is a time to be extra careful in the use of our bodies, particularly for athletes, and it would be a very good idea to tend to our health tonight.  Chiron may reveal our pain but he also gives us the capacity for learning from it and passing that wisdom on to others, so it’s definitely worthwhile to harness the Virgo Moon’s attention to detail and concern for health during this time.  And with the Moon sextiling Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio toward the end of the night, this is a good time to uncover hidden causes for our weaknesses and sensitive spots, and glean all the wisdom that we can from this time.

The day ends with a trine from the Moon in Virgo to the Sun in Capricorn, creating greater ease and flow between our conscious and subconscious awareness, which increases our capacity to understand the lessons of the day and apply the wisdom gained.  It may have been a rough day emotionally, but not without its rewards.

Astrology of January 11th, 2017: A Grand Note


This morning started with the Moon in Cancer sextiling the North Node in Virgo in the very wee hours, giving a gentle twinge from our karmic path to our emotions and instincts, setting the stage for a day of much astrological activity with an initial feeling in support of our life’s purpose.  

From there, the early morning continued in a motivated yet sympathetic way with the Sun in practical, dedicated Capricorn sextile Chiron in dreamy, compassionate Pisces, gently supporting our pursuit of our goals with our hard-won knowledge resulting from past hurts.

This was shortly followed by the Moon in Cancer trine Venus in Pisces, increasing the dreamy tone of the early morning with the watery sensitivity of both signs creating a flow state between our emotions and our affections, our instincts and our values.  While this is a great aspect for helping us to get at the heart of ALL of the feelings, it was followed shortly thereafter by the Moon trining Neptune in Pisces, which amps up the day-dreamy fantasy element in the current of our unconscious.  Since the trine aspect is the most favorable aspect, this is not as troublesome as it would be with harder aspects, but it does make for potent distractions!  We may find it hard to get much of anything done today until we hit nightfall.

This evening, the sensitive Cancerian Moon opposes Pluto in driven Capricorn, and now the dreaminess of the day gets a shot of power and intensity, with the potential to turn obsessive.  Thankfully the Moon trining Mars in gentle Pisces shortly thereafter is likely to smooth rough edges and ease down on compulsiveness, helping us to take action in alignment with our feelings, with empathy for the feelings of those around us.  We will most likely want to be among others who we feel kinship with, whether by blood or by temperament.

The day ends on a grand (or merely attention-grabbing) note with the Sun in Capricorn squaring Jupiter in Libra.  This is a challenging aspect, but Jupiter as the Greater Benefic tends to be a benevolent influence.  Still, he also magnifies whatever he touches, so we may see some overblown egos tonight or even earlier in the day, as the movement of both the Sun and Jupiter are slower than that of the Moon, and therefore the effects of aspects between them last longer than Lunar aspects.  The Libran influence tries to colour all things harmonious and Capricorn often does favor the status quo, but this time those goals are at odds with each other, as Capricorn has been flavored by Pluto’s transformative power getting a boost from the attention of our Lunar instincts today, and with Pluto heightening the intensity of our emotions it may be difficult for a peacemaking Libran Jupiter to put the genie back in the bottle.  We may want peace and harmony, but no longer at the expense of our goals, which have been changing at the deepest levels to meet the future so recently highlighted by the recent Triangle of Potential between Jupiter and Uranus and Saturn.  

The fire and air signs have been the testing ground of these three big outer planets in recent months, helping us to learn to access the balance between the individual’s yearning toward freedom and the future and our faith in a shared desire for social harmony.  With this watery day as the backdrop for the Sun’s energy to be grounded in an earth sign under ongoing transformation, this is an elemental clash in which Jupiter has had a lot of build-up to give the Sun a run for its money, but the Sun still holds sway in the end, though not un-touched by the experience.  Peace is not likely to dominate just yet, and our closest relationships may find themselves a bit shaken in the process.  Still, the Cancer Moon has a lot of support today to fuel its own agenda in terms of creating safe emotional space for ourselves and our loved ones, and against the backdrop of the preceding string of (mostly) harmonious Lunar aspects, the clash between the Sun and Jupiter tonight may yield more faith than destruction.


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(All aspect times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.)


Astrology of January 10th, 2017: Mixed Movement


Today’s astrological alignments are a lively mix, to be sure, starting off in the wee hours of the morning with the Moon in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces, forcing our instincts and emotions to confront an area of injury in our lives and the often painful lessons resulting from that.  We may have had disruptive dreams as a result, and these are very worth noting.  

This was followed shortly by the Moon in Gemini trining Jupiter in Libra, magnifying whatever we were feeling.  With the Moon in Gemini, those feelings were likely to be animated and curious and the influence of Jupiter in Libra may have thrown relationship concerns into the mix, but the trine aspect promoted ease and flow between these areas, creating a potential for positive interactions with others during the early morning hours.

That said, the Moon in Gemini opposed Saturn in Sagittarius less than an hour afterward, and that may have thrown a damper on things, as the Moon in hard aspect to Saturn tends to amplify our depressive tendencies, due to heightened awareness of our limitations and insecurities, and in these signs that awareness was especially likely to impact our communication and capacity for learning and growth.  At the very least, it’s likely to have gotten the morning off to a rough start.

Late morning saw the Sun in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries, one of two major aspects for the day, which colours the entire day.  Be aware of the potential for sudden, jarring changes, including accidents, as Uranus in Aries in hard aspect to the Sun tends to make us all over-hasty.  This is a disruptive influence to be sure, but since Uranus governs futurist thinking, it suggests that it pays both to be conscious of the present moment and to think one step ahead, or at the very least to look where we are going!

This afternoon the Moon in Gemini opposes Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, currently in Sagittarius.  This gets our recent sojourn out of Mercury retrograde off to a shaky start, and is likely to make our thoughts and communication a bit agitated and rough around the edges.  Chances are that we will want to say exactly what is on our minds about something that has us worked up, but will find the timing off, or ourselves tripping over our tongues, or both.  Since the Moon enters a brief void-of-course period at this time, chances are that whatever we do or say at this time won’t amount to much, which may be just as well, given the high potential for mental and verbal errors resulting from this alignment.

The Moon enters Cancer less than an hour later, the sign which it rules, and this puts our emotions and instincts in search of home, family and friends, and security.  Cancer does have a high degree of business sense, which may help to smooth over blunders caused by our wagging tongues earlier in the afternoon, as Cancer is sensitive and good at soothing ruffled feelings.  Of course, Cancer is also good at becoming moody due to its own ruffled feelings, so we’re not entirely out of the woods just yet!  Nonetheless, chances are that we’re going to want to find somewhere comforting to hole up around sunset and soothe any hurts resulting from this jumbled day, preferably in the company of our nearest and dearest.

Finally, this evening sees the second of the two major aspects of today, a harmonious sextile between Mars in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.  While the combination of these two bad boys of the zodiac can sometimes be painful and disruptive, or at the very least intense, Mars in Pisces is already the gentlest possible expression of our energies and the sextile is the gentlest of the major aspects, so instead of being disruptive the alignment between Mars and Pluto tonight has the potential to help us a little further through the transformations that Pluto is currently confronting us with, in the least stressful way possible.  Mars’ energy combined with Pluto’s power in these two yin, receptive signs helps to balance out the agitation brought on by the Sun’s square to Uranus earlier, though it will not be without its own share of intensity.  Still, it is likely to be steadying, helping us to balance opposing energies in our lives and transform what results from that balance into what we need to attain our goals.  And that’s a decent way to bring this eventful day to a close.